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Globe Tour - Northern Thailand & Cambodia

Date: 2017-07-21
Topics: Life > Travel
Languages: Cantonese


Brief description: Mak is sharing with us her missionary trip to Northern Thailand and Cambodia as part of an experience trip for people who are interested to learn about what is a missionary trip.

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Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about St. John Bosco (46)

Topics: People > Saint
Audio Segment Types: Spiritual Talk
Languages: Cantonese


Brief description:

St. John Bosco was close to dying; his friend Fr. Paolo visited him, and since the Oratory’s children were already praying for his recovery, he wanted John Bosco to pray for his own healing. John Bosco, though, was prepared for death and replied, “I am willing to carry out the will of God” Fr. Paolo then told him to pray, “Lord, if it pleases You, give me healing.” John Bosco initially refused, but in order to prevent Fr. Paolo further anguish, complied in a soft voice. John Bosco fell asleep and the next morning was healed. He visited the jubilant children of the Oratory and told them, “My dear children, thank you for your devotion and prayers. This time, because of your tears, God has saved my life. But one day, we will all die, so work hard and be gathered into heaven, where there is no death, no pain, no tears.” A priest congratulated him on escaping death, but John Bosco said, “I had already prepared for heaven, but now who knows?” Forty years later, the priest reminded him of his words again, saying, “Look at how many great works you have done since! Oratory, convent, school, missionaries – they would not exist had you died.” John Bosco said, “You are wrong – they would still be done. These are all the works of God our Creator.”

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聽愛談情共融樂 – Lisa and Joe
Jul 15, 2017
Marriage Enrichment - Help couples to establish a happy, fruitful, and healthy family, so that marriage life can be more meaningful and purposeful. This episode, we have invited Lisa and Joe to share with us the activities after attending the Marriage Encounter Camp.
與主偕行你我祂 – Teresa (二)
Jul 08, 2017
Teresa grew up in a grass root family. She studied hotel management when she was in university. After emigrating to Canada, her mother opened a beauty institute. At that time she was already married. Hoping to have babies, she joined her mum's business in order to have more flexible working hours for her family. It has been almost 28 years now. She always pray that God will give her wisdom to know every step in her life. She feels that Our Lady accompanies her daily, and she thanks God and Our Lady for everything she has. She learned how to pray short verses whole heartedly, which is very useful. You may not get what you want, but God will have other arrangements for you. Through her business, she gets in touch with many people with whom she share her faith, which is good for evangelization.
喜樂人生 – 處理情緒
Jul 01, 2017
Happiness is very subjective. What makes one person happy does not necessarily make another person equally happy. Faith can help us deal with our emotions. All things that happened have their own reasons, as long as we trust in God. He wants us to be happy. People with depression should admit that they have a problem, take the initiative to find a friend to help, or write down their own distress to express their feelings. As a Christian, we should always keep an eye on unhappy friends, take them to social or church activities, and pray for them. Faith is the source of joy. It makes us feel that we are already living in heaven.
地球導賞團 – 失落的藝術品
Jun 24, 2017
Vicky went to a art district and noticed a piece of artwork that was neglected by people, and from this piece of artwork, she got inspiration about how certain important things are being neglected by the society.
與主偕行你我祂 – Teresa (一)
Jun 17, 2017
Teresa was baptised when born, she has six siblings. Because she is the fourth of them, so she knows very well to take care of the elders and the smaller. When she was small, she started to know how her parents help people. She was brought up with Catholic faith, always joined prayer groups and even became leaders. Catholic catechism is her role model in life, teach her how to be God’s tool. She always pray that God will give her wisdom, after praying all the problems will have perfect solution. She will pray rosary every night with her family, but once she felt that was boring. But few years ago, after she started to go to pilgrimage, her faith is more firm, no longer feel boring. Not only Our Lady and Jesus will be happy if we say rosary, our guardian angels will be happy too.
Jun 10, 2017
Marriage Enrichment - Help couples to establish a happy, fruitful, and healthy family, so that marriage life can be more meaningful and purposeful. This episode, we have invited Ken and Catherine to share with us how couples can accommodate each other's different family and cultural background.
心聲傳情 – 蚌的啟示
Jun 03, 2017
The song, Clam revelation, reminds us of the need to care more about things around us, do not close your eyes, and only focus on our own need.
May 27, 2017
Louisa was a member of the ministry of women, but because had to take care of the family, she stopped. 20 years later, she lived in a senior home, God asked her to do something for Him, so she started a catholic group community in the senior building; set up a choir, have parish priest to say mass once a month, having confession and sacrament of holy oil, distributing Holy Communion etc. Some new members coming to live in the senior home also hope to join. For those who enter into hospital, they will visit them. She know that she doesn’t have to worry about anything, just tell God, He will help her to go through all the difficulties.
May 20, 2017
Marriage Enrichment - Help couples to establish a happy, fruitful, and healthy family, so that marriage life can be more meaningful and purposeful.
May 13, 2017
This year is the 100th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima. Fr Francis Ching will speak with us in two episodes about the background of the apparition, why Our Lady appears to the three children, and what are the messages from our Lady to the world.