Sunday Reflection

An Overlooked Story in Mark’s Passion Narrative

The story of a woman pouring perfume on the Lord marks the beginning of the passion narrative in Mark's gospel. Why is the story important? [...]

Heart Matters

Near, far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on Once more you open the door And you’re here in my heart and my heart will go on and on. (“My Heart Will Go On”, written by James Horner and Will Jennings) Who can forget this haunting yet beautiful song of Celine Dion, lamenting lost love while acknowledging the strength of an […] [...]

“[I]t is by grace you have been saved” (Ephesians 2:5)

We are “created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life” (Ephesians 2: 10). [...]

Has Christ Rendered the Old Testament Law Obsolete?

Is Christianity guilty of spurning God's commandments in the Old Testament? Let's turn to the Patristic writers for an answer [...]

I Believe

God's faithfulness surpasses all human inclinations; God raises us up from the ashes of despair [...]

“The book that yields profit of ten thousand fold”

A few years ago, I received a traditional red scroll of Chinese calligraphy for Lunar New Year on which was written “The capital that yields profit of ten thousand fold”. The author was playing with words as “capital” could also refer to a book. On the scroll, a Bible was painted next to the word “capital”. This is such a timely reminder as [...]

He is willing, so be cleansed!

Blessed are those who are aware they are spiritual lepers [...]

He Who Receives Much, Gives Much

God's special grace is always followed by a special response from the grace recipient [...]

Jesus, the Authority over our Life!

In our Sunday Gospel reading, St. Mark is trying to show us the authority of Jesus, and why He is so unique. [...]

Come Follow Me

To heed God’s voice is to know God’s “ways”, “paths” and “truth”. When we accept God’s invitation to “come and follow”, we embark on an adventure of knowing ourselves and God more deeply and truly. [...]

“Here I am, Lord; I come to do your will” (Psalm 40)

As the circumstances in our life change, we may be called to serve Him in ways that we can never imagine before. [...]

“. . . peace among people of good will” (Lk 2:14)

Be it as simple as the shepherds or as wise as the Magi, God's blessings are the same for those who seek Him with good will and humility. [...]