Messages from Pope Francis

Pope Francis: I thought I was alone but I was not

Pope Francis continues his cycle of catechesis dedicated to Christian prayer during the weekly General Audience reflecting on how prayer is sometimes hard and on how many great Christian figures struggled to overcome discouragement and crisis in times of trial. [...]

Contemplative prayer ‘a guide along path of love’

At the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis focuses his catechesis on contemplative prayer, and says contemplation helps guide us in following Jesus along the path of love. [...]

Pope Francis: Every moment of Jesus’ earthly life, through the grace of prayer, can become contemporary with us

(Vatican News) Continuing his catechesis on Christian prayer during the weekly General Audience, Pope Francis explains the importance of meditation, highlighting that it is a means of prayer that helps us encounter Jesus and find ourselves. [...]

Pope Francis: We must not despise vocal prayer

(Vatican News) Prayer, Pope Francis said at his General Audience on Wednesday, “is dialogue with God; and every creature, in a certain sense, engages in dialogue with God.” [...]

Pope Francis: The breath of faith is prayer – we grow in faith inasmuch as we learn to pray

(Vatican News) Continuing his catechesis on Christian prayer at the weekly General Audience in the Vatican, Pope Francis explains that prayer belongs to the very essence of the Church, without which she cannot carry out her evangelising mission and service to others. [...]

Pope Francis: Each time we pray, we find ourselves in the company of saints who pray with us and intercede for us

(Vatican News) Following the Easter celebrations, Pope Francis on Wednesday continued his catechesis on Christian prayer during the General Audience, focusing this week on the Communion of Saints. [...]

Pope Francis: The Cross tells us that not even one tear is lost in God’s plan of salvation

(Vatican News) In his Catechesis during the weekly General Audience, Pope Francis looks ahead to the Easter Triduum and the celebration of the saving mystery of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection. [...]

Pope Francis: Mary accompanies those who are on their deathbed in solitude

(Vatican News) At the weekly General Audience, Pope Francis reflects on the theme of prayer in communion with Mary, and says Our Lady is at the bedside of those who die alone without the comfort of their loved ones. [...]

Pope Francis: The work of the Holy Spirit is to remind us of Jesus, to make Him present in the lives of Christians of every time and place

(Vatican News) Pope Francis concludes his catechesis on “prayer as a relationship with the Holy Trinity,” focusing at Wednesday’s General Audience on the work of the Holy Spirit. [...]

Pope Francis: The response to war is fraternity

(Vatican News) Pope Francis reflects on his recent Apostolic Journey to Iraq during the weekly General Audience, and highlights a penitential sense he felt during his visit, as well as the joy of the Iraqi people at welcoming Christ's message. [...]

Pope Francis: Ask Christ for the gift of mercy to allow Christ’s mercy to embrace us and penetrate us

(Vatican News) Pope Francis says we are called to pass on “the fire of Jesus’ mercy”, in a letter marking the 90th anniversary of the first apparition to St Maria Faustina Kowalska in Płock, Poland. [...]

Pope Francis: In life’s most painful wounds, God awaits us with His infinite mercy

(Vatican News) Pope Francis celebrates Mass on Ash Wednesday in St. Peter’s Basilica, and urges Christians to experience Lent as a return journey toward the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. [...]

Pope Francis: It is prayer that transforms the today we are living into grace

(Vatican News) Continuing his catechesis on Christian prayer, Pope Francis reflects on why and how we should pray in all the events of everyday life. [...]

Pope Francis: Liturgy is an act that founds the whole Christian experience

(Vatican News) Pope Francis continues his catechesis on Christian prayer at the weekly General Audience, and reflects on how liturgical prayer unites us to Christ. [...]

Pope Francis: The Bible was written for every one of us individually

(Vatican News) Continuing his catechesis on prayer at the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis reflects on the importance of the Sacred Scriptures in the life of prayer, saying it was written for each one of us. [...]

Pope Francis: Unity is above all a gift, a grace to be requested through prayer

(Vatican News) In his catechesis at the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis reminds Christians that unity is achieved only with the grace of God, and not through our own force of will. [...]

Pope Francis: Praising God is necessary for our own sake – we should learn to praise God in difficult moments

(Vatican News) Continuing his catechesis on prayer at the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis reflects on “the prayer of praise”, which is possible in every circumstance because God is always faithful. [...]

Pope Francis: We can be the star for our brothers and sisters, as witnesses of the treasures of goodness and mercy that God offers freely to everyone

(Vatican News) Pope Francis prays the Angelus on the Solemnity of the Epiphany, and invites us to proclaim the Gospel by allowing God’s light of love to shine for others to see. [...]

Pope Francis: If we are bearers of gratitude, the world itself will become better

(Vatican News) During his general audience, Pope Francis reflected on the importance of gratitude in prayer. The healing of the ten lepers by Jesus is an example. [...]

Pope Francis: Jesus, in the crib, shows us the way of tenderness to be close to each other, to be human

(Vatican News) During his general audience of Wednesday, Pope Francis urges Christians to make the celebration of the birth of Jesus rich in faith, not merely a sentimental or consumerist event. [...]

Pope Francis: The human heart tends toward prayer

(Vatican News) Continuing his catechesis on prayer, Pope Francis on Wednesday focused on “intercessory prayer”; that is, prayer which asks on behalf of another.” [...]

Pope Francis: Do not feel ashamed when we feel the need to pray in our moments of darkness

(Vatican News) In his catechesis at the weekly General Audience, Pope Francis urges everyone to listen to the cry that wells up within us especially in moments of difficulty, which he says is the prayer of supplication. [...]

Pope Francis: God is like a good parent who never stops loving us despite our sins

(Vatican News) Reflecting on blessing as an essential dimension of prayer, Pope Francis in his General Audience says that our response to the God who blesses is also by blessing. We do it through the prayer of praise, adoration and thanksgiving. [...]

Pope Francis: The exchange of love is the mystical root of the believer’s entire life

(Vatican News) At the General Audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis turned his gaze to the prayer life of the early Church, as he continued his catechesis on prayer. [...]