Pope Francis: Every vocation begins with an encounter with Jesus who gives us new joy and hope

(CNA/EWTN News) On Wednesday Pope Francis told pilgrims to ignore gloomy people that drag others down, and stressed the need to maintain a healthy dose of the joy experienced in our first encounter with Christ, which he said must serve as a constant motivation to spread the good news.
Publish date: 2017 - 8 - 30


Love, Sex, and Your Children

Many tend to equate sex education with teaching children about sexual knowledge. Sex education is actually an important part of family education. Besides educating children with knowledge about sex, it is more important to for them to understand how love, marriage and sex relates to one another, and to teach them under what circumstances they should start a romantic relationship. Fountain of Grace has invited two specialists share their views as we take a look at how to talk about love and sex with your children.
Publish date: 2017 - 6 - 3


Busting the Myths of Sex Education

Children in this age grew up in a sexualized environment. Proper education about sexuality is definitely necessary for them. However, many parents strongly opposed the revised sex education curriculum to be implemented in Ontario this September. Why does this curriculum draw such strong reactions from the parents? What kind of sex education do children really need?
Publish date: 2017 - 5 - 27


Life at a Boarding School

Aberdeen Technical School is an all-boy school founded by Salesian Fathers. It is one of the few schools in Hong Kong which offers boarding to families who need it. Fountain of Grace takes a look at how Fr. Simon Lam, the Warden, and his team helps youths transform their lives in the boarding school environment.
Publish date: 2017 - 2 - 4


Teaching by Example

Sabina used to live in Canada. Twelve years ago, she embarked on a journey to Macau and started a new career in teaching. Fountain of Grace invited her to share with us her experience as a teacher, as well as how she witnessed God's love with her life.
Publish date: 2016 - 11 - 19

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TOUCH: Where Youth Meets Christ

TOUCH is a Catholic youth community founded in Hong Kong. It organizes a number of prayer gatherings and events every year, including an annual international youth festival called JOYFUL FEAST. A number of TOUCH members and JOYFUL FEAST participants shared with us their experience in the community and how they actively follow God's guidance to bring more people to Him.
Publish date: 2016 - 10 - 15


Finding Christ in the Eucharist

A group of youth witnesses their passion in prayer and Eucharistic adoration, their strong feelings towards the Eucharist, and their experience in building an intimate relationship with Christ and in discerning their vocation.
Publish date: 2016 - 9 - 24


Life Lounge – Mother of Perseverance

My life is very ordinary – how do I bring out God’s merciful love in my busy life? This was a question that plagued Ailey, a mother of two boys with ADHD. Her life was filled with challenges, but she understood her duty to lead her sons on the right path to God, bringing them to church and instilling a strong awareness of God’s presence. Once while driving lost, her younger son guided her back onto the correct route. When her older son became rebellious, she learned of a private military school that formed him into a disciplined young man. And when he struggled with his learning disability while applying for university, the kindness of an admissions secretary saw him through. God performs His will through the vicissitudes of life.
Publish date: 2016 - 9 - 24


Friends for Life

Entering university is an important milestone for young people. However, it is precisely during this stage of life that many young Catholics leave the faith. Fountain of Grace takes a look at how Joint University Chinese Catholic Community (JUCCC) and Newman Centre at the University of Toronto provides spiritual support to Catholics on campus.
Publish date: 2016 - 7 - 16


Overcoming Challenges

On this week’s “Love and Life”, “Happy Life” shares with us on how to guide children's development as parents, especially on how to face and overcome challenges in life. They talk about the pressure children face today, how to find the right kind of help and how to form a mature perspective on life.
Publish date: 2016 - 6 - 4


Children Moving Out

On this week’s “Love and Life”, “Happy Life” shares with us on how to look at our children's growing independence, especially when they move away from home. They discuss how to adjust their communication habits with their children, and compare how their own parents treated them when they were young. Finally, they speak on the importance of prayer and offering up to God, the need to learn to give thanks, and the understanding that God will take care of everything behind the scenes.
Publish date: 2016 - 5 - 7


Passion Play – A Youth’s Portrayal

Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. For youths at St. Joseph the Worker parish, this is also a day on which they will showcase the Passion Play which they have spent months to prepare. Fountain of Grace takes a look at how these youths put their talent into good use to reenact an event that took place 2000 years ago.
Publish date: 2016 - 3 - 26