Western Europe Pilgrimage Series


FLL’s TV production team joined a pilgrimage in May 2013 to film various pilgrimage sites in western Europe for the very first time . The 20-day journey was edited into a 6-episodes “Western European Pilgrimage Series”, which started airing on “Fountain of Grace” at the end of December.

Embarking on a Pilgrimage

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What is the purpose and meaning of going on a pilgrimage? Where are some of the popular Catholic pilgrimage sites, and what is special about them? The Western Europe Pilgrimage Series will show you what pilgrimages are all about.

The Secrets of Fatima

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Millions of pilgrims visit Fatima every year. In the second episode of the Western Europe Pilgrimage Series, we will take a look at Fatima and the apparitions of Our Lady, as well as the secrets she revealed to the three shepherd children.

Saints and Shrines

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Catholics believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the eucharist. Various eucharistic miracles have taken place over the years. St. Francis is a well-known saint. How much do you know about him and his hometown Assisi? In the third episode, we will look at the lives of a number of saints, as well as two eucharistic miracles.

Lourdes: A Sanctuary for Healing

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Lourdes is a small town in southern France. Every year, over 6 million pilgrims come to visit, including many patients in search for healing. In the fourth episode of the Western Europe Pilgrimage Series, we will visit this Marian shrine that is well known for healing.

Chinese Religious in Rome

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Rome is the centre of the Catholic Church. A number of Chinese priests and nuns left their hometown to come here. Although they are in Rome, their hearts are still with China. The “Western Europe Pilgrimage Special” by Fountain of Grace brings you the stories of a few Chinese religious currently working or studying in Rome.

Fr. Paul Pang: A Friend Near and Dear

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In the last episode of the “Western Europe Pilgrimage Series”, Fr. Paul Pang shares with us how he followed the footsteps of St. Francis to become a Franciscan in Assisi, St. Francis’ hometown.


Pilgrims' Sharing

閱讀Mabel Yip的朝聖點滴

閱讀Jane Ho(瑪爾大)的信德年朝聖有感


Western Europe Pilgrimage Photo Gallery

FLL held a photo contest during the 2013 Western Europe Pilgrimage. There were 4 contest groups:

  1. Marian Shrines:Fatima、Lourdes、Covadonga
  2. Eucharist and Holy Family:Santeram、Lanciano、Loreto
  3. Saints and Shrines: Santiago de Compostela: St. James、Siena: St. Catherine of Siena、Padua: St. Anthony、Assisi: St. Francis and St. Clare、San Giovanni Rotondo: St. Pio
  4. Italy:Milan、Venice、Rome

FLL thanks the pilgrims from CMCC western Europe pilgrimage tour for participating in the photo contest. Let’s enjoy the beautiful scenery of the pilgrimage sites.

Marian Shrines

Eucharist and Holy Family

Saints and Shrines