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Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Luke 2:41-51

From our Lord’s tongue there went forth divine wisdom, while His age exhibited man’s helplessness, and hence the Jews, amid the high things they hear and the lowly things they see, are perplexed with doubts and astonishment. But we can in no wise wonder, knowing the words of the Prophet Isaiah, “that thus unto us a Child is born, that He abides the mighty God.” He blames His parents not that they seek Him as their son, but compels them to raise the eyes of their mind to what was rather due to Him whose eternal Son He was.

The Virgin, whether she understood or whether she could not yet understand, equally laid up all things in her heart for reflection and diligent examination. Mark the wisest of mothers, Mary the mother of true wisdom, becomes the scholar or disciple of the Child. For she yielded to Him not as to a boy, nor as to a man, but as unto God. Further, she pondered upon both His divine words and works, so that nothing that was said or done by Him was lost upon her, but as the Word itself was before in her womb, so now she conceived the ways and words of the same, and in a manner nursed them in her heart. And while indeed she thought upon one thing at the time, another she wanted to be more clearly revealed to her; and this was her constant rule and law through her whole life.

This is how today’s feast is to be understood: while devotion to Sacred Heart of Jesus is focused on the overflowing love from Jesus’ Heart that is despised and outraged, devotion to the Heart of Mary is not to worship Mary but to imitate Mary’s love for God.

On the Gospel of Luke (St. Bede the Venerable)


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