Sunday Reflection

We are the Voice of the Living God

God’s invitation is simultaneously intimate, profound, and reassuring [...]

We only have to sow, God will do the rest

“The seed would sprout and grow, without his knowing how” (Mk 4:27) [...]

Does Jesus Honor His Mother?

Jesus’ response on learning his mother’s arrival sounds more like a rebuke than an affectionate welcome. [...]

Do we still remember?

“...we remember, we celebrate, we believe” [...]

The Holy Trinity is a mystery

As Christians, we believe with faith in The Holy Trinity, one God in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. [...]

Christ’s Passover is Our Passover

Not only does the breath of God revive and refresh our hearts, it empowers us to live a life of truth, courage, and faith. [...]

Is Jesus truly far away from us now?

We may ask why would Jesus leave us behind and gone to heaven? Why wouldn’t he stay with us in this world? He is far away from us now, and is He truly present and fully alive? These reflections have led us to the true meaning of Feast of the Ascension. [...]

Understanding the Bible as a Polyphonic Hymn

The universality of God’s love and catholicity of His Church is a characteristic integral to the harmony of the polyphonic hymn. [...]

Which kind of branches are we?

A search for a favourite word of John in his gospel would easily lead to the Greek verb meno which is usually translated as “abide/remain”. The word signals a relationship. It suggests a relationship with deep attachment, loyalty and constant union in contrast to a contact which may be intense but short lived with no lasting effect. The metaphor of [...]

What does the Good Shepherd Sound like?

“I’ve found the Great Silence, and I’ve come to see that the noise was inside” (Theophane the Monk, “The Great Silence”, Tales of a Magic Monastery, 55) [...]

Jesus’ uplifting presence in the Gospels

“Lord Jesus, open the Scriptures to us: make our hearts burn with love when you speak. Alleluia” (Gospel Acclamation, See Luke 24:32) [...]

The 8th Day – A New World Order

What seems like an interlude now is but the beginning of everlasting happiness and glory. [...]