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Spiritual Talk – 1st Sunday of Lent (Year C)

On the 1st Sunday of Lent (Year C), Fr. Anthony Ho continues to describe to us the history of the early Church. Fr. Ho focuses on St. Benedict this time, describing his life and how he became a model for contemplative life. During his contemplative practice, he was able to repel the Devil’s temptation, leading to the popularization of the St. Benedict Medal in rejecting Satan’s advances. Finally, his spirituality heavily focuses on prayer, work and spiritual reading, which in turn deeply affected the principles and practice of contemplative life in later years.

Living out Lent

We will talk about the meaning of Lent and the attitude we should hold during this time as Catholics. Although the Liturgy during Lent was designed for Catechumens, it also gives the Baptized a chance to renew their faith, through acts of penance, prayer, almsgiving and other forms of sacrifice.

Painting Christ’s Passion

We will discuss the meaning of Lent and the Way of the Cross. We will also talk about an art workshop which focused on the theme of Christ’s Way of the Cross. From this experience, through an interactive way of praying with painting and writing, the participants can better understand Jesus’ suffering and His sacrifice of love.

Spiritual Talk – Palm Sunday (Year B)

This Sunday is Palm Sunday (Year B) of the Lord’s Passion and Fr. Anthony Ho explains to us the events of Christ’s Passion, particular the “Seven Last Words of Christ”. Here, Jesus displays His merciful side, the importance of repentance, the role that Mary plays in the Church, the power of prayer, His thirst for souls and the meaning of His entire salvific mission.

Spiritual Talk – Fifth Sunday of Lent (Year B)

This Sunday is the 5th Sunday of Lent (Year B) and Fr. Anthony Ho explains to us Jesus’ analogy of the seed to prophesy His death and resurrection in the Gospel of John. He expounds on the meaning of sacrifice and the important role of Martyrs in the Church. He also talks about the Feast of the Annunciation and reminds us to always seek out and obey the will of God.

Spiritual Talk – Fourth Sunday of Lent (Year B)

Fourth Sunday of Lent (Year B), Fr. Anthony Ho explains to us Jesus’ discourse on his salvific mission in the Gospel of John. Through His death and resurrection, Christ Jesus’ sacrifice revealed God’s plan. As long as we offer up to God and trust in Him, even bad things can turn into good, because for Him nothing is impossible. Finally, Fr. Ho also talks about the power of St. Joseph’s intercession and how he can be an example for us.

Spiritual Talk – Third Sunday of Lent (Year B)

Third Sunday of Lent (Year B), Fr. Anthony Ho explains to us the story of Jesus driving out the money-changers in the temple and prophesying his resurrection within 3 days in the Gospel of John. Just as the temple Jesus referred to is in reference to his own body, our bodies are also the dwelling place of God. We must purify ourselves and rid ourselves of sin so that Jesus’ Eucharistic body can enter our bodies. Regardless of how presentable our appearances are, living a life of morals is the most important thing.

Spiritual Talk – Second Sunday of Lent (Year B)

Second Sunday of Lent (Year B), Fr. Anthony Ho explains to us the story of the Transfiguration of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark. This miracle reveals to us the glory of God, giving us a new hope. Through God’s grace, armed with an even stronger virtue of hope, we can overcome all obstacles through periods of suffering and difficulty.

Spiritual Talk – First Sunday of Lent (Year B)

First Sunday of Lent (Year B), Fr. Anthony Ho explains to us the story of Jesus being tempted by the devil in the Gospel of Mark. If we want to enter the kingdom of heaven, we must reject the temptations of the devil to sin, to repent and receive the sacrament of reconciliation, do penance and believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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