Christmas message from FLL

No one had expected our Saviour came to us as a human baby so fragile and dependent, and chose to become and remain so humble and vulnerable throughout His human life. Yet, Jesus chooses to empty Himself completely, from birth till His death, so as to pour out His complete and unreserved love for all of us. That is the YES from Jesus to the Father.

Imagine how daunting it was when the request to become the Mother of the Son of the Most High fell upon such a humble young girl as Mary. From a simple young girl to become the Mother of God was surely not her natural desire. And it demanded a complete offering of one’s life and preferences. She said YES, and the first Christmas began which has since transformed the whole world!

As the father of a family, Joseph knew that he was to become the role model of the Son of God! As humble as a carpenter as he was, how much courage he must have mustered up to offer his YES to God to take Mary as his wife! And he did, all because of his love for God.

Every YES from each member of the Holy Family counts to complete the circle of YESES needed for God’s Salvation plan to begin. It is done because of their love for the Father and that they genuinely believe: “Nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)

To do God’s will is not about how capable we are but how willing we are to respond to His request as a symbol of our love to God.

The commitment to an YES means saying NO to other less important things in our lives. Every YES counts! Are we resolved to return God’s love with a firm YES to His tender request, beginning this Christmas?

Have a very blessed Christmas Season!

Joyfully in the new-born King,

Paul Yeung
FLL Executive Director