Messages from Pope Francis

Pope Francis: Jesus came for all of humanity

(Vatican News) Pope Francis continues his catechesis on prayer inviting the faithful to persevere in prayer in every moment of their lives, even in the most difficult, and in those in which we feel the burden of our sins. [...]

Pope Francis: psalms lead to adore God and love His children

Pope Francis then began the second and final catechesis on the Psalms in his series on prayer. The Psalms, he says, “help us not to fall into the temptation of the 'wicked', that is, of living, and perhaps also of praying, as if God does not exist, and as if the poor do not exist”. [...]

Pope Francis: Read the Psalms to learn the language of prayer

(Vatican News) In his catechesis at the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis reflects on the witness of prayer as laid out in the Book of Psalms, saying the door to God’s heart is always open in our moments of pain. [...]

Pope Francis: Prayer is a confrontation with God and letting oneself be sent to serve one's brothers and sisters

(Vatican News) Pope Francis, during Wednesday’s General Audience resumes his catechesis on prayer following the cycle on the Healing the World wounded by the pandemic. This week he tells the faithful. “We need the spirit of Elijah.” [...]

Pope Francis: Let's make love go viral and let's globalize hope in the light of faith

(Vatican News) Pope Francis began his General Audience on Wednesday noting that in recent weeks “we have reflected together” on how to heal the world from the suffering highlighted by the pandemic. [...]

Pope Francis: Respect the autonomy and the capacity to take initiative that everyone has, especially the least

(Vatican News) Continuing in his series of catecheses on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in light of the Church’s teachings, Pope Francis said, “Every one of us is called to assume responsibility for his or her part,” and he highlighted the fact that we must look to the future working for a social order in which the dignity and the gifts of [...]

Pope Francis: The best antidote against the misuse of our common home is contemplation

(Vatican News) “Contemplating and caring: these are two attitudes that show the way to correct and re-balance our relationship as human beings with creation.” [...]

Pope Francis: Now is the time to improve our social love, with everyone's contribution

(Vatican News) Pope Francis focused his attention on the concept of the “common good” in his catechesis at Wednesday’s General Audience. [...]

Pope Francis: Solidarity is the road to take towards the healing of our interpersonal and social sicknesses

(Vatican News) Pope Francis continued his catechesis series on the topic “Healing the world”, at the weekly General Audience. [...]

Pope Francis: We are stewards called to share earth’s fruits with everyone

(Vatican News) Pope Francis opened his catechesis on Wednesday by inviting the faithful to “welcome the gift of hope that comes from Christ”, especially during the pandemic, in which "many risk losing hope". [...]

Pope Francis: heal the epidemics caused by viruses, and to heal those caused by social injustices

(Vatican News) The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has not only “exposed the plight of the poor and the serious inequality that reigns in the world,” but even exacerbated them, Pope Francis said at the Wednesday General Audience. [...]

Pope Francis: May the Lord restore our sight so as to rediscover what it means to be members of the human family

(Vatican News) Pope Francis, continuing his catechesis on the effects of the current pandemic in light of the Church’s social doctrine, noted how Covid-19 has highlighted how vulnerable and interconnected everyone is. [...]

Pope Francis: Jesus heals the entire person and renews lives

(Vatican News) In a catechesis live-streamed from the Apostolic Library on Wednesday morning, Pope Francis assures Christians that despite the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to infect and kill people, with many, especially the poor, going through uncertain times because of socio-economic problems, God’s Kingdom of healing and of salvation is present, as [...]

Pope Francis: Become healthily restless seekers of the Kingdom of Heaven

(Vatican News) At the Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis reflected on two of the parables told by Jesus in the day’s Gospel: that of the treasure hidden in the field, and that of the pearl of great value. [...]

Pope Francis: The disciples of Jesus are called to focus on saving the wicked

(Vatican News) With the parable of the wheat and the weeds, said Pope Francis said at the Sunday Angelus, Jesus “helps us understand God’s patience, opening our hearts to hope.” [...]

Pope Francis: If we want, we can become good soil to help ripen the seed of the Word

(Vatican News) During Sunday’s Angelus, from the window of his studio above St Peter’s Square, Pope Francis drew inspiration from the Gospel of the day, in which Jesus recounts to a crowd the Parable of the Sower. [...]

Pope Francis: Jesus’ meekness and humility is a result of living in full transparency to the love of the Father

(Vatican News) Pope Francis addressed a scattering of well-distanced faithful in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday with a reflection on the Gospel reading of the day (Mt 11:25-30), which he explained, is divided into three parts. [...]

Pope Francis: The most important thing in life is to make life a gift

(Vatican Radio) During his Angelus on the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Pope Francis reflected on the life of Saint Peter, contrasting his deliverance from prison by an angel in Monday’s First Reading (Acts 12: 1 – 11), with his later imprisonment in Rome and martyrdom. [...]

Pope Francis: David teaches us to bring everything into dialogue with God

(CNA) King David is an example of being consistent in prayer no matter what life throws at you or what good or bad you do, Pope Francis said during his general audience Wednesday. [...]

Pope Francis: Even if we experience the shortcomings of people, in prayer we should not condemn or reject them

(Vatican News) Pope Francis began his General Audience on Wednesday by noting that “God never liked to have anything to do with those who prayed the 'easy' way”. He used Moses as an example, explaining that from the very first day of his vocation he was not a “weak” dialogue partner. [...]

Pope Francis: God will surprise us when we do not expect it, when we find ourselves truly alone

(CNA) In our darkest moments God awaits us and is ready to transform us, Pope Francis said at his general audience Wednesday. [...]

Pope Francis: Learn from Abraham, be always willing to accept the word of God and put it into practice

(CNA) Pope Francis pointed to an experience of 17th-century mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal as an important testimony of how one can sense the living presence of God in personal prayer. [...]

Pope Francis: Prayer is a refuge and protection against the evil of the world

(CNA) Prayer is a refuge and protection against the evil of the world, Pope Francis said in his general audience address Wednesday. [...]

Pope Francis: Those who pray know that hope is stronger than discouragement

(CNA) Prayer opens the door of hope, Pope Francis said at the general audience Wednesday. [...]