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Jesus and the Resurrection

Jesus Christ by his resurrection reversed the effects of the Fall and completes God’s salvation plan. Moreover, resurrection is the core of Christian faith, reassuring us that death is not the end.

Jesus and His Passion

The Passion of Jesus began as he prayed in Gethsemane, with betrayal, trial, and scourging awaiting him. He later died the most painful and humiliating way – death by crucifixion.

From Passover to Resurrection

Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection are the core of the Christian faith. Each year when Easter approaches, Catholics will participate in several days of liturgical celebrations, from the Lord’s Last Supper to the Easter Vigil. This episode explains the purpose and meaning behind these liturgies and how we can prepare ourselves for Easter in remembrance of our Lord’s passion, death and resurrection.

Rebirth in Christ

Easter is a time for celebrating Jesus Christ’s victory over death, as well as His resurrection. Every year, the Catholic Church would celebrate the sacrament of baptism for catechumens. Their new lives in Christ begin at the moment of baptism. Fountain of Love and Life invited a few guests to share with us the change they experienced after their baptism, as well as the joy of being children of God.

Passion Play

The Passion of Christ is no longer just a 2D Bible story! A parish pastor acted as a producer and led his parishioners to re-enact the Passion in a stage play. The play strengthened the faith of the actors and the audiences alike, it also enhanced their understanding of the meaning of resurrection.

An Encounter with God

Rosary is a prayer that has a long history. It leads people to meditate on Jesus’ life. On the other hand, Lectio Divina emphasizes on listening to God’s words and communicating with God through the Bible.