Daily Reflection

Let yourself be a peace maker

Jesus came to the world as a little baby, a little light from Heaven piercing the darkness of the world. [...]

The victim has been redeemed

Peace can be found in hurt through healing. [...]

God loves every single one of us

Sometimes we forget that humanity is one. We know how badly we lose when the human race turns selfish and violent against itself. [...]

Do we trust that God will provide?

There’s a famous story of Mother Teresa and a visiting priest, Fr. John Kavanaugh, S.J. Fr. Kavanaugh traveled to India to spend a year in prayerful and humble service, and chose to work in The House of the Dying in Calcutta. [...]

God’s Gifts

Gratitude is the state of giving thanks. It is the condition of giving thanks for everything in life. [...]

Radiance and Joy

On the surface, being joyful sounds easy, especially in this Christmas and New Year’s season. [...]

The road to Peace, starting this Christmas

At Christmas, Jesus comes down to earth in the night, like a little flame piercing through the darkness. He is the Prince of Peace, coming into the world that so desperately needs Him. [...]