10 days till canonization: Hope


Don’t focus on your fears but rather your hopes and dreams. Don’t worry about what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do.

Pope John XXIII

Did you know?
The Second Vatican Council was called by Pope John XXIII, which was completely unexpected. Though there were trials, the pope faithfully ordered preparations to start. When the Council was finally opened two years later, it began with much hope in the hearts of those that were participating.
“The decision to hold an ecumenical council came to me as a sudden flash of inspiration. When I announced it, it was though some ray of supernatural light had entered the minds of all present: it was reflected in their faces; it shone from their eyes.” (Pope John XXIII)
You must be strong with the strength of hope, hope that brings the perfect joy of life and does not allow us to grieve the Holy Spirit.

Pope John Paul II (Kraków, June 10, 1979)

Did you know?
Pope John Paul II’s first apostolic trip to Poland brought hope to his people. Like a light in the darkness, he set fire in people’s hearts and played an important role in supporting the Solidarity movement which later brought freedom and human rights to the Polish people.