Transfiguration of Jesus

耶穌顯聖容(慶日) 不久之前,耶穌正和門徒談論祂的苦難,所以耶穌在這時候顯聖容,相信有特別的意義。當祂在山上容貌變得發光有如太陽、衣服潔白如光時,梅瑟和厄里亞出現在旁。他們二人都是舊約聖經中重要的人物,一個代表法律,一個代表先知,同是對天主極為忠貞的僕人,也因此受過很多痛苦和迫害。他們的出現,可以說是明認舊約中有關默西亞的記載,都將在耶穌身上應驗。 [...]

Feeding of the Multitude

It is a proof of the faith of these multitudes that they endured hunger in waiting for the Lord even till evening. The Lord intending to feed them waits to be asked, as not always stepping forward first to do miracles, but waits to be called upon. None out of the crowd approached Jesus, both because they stood in great awe of Him, and because […] [...]

Parable of the Rich Fool

As these two brothers were contending concerning the division of their paternal inheritance, it follows that one meant to defraud the other; but our Lord teaches us that we ought not to be set on earthly things, and rebukes the one that called Him to the division of inheritance; as it follows, “And he said to him, Man, who made me a judge or a […] [...]

The Death of John the Baptist

It should be known that it is customary not for rich only but for poor mothers also, to educate their daughters in chastity, that they should be scarcely seen by strangers. But this unchaste woman, Herodias, had so brought up her daughter in the same manner as herself, that she had taught her not chastity but dancing. Nor should Herod be blamed less who [...]

Jesus was not honored in His hometown

耶穌回到自己的家鄉納匝肋講道,在會堂裏教訓人,聽見的人都驚訝於祂的智慧和奇能。可惜由於他們對耶穌和祂家人的熟悉,反而對祂起了反感,拒絕接受祂的教導。 雖然耶穌也曾因祂的出身而被人看輕,但被同鄉和與祂一起長大的人排斥,更是可悲,難怪祂在納匝肋沒有多行神蹟。 [...]

The Parable of the Net

瑪竇福音 13:47-53 – 聖亞豐索(主教、聖師)(紀念) 在今天的福音中,耶穌以撒網捕魚比喻天國,漁獲被分成好的和壞的,壞的會被丟掉。當末日來臨時,好魚和壞魚會被清楚的區分出來。 我們不清楚末日會在何時來臨,但我們即使能活到一百歲,剩下的日子再長都不過是區區數十年。我們怎樣確保能在那時被界定為「好魚」呢?是否靠臨終前能趕及辦告解和領聖體呢?但我們不知道會否有這樣的機會。我們應立志每天依靠耶穌的力量,依照天主的旨意生活。 [...]

Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven

瑪竇福音 13:44-46 這兩個關於天國的比喻其實非常相似,都是比喻天國為一個極珍貴的東西,找到的人都願意賣掉自己所有的一切,為擁有這珍寶。 第一個比喻中,人意外找到藏在地裏的寶貝,就如很多人在生活中,並未有刻意尋求,但耶穌卻進入他的生活,並透過這個相遇,把這個人的生命完全改變。 [...]

The Explanation of the Parable of the Weeds

Matthew 13:36-43 The Lord had spoken to the multitude in parable that He might induce them to ask Him of their meaning yet, though He had spoken so many things in parables no man had yet asked Him anything, and therefore He sends them away. Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the house. None of the Scribes followed Him here, from which […] [...]

Martha’s Faith in Jesus

若望福音 11:19-27 (關於路加福音 10:38-42,請看 瑪爾大與瑪利亞 ) 這篇福音,是在耶穌令拉匝祿死而復活的事件中,瑪爾大和耶穌之間的對話。當時拉匝祿已經死了四天,他的姊妹瑪爾大來迎接耶穌。他們好幾天前已派人告訴祂拉匝祿病了,可是祂現在才來到。雖然瑪爾大有點埋怨祂來遲了,但她的話顯示她對耶穌懷有很大的信德。她相信耶穌本來可以醫治拉匝祿的病;即使現在死了,天主仍會俯聽耶穌的祈求。 [...]

Pope Francis: Go and make disciples of all nations

(Vatican Radio) Celebrating the World Youth Day Holy Mass in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday, Pope Francis told those present that it was time to go and to pass on this experience to others. Addressing a crowd of over 3 million people gathered on Copacabana beachfront for the concluding Mass of the weeklong event, the Pope focused his message on the very theme [...]

Pope Francis: Build up the Church of Jesus

(Vatican Radio) Two million young people carpeted Rio de Janeiro’s Copacobana beach on Saturday, joining Pope Francis in a huge outdoor evening prayer vigil as part of World Youth Day celebrations in Brazil. The centerpiece of the vigil was a Eucharistic procession. The event featured litanies and hymns, as well as the testimonies of four different [...]

How to pray

Luke 11:1-13 There are two kinds of prayer, one composed of praise with humility, the other of petitions, and more subdued. Then whenever you pray, do not first break forth into petition; but if you condemn your inclination, supplicate God as if you were forced. And when you begin to pray, forget all visible and invisible creatures, but commence with the [...]

The Parable of the Weeds among the Wheat

Matthew 13:24-30 In the parable the Lord spoke to such as do not receive the word of God; here of those who receive a corrupting seed. This is the work of the Devil, ever to mix error with truth. Jesus says, “While men slept”, for while the heads of the Church were asleep, and after the Apostles had received the sleep of death, then came […] [...]

The Priviledge of Discipleship

If we had not read that invitation to His hearers to understand, when the Savior said, “He that has ears to hear let him hear” (Mt 13:9), we might here suppose that the eyes and ears which are now blessed are those of the body. But those eyes are blessed which can discern Christ in the sacraments, and those ears of which Isaiah speaks, “The [...]

Can you drink my cup?

瑪竇福音 20:20-28 在俗世社會中,人總希望往上爬,爭取更高的地位、更大的權力,也渴望享受隨之而來的名利、榮耀,成為被人服侍的一位;作為基督徒,也難免受到這種誘惑。 當雅各伯和若望的母親來向耶穌請求時,他們明顯並不明白耶穌之前所預告的,祂將要接受苦難的事實,滿腦子想著如何在這個猶太人的君王身邊得到較高的位置。另外十個門徒聽見後感到惱怒,大概因為他們也有同樣的想法。 [...]

Pope Francis: Be hopeful, be open to being surprised by God, and live in joy

(生命恩泉文摘編輯小組翻譯)以下是教宗方濟各在今天阿帕雷西達朝聖地舉行彌撒的講道: 今天我來敲瑪利亞的門——她愛耶穌,把祂養大——求她幫助我們所有人:天主子民的牧者,父母和教師,去把良好的價值觀傳給我們的青年人,幫助他們建立一個更公義、合一和友愛如手足的國家和世界。為此,我想說說三個態度:抱有希望、對天主的驚喜保持開放和在喜樂中生活。 [...]

The Parable of the Sower

瑪竇福音 13:1-9 瑪竇福音記載了七個關於「天國的比喻」,今天福音中「撒種」的比喻是第一個。耶穌比喻中那撒種的人,顯然是祂自己。如果撒種的那位是人,他當然無法控制種子會落在何處,但既然撒種的那位是全能的天主,為什麼祂撒的種子不全都落在好地裡? [...]

World Youth Day 2013

什麼是世青節? WHAT IS WORLD YOUTH DAY (WYD)? 天主教會每隔兩、三年就會舉辦一次普世青年節,將世界各地的年輕人聚集在一起,讓他們體驗教會的共融。第二十八屆的世青節現正在巴西里約熱內盧舉行,上屆西班牙馬德里世青的參加者跟生命恩泉分享了他們的感受,請按此收看。 [...]

Jesus’ Family Members

曾聽過人說,在這篇讀經中,耶穌不認祂的親人,包括祂的母親,或把他們拒之門外。但留意耶穌並沒有否認祂的母親和兄弟是祂的親人,反而是藉這機會宣講一個重要的道理:祂的親人不只是血脈相連的人,而是只要遵行天父旨意的人,就是祂的親人。 因此,耶穌這句話也承認聖母瑪利亞是祂的親人,因她虛心接受天主對她的召叫,成為救主的母親,並參與及配合天主的救世工程。正如曾經有個婦人對耶穌說:「懷過你的胎,及你所吮吸過的乳房,是有福的!」耶穌的回答是:「可是那聽天主的話而遵行的人,更是有福的!」(Luke [...]

Pope Francis: I have neither silver nor gold, but I bring with me Jesus Christ

(Vatican Radio) Please find below the arrival speech of Pope Francis in Rio de Janeiro at the Guanabara Palace where Pope Francis was received by the President of Brazil, Dilma Vana Rousseff Linhares, the Governor of Rio State, Sergio Cabral Filho, and the Mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes on Monday 22nd of July on the first day of a week [...]

Recognizing Jesus

聖瑪利亞.瑪達肋納(紀念) – 若望福音 20:1-2,11-18 在今天的福音中,我們看到瑪利亞.瑪達肋納怎麼辦跟復活的耶穌相遇。福音提及天還黑的時候,瑪利亞.瑪達肋納到了墳墓。她的心處於黑暗之中,她曾親身體驗過耶穌對她的慈悲,之後與其他門徒一同追隨基督,親見基督被釘身死。她心愛的主受難,離她而去。現在,竟然祂的遺體也不見了。福音曾多次提及「痛哭」,由此可見她內心有多悲痛。 [...]

Martha and Mary

路加福音 10:38-42 主耶穌基督每個作為和每句說話都是引導我們邁向虔敬和美善的準則。祂降生成人,好讓我們盡可能學習他的言行。 祂以自己為榜樣教導門徒,在那些接待他們的人的家裡,不應該無所事事,要以天主神聖的教導填滿這些人的心靈。但是,容許那些侍候的人,樂意和認真地款待他們這些客人,原因有兩個:第一,他們將被門徒的教導熏陶;另外,他們將獲得仁愛的獎賞。 [...]

The servant whom God has chosen

瑪竇福音 12:14-21 在今天的福音中,我們看到法利塞人商討陷害耶穌,祂知道了便離開。我們清楚看到耶穌不會到處跟人對質,祂更加不會為自己製造麻煩。祂不會去攻擊他人,亦不想受攻擊。祂沒有刻意為自己製造痛苦和死亡。祂見到人想謀害祂,便離開到別處去。 瑪竇在福音中突顯出耶穌的行為跟舊約的一篇預言不謀而合。那預言是由先知依撒意亞所寫的(依撒意亞 [...]

Pope Francis grants indulgences for WYD

教宗方濟各為參加2013年里約熱內盧世界青年節的信友頒賜全大赦。宗座聖赦法院7月9日公佈了相關法令。此外,那些無法親臨里約熱內盧但藉助媒體在精神上參與世青節慶典的信友,也可以通過辦告解、領聖體及按照教宗意向祈禱的方式獲得全大赦。 宗座聖赦法院副院長克日什托夫·尼基爾蒙席解釋要獲得全大赦,首先應該完全棄絕罪惡,包括小罪在內;如果沒有棄絕罪惡和誠心悔改的基本條件,所獲得的大赦將不是全面的,而是有局限的。其次,信徒需要辦告解、領聖體,根據教宗的意向祈禱,履行教會為大赦所規定的要求。從7月22日到29日,信友們可以通過參加世青節的各項禮儀和神操活動來獲得全大赦。而那些因正當理由無法親臨世青節慶典的信友也不要著急,他們只要能滿足通常的靈修、聖事的條件,並按照教宗的意向祈禱,在精神上或借助新的傳播工具參與世青節活動,也可以獲得全大赦。 [...]