Dream Achievers concert – FAQ

Dream Achievers concert
Dream Achievers concert

What is the difference between the 3:30pm and 7:30pm concert?

The 3:30pm concert is targeted at families with special needs and is 1.5 hours in duration. The 7:30pm concert is targeted at the general public and is 2 hours long. The rundown is similar.

Can the general public attend the 3:30pm concert?

Yes, tickets for the 3:30pm concert are on sale for the public at $20.

What language is the concert conducted in?

The main language of the concert is English. A few Chinese songs will be sung.

What kind of music will be played at the concert?

A variety of music will be played at the concert, including classical, pop, jazz, rock, Christian, Chinese and hip-hop.

How can special needs families get complimentary tickets for the 3:30pm concert?

They can request for tickets online by going to fll.cc/concert and click on “Request Tickets for Special Needs Families”. The tickets are first come first served.

Are the complimentary tickets only for autistic individuals and their families?

No, the complimentary tickets are for individuals and families that identify themselves as having special needs.

Is there a limit on the number of complimentary tickets that a special needs family may request?

We suggest each special needs family request no more than 4 complimentary tickets to give more families the opportunity to attend the concert.

Is there sufficient parking at the venue?

The school has plenty of parking, but we suggest you to carpool if you know of others going to the same concert in order to free up parking spaces for other guests.