教宗方濟各於週六為梵蒂岡的護衛和消防員主持彌撒,他在講道中說:「我們千萬不要害怕面對問題。耶穌對門徒說:『是我,不要害怕』。生命中的種種困難,連同新的問題,我們必須面對。天主永遠跟我們在一起。我們很可能會犯錯,但祂總是與我們同在,並對我們說:『你做錯了,現在返回正軌』。」 Pope Francis celebrated mass with Vatican security guards and firemen on Saturday, he said in the homily: “We must not be afraid of problems: Jesus himself said to his disciples: ‘It is I. Do not be afraid’. In life’s difficulties, with problems, with new things that we must face: the Lord is always with us. We may make mistakes, certainly, but he is always with us and says: ‘You made a mistake, now get back on the right path’”. 資料來源 Source: Pope Francis: Learning to take life as it comes, the good with the bad

教宗方濟各: 切勿把自己視為中心,把天主放到一旁

教宗在週三接見信眾時說: 「把天主放到一旁,把我們自己視為中心這引誘總是存在。過去犯罪的經驗傷害我們的基督徒生活,以及我們作為天主子女的身份。這就解釋了為何我們一定要有信仰的勇氣。我們一定要抗拒這一種心態: 『我們不需要天主,祂為你不那麼重要。』反而剛剛相反: 只有透過跟天主子女這身份相稱的行為,不因我們過去犯的錯而沮喪,我們才能感受到祂的愛,我們的生命將被更新,被喜樂和平靜所啟發。天主是我們的力量! 天主是我們的希望!」 On Wednesday, Pope Francis said in general audience catechesis: “The temptation to put God to one side, to put ourselves at the center is ever-present and the experience of sin wounds our Christian life, our being children of God. This is why we must have the courage of faith, we must resist being led to the mentality that tells us: “There is no need for God, He is not that important for you”. It is the exact opposite: only by behaving as children of God, without being discouraged by our falls, can we feel loved by Him, our life will be new, inspired by serenity and joy. God is our strength! God is our hope!” 資料來源 Source: Audience: Living like God’s children [full text]

教宗方濟各: 抗拒魔鬼引誘,勿說別人閒話

教宗方濟各於週二為梵蒂岡醫療服務和政府職員主持彌撒。他在講道中說: 「當我們想說別人閒話,批判別人——這些事所有人都會遇到,包括我在內——這些都是魔鬼的引誘,他不想聖神透過我們在基督徒團體內實踐和平與溫良。這些掙扎總是存在於堂區、家庭、鄰居和朋友間。藉著聖神,我們得到新生命,祂使我們溫良、仁慈。」 On Tuesday, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta with members of the Vatican medical services and office staff of the Vatican City Government. In the homily, he said: “When we prefer to gossip, gossip about others, criticize others- these are everyday things that happen to everyone, including me – these are the temptations of the evil one who does not want the Spirit to come to us and bring about peace and meekness in the Christian community”. “These struggles always exist” in the parish, in the family, in the neighborhood, among friends”. Instead through the Spirit we are born into a new life, he makes us “meek, charitable.” 資料來源 Source: Pope: The struggle to reject gossip


Photo courtesy of Vatican Radio 教宗方濟各在救主慈悲主日於羅馬主教座堂拉特朗大殿主持彌撒,正式接收大殿。他在講道中說:「親愛的兄弟姊妹,讓我們被天主的慈悲包圍;讓我們信賴祂的耐心,祂總是給予我們更多時間。讓我們提起勇氣回到祂的殿裡,居住在祂的傷口內,容許祂愛我們,並在聖事中跟祂的慈悲相遇。我們會感受到祂的的溫和,我們可感受到祂的懷抱,我們亦因而更懂得以仁慈、耐性、寬恕和愛待人。」 Pope Francis on Sunday celebrated Mass in the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran, the Cathedral of the Bishop of Rome, during which he officially took possession of the Basilica. In the homily he said: “Dear brothers and sisters, let us be enveloped by the mercy of God; let us trust in his patience, which always gives us more time. Let us find the courage to return to his house, to dwell in his loving wounds, allowing ourselves be loved by him and to encounter his mercy in the sacraments. We will feel his tenderness, so beautiful, we will feel his embrace, and we too will become more capable of mercy, patience, forgiveness and love.” 講道全文 Full text of homily: Pope: have the courage to return to God


Photo provided by Br. Gustavo Kralj – GaudiumPress.org © Copyright 教宗方濟各愛把比喻滲入在講道中,其實當他還在阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯擔任總主教時,已擅於運用比喻。他曾提及在機場見過一位有名而且成功的商人等候提取行李。他以為年輕人欠缺耐性很普遍,但令他意外的卻是看到年紀大的男士因行李遲了而大怒。他說:「我為那些智慧沒有隨年紀增長的人感到可悲。他沒有像佳釀一樣隨年月變得更好,反而像壞酒一樣變酸。」 Pope Francis loves using metaphors in his talks. As archbishop of Buenos Aires, he used similar figures of speech to get his ideas across. He told a story of being in an airport and seeing an older, very well-known, successful businessman waiting at baggage claim. He said it’s common to see young people be impatient, but it came as a surprise to see an older gentleman get “infuriated because his bag was late.” “It made me sad to see a person who wasn’t able to enjoy the wisdom of old age. Instead of improving (with age) like a fine wine, he had gone sour like a wine gone bad.” 資料來源 Source: Master of metaphor: Pope Francis can weave a vivid tale


Photo provided by Br. Gustavo Kralj – GaudiumPress.org © Copyright 教宗方濟各在週三接見信眾時談及女性在教會擔任的角色,他提到在猶太人當時的律法下,婦女和兒童不被視為可靠的證人。但在福音中,婦女卻擔當著一個相當重要的角色。首先目擊耶穌復活的是婦女,這顯示出耶穌復活在歷史上的真確性:若耶穌復活是杜撰的話,作者根本不應該提及婦女的見證;反之,福音的作者把事情如實的描述。由此可見,天主不依循人的標準,祂揀選的都是卑微的人:牧羊人見證耶穌誕生,婦女見證耶穌復活。女性的使命就是要見證基督已復活了! Pope Francis talked about the role of women in the Church in his general audience catechesis. He said that according to the Jewish Law of the time, women and children were not considered reliable, credible witnesses. In the Gospels, however, women have a primary, fundamental role. Here we can see an argument in favor of the historicity of the Resurrection: if it were a invented, in the context of that time it would not have been linked to the testimony of women. Instead, the evangelists simply narrate what happened: the women were the first witnesses. This tells us that God does not choose according to human criteria: the first witnesses of the birth of Jesus are the shepherds, simple and humble people, the first witnesses of the Resurrection are women. This is the mission of women, of mothers and women, to give witness to their children and grandchildren that Christ is Risen! 講道全文 Full text Wednesday general audience: Audience: The fundamental role of women in the Church

教宗方濟各: 讓我們接受基督復活的恩寵

教宗方濟各在復活節文告中說:「讓我們接受基督復活的恩寵!讓天主的仁慈更新我們,讓我們接受耶穌的愛,讓來自祂愛的力量改造我們的生命;讓我們成為祂仁慈的使者,成為天主保護所有受造物,令公義與和平充滿世界的途徑。」教宗方濟亦特別作出呼籲,希望世界多個地區的矛盾衝突能早日化解。 Pope Francis’ “Urbi et Orbi” blessing: Let us accept the grace of Christ’s Resurrection! Let us be renewed by God’s mercy, let us be loved by Jesus, let us enable the power of his love to transform our lives too; and let us become agents of this mercy, channels through which God can water the earth, protect all creation and make justice and peace flourish. Pope Francis also wished the disagreements in various countries can be overcome and resolved soon. 復活節文告全文 Pope Francis’ “Urbi et Orbi” Blessing: Pope Francis’ “Urbi et Orbi” Blessing

教宗方濟各: 不要害怕天主帶進我們生命的新轉變

教宗方濟各在復活節守夜禮講道中說:親愛的兄弟姊妹,讓我們不要害怕天主帶進我們生命的新轉變!我們是否經常感到疲倦、沮喪和憂愁?我們有否因犯罪而頹喪?我們是否在想我們不可能應付呢?讓我們不要封閉我們的心,不要失掉信心,不要放棄:沒有任何處境是天主改變不了的,只要我們對祂開放,沒有任何罪過是祂不能赦免的。 Pope Francis’s homily at the Easter Vigil: Dear brothers and sisters, let us not be closed to the newness that God wants to bring into our lives! Are we often weary, disheartened and sad? Do we feel weighed down by our sins? Do we think that we won’t be able to cope? Let us not close our hearts, let us not lose confidence, let us never give up: there are no situations which God cannot change, there is no sin which he cannot forgive if only we open ourselves to him. 講道全文 Full text of homily: Full text of Pope Francis’s homily at the Easter Vigil

教宗方濟各: 基督的愛催迫著我們去福傳

摘自救主受難講道:十字架在不信仰基督者的眼中代表恥辱和愚妄,但為基督徒卻體現天主的大能和智慧。(見格林多前書 1:23-24) 看深一層,十字架把所有人——信仰基督與否,都團結在一起。…新天新地屬於所有人,因為基督為所有人而死。這顯示出福傳的迫切性: 因為基督的愛催迫著我們,因我們曾如此斷定:一個人替眾人死了 (格林多後書 2:15) 這催促我們去福傳!讓我們把這喜訊向世界宣告:今後為那些在基督耶穌內的人,已無罪可定,因為在基督耶穌內賜與生命之神的法律,已使我獲得自由,脫離了罪惡與死亡的法律。(羅馬書 8:1-2) An excerpt from the Passion of Our Lord Sermon: The cross separates unbelievers from believers, because for the ones it is scandal and madness, for the others is God’s power and wisdom of God (cf. 1 Cor 1:23-24); but in a deeper sense it unites all men, believers and unbelievers. … The new heavens and the new Earth belong to everyone and are for everyone, because Christ died for everyone. The urgency that comes from all this is that of evangelizing: “The love of Christ urges us, at the thought that one has died for all” (2 Cor 5:14). It urges us to evangelize! Let us announce to the world the good news that “there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because the law of the spirit which gives life in Christ Jesus has delivered us from the law of sin and death” (Rom 8:1-2). 講道全文 Full text of sermon: Vatican: Passion of Our Lord Sermon [Full text]

教宗方濟各: 我是否真正願意去幫助別人?

教宗方濟各在替少年囚犯洗腳前這樣說:「讓我們去反省:我是否真正願意去幫助別人? 把洗腳這舉動看成基督親愛的撫摸,因為耶穌正為此降生,為了服侍我們,幫助我們。」 願我們效法教宗的謙遜,跟隨耶穌的教導彼此服侍。 Before washing the feet of the inmates, Pope Francis said: “Am I really willing to help others? Just think of that. Think that this sign is Christ’s caress, because Jesus came just for this, to serve us, to help us.” Let us imitate our Pope’s humility so that we can follow Christ’s words to serve one another. 講道全文 Full text of homily: Pope Washes Feet at Juvenile Detention Center Photo courtesy of Vatican Radio  

教宗方濟各: 聖週是一個天主賜予的恩寵時刻

Photo provided by Br. Gustavo Kralj – GaudiumPress.org © Copyright 教宗方濟各在第一次公開接見信眾的講話中說:聖週是一個天主賜予的恩寵時刻讓我們去開放我們的心,我們的生命,我們的堂區…讓我們步向他人,把我們信仰的光照和喜樂帶給他們。 Pope Francis said in his first first general audience: Holy Week is a time of grace which the Lord gifts us to open the doors of our hearts, our lives, our parishes…to “step outside” towards others, to draw close to them so we can bring the light and joy of our faith. 講話全文 Full text of speech: Audience: Open the doors of your hearts [full text]

教宗方濟各: 基督徒永不會憂愁

Photo provided by Br. Gustavo Kralj – GaudiumPress.org © Copyright 教宗方濟各在聖枝主日的講道中說:基督徒永不會憂愁! 不要沮喪! 有耶穌與我們同在,即使在困難的時刻,我們不會孤獨。 Pope Francis said in Palm Sunday’s homily: A Christian can never be sad! Never give way to discouragement! With Jesus we are never alone, even in difficult moments. 講道全文 Full text of homily: Pope: Homily for Palm Sunday Mass [full text]