How to talk to your children about love and sex?


Sex education is an important part of family education. In forming children’s attitudes toward sexuality, what role should parents play?

The filming crew of Fountain of Love and Life visited Cortland, New York and Hong Kong to invite two specialists to share their views on this important topic.

Experts Bio

Dr Thomas Lickona

Dr. Thomas Lickona

Dr. Thomas Lickona is a developmental psychologist and professor of education at the State University of New York at Cortland, where he directs the Center for the Fourth and Fifth Rs (Respect and Responsibility). A past president of the Association for Moral Education, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Character Education Partnership and speaks around the world to teachers, parents, religious educators, and other groups concerned about the character development of young people. He is a Catholic. He and his wife have two sons and thirteen grandchildren and live in Cortland, New York.

Anthony Leung

Anthony Leung

Anthony Leung is a Catholic marriage and family therapist. He is a Clinical Fellow at the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). He and his wife have one daughter and live in Hong Kong. Anthony has been invited by many Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools, and communities to provide training on family therapy, relationships, and parenting. He also writes for different publications on parenting, marriage, and family life.

TV Programs

Busting the Myths of Sex Education

Children in this age grew up in a sexualized environment. Proper education about sexuality is definitely necessary for them. However, many parents strongly opposed the revised sex education curriculum to be implemented in Ontario this September. Why does this curriculum draw such strong reactions from the parents? What kind of sex education do children really need?

Love, Sex, and Your Children

Many tend to equate sex education with teaching children about sexual knowledge. Sex education is actually an important part of family education. Besides educating children with knowledge about sex, it is more important to for them to understand how love, marriage and sex relates to one another, and to teach them under what circumstances they should start a romantic relationship. Fountain of Grace has invited two specialists share their views as we take a look at how to talk about love and sex with your children.

Great Books


This book examines the physical and emotional risks of premarital sexual intimacy and promotes the value of chastity, and in developing a personal plan to remain chaste until marriage, when sex is to be enjoyed as God intended.

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