4 days till canonization: Ecumenism


There is no beauty to compare with the diversity in rites, language, imagery, and symbols, in which the liturgy is rich, for it expresses in different ways the intimate union of the faithful who make up the Mystical Body of Christ. It reasserts the deepest and most solid reason for the various races of men to be united, for they are all called on to pay honor to Christ, and through Him, to the Most Blessed Trinity.

Pope John XXIII (One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic)

Did you know?
Pope John XXIII established a Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity, the first time the Holy See set up an office solely to deal with ecumenical affairs.
“What separates us as believers in Christ is much less than what unites us.” (Pope John XXIII)
These divisions are certainly opposed to what Christ had in mind. It is impossible to imagine that this Church, instituted by Christ on the foundation of the apostles and of Peter, should not be one. Nevertheless, these different approaches to understanding and living out one’s faith in Christ can, in certain cases, be complementary; they do not have to be mutually exclusive. Good will is needed in order to realize how various interpretations and ways of practicing the faith can come together and complement each other. There is also the need to determine where genuine divisions start, the point beyond which the faith is compromised.

Pope John Paul II (In Search of Lost Unity, Crossing the Threshold of Hope)

Did you know?
John Paul II talks about making a commitment to Ecumenism in his encyclical, Ut Unum Sint.
Pope John Paul II commemorates the martyrs of the 20th century with various Christian Churches and Ecclesial Communities in the year of the Jubilee, “The ecumenism of the martyrs and the witnesses to the faith is the most convincing of all; to the Christians of the 21st century it shows the path to unity. It is the heritage of the Cross lived in the light of Easter:  a heritage which enriches and sustains Christians as they go forward into the new millennium.” (Christians Have Been United in Suffering)