Finding Yourself Requires a Sincere Gift of Self

Jesus’ stern rebuke of Peter in this Sunday’s gospel – “Get behind me, Satan! You are an obstacle to me” (Mt 16:23) – is quite remarkable, considering that he has just given Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven and the power to bind and loose only a few verses earlier (cf. Mt 16:19). What is the reason for Jesus’ strong words against [...]

Five Ways God Expands Our Horizons

The strictest order of monks in the Church is the Carthusians, semi-hermits who live in independent cells joined to a larger motherhouse. They pray together three times a day but only talk once a week. Each man cooks for himself, cuts wood for his furnace to keep warm, and has a perpetual, that is, lifelong abstinence from meat. [...]

Pope Francis: We are stewards called to share earth’s fruits with everyone

(Vatican News) Pope Francis opened his catechesis on Wednesday by inviting the faithful to “welcome the gift of hope that comes from Christ”, especially during the pandemic, in which "many risk losing hope". [...]

Who am I to you?

Knowing Jesus from our heart and from the way we live [...]

Pope Francis: heal the epidemics caused by viruses, and to heal those caused by social injustices

(Vatican News) The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has not only “exposed the plight of the poor and the serious inequality that reigns in the world,” but even exacerbated them, Pope Francis said at the Wednesday General Audience. [...]

Are We Worthy of God’s Mercy?

“Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done” (Bryan Stevenson) [...]

Where’s Your Best Place to Pray?

[Watch Fr. Justin’s homily delivery here.] Would you spend 30 days here at this retreat centre in South Dakota ( or in Assisi, Italy ( This [...]

Pope Francis: May the Lord restore our sight so as to rediscover what it means to be members of the human family

(Vatican News) Pope Francis, continuing his catechesis on the effects of the current pandemic in light of the Church’s social doctrine, noted how Covid-19 has highlighted how vulnerable and interconnected everyone is. [...]

God’s Epiphanies in our life

Today’s readings are about God’s epiphanies in our life, but we need patience, focused listening, and faith before we can hear or see them. [...]

Pope Francis: Jesus heals the entire person and renews lives

(Vatican News) In a catechesis live-streamed from the Apostolic Library on Wednesday morning, Pope Francis assures Christians that despite the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to infect and kill people, with many, especially the poor, going through uncertain times because of socio-economic problems, God’s Kingdom of healing and of salvation is present, as [...]

How to turn our littleness into greatness?

"Incline your ear, and come to me; listen, so that you may live"(Is 55:3) [...]

Pope Francis: Become healthily restless seekers of the Kingdom of Heaven

(Vatican News) At the Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis reflected on two of the parables told by Jesus in the day’s Gospel: that of the treasure hidden in the field, and that of the pearl of great value. [...]

Would You Bring Only the Old or the New?

What does Jesus teach about the Kingdom of God? What is the significance of rejecting the ideologies of both left and right, the idolatry of both the new and the old? Let us unfold the story of this week's parable, the head of a household who brings from his storeroom both the new and the old. [...]

How to Ask for the Best Gifts

"At Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night; and God said, 'Ask what I should give you'" (1 Kg 3:5).—This is what God is saying to us today.: He wants to know what we want. What a beautiful offer! [...]

Pope Francis: The disciples of Jesus are called to focus on saving the wicked

(Vatican News) With the parable of the wheat and the weeds, said Pope Francis said at the Sunday Angelus, Jesus “helps us understand God’s patience, opening our hearts to hope.” [...]

How Good It Is to be Able to Repent!

Repentance as a theme navigates its way masterfully through this Sunday's readings with persuasiveness and coherence. [...]

Pope Francis: If we want, we can become good soil to help ripen the seed of the Word

(Vatican News) During Sunday’s Angelus, from the window of his studio above St Peter’s Square, Pope Francis drew inspiration from the Gospel of the day, in which Jesus recounts to a crowd the Parable of the Sower. [...]

Are we able to perceive the hidden Truth?

To be able to perceive the Truth, we need an open heart and a willing ear [...]

Three Ways to Receive Blessings

Why does it seem that Jesus blesses some people more than others? A similar question is asked in the Gospel by the disciples, "Why do you speak to them in parables?" Jesus speaks to the crowds using metaphors but only gives the explanation to the disciples—why? [...]

Pope Francis: Jesus’ meekness and humility is a result of living in full transparency to the love of the Father

(Vatican News) Pope Francis addressed a scattering of well-distanced faithful in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday with a reflection on the Gospel reading of the day (Mt 11:25-30), which he explained, is divided into three parts. [...]

Freedom in Accepting Our Bodies

Let’s talk about the challenge of not accepting our bodies. All of us have experiences of not being satisfied with the way we look. We’re self-conscious about our size, shape, or appearance. Perhaps people have made fun of the way we look. Sometimes, even if people don’t say anything, we have imperfections that we don’t want others to see. [...]

“Come to Me” (Mt 11:28)

It is exactly in these times of uncertainties that we are brought back to the only certainty of hope and love through the in-dwelling Spirit of Christ. [...]

Pope Francis: The most important thing in life is to make life a gift

(Vatican Radio) During his Angelus on the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Pope Francis reflected on the life of Saint Peter, contrasting his deliverance from prison by an angel in Monday’s First Reading (Acts 12: 1 – 11), with his later imprisonment in Rome and martyrdom. [...]

Qualities of a disciple – Are you a disciple Jesus defined in Matt 10:37-42?

In today’s readings, Jesus gives instructions on the qualities of a disciple. Let’s see if we are the disciple Jesus defined in Matt 10:37-42. [...]