Ray of Hope

The “Ray of Hope” Project of Fountain of Love and Life (FLL) aimed at bringing hope to seniors living in long-term care facilities, who are isolated from the families and the outside world during the COVID-19 pandemic, through handmade artwork by youths that radiate truth, goodness and beauty.
Over the summer and fall, over 160 participants/volunteers, including 140 students from 57 schools across 14 cities in the Greater Toronto Area (including Toronto, York, Durham, Halton and Peel regions), participated in this meaningful project. A total of 361 original artworks and 610 greeting cards were donated to five long term care centres (three long term care centres of Mon Sheong Foundation, Mariann Home and Langstaff Square Care Community). What an amazing project these students had created! What a wonderful youth project team who led the project to success!
Artwork Collages
Ray of Hope
Ray of Hope
Ray of Hope
Ray of Hope
Thank You Letter from Mon Sheong Foundation.
FLL hopes to continue this project in 2021 to allow more people to participate and bring hope and joy to more seniors at long-term care facilities.

The following are the participants and members of the organizing committee of the “Ray of Hope” Project 2020. Fountain of Love and Life is most grateful for their participation and for sharing their time and talents with the seniors at long-term care facilities.

Project Youth Team

Dorothy Zhou – Lead Coordinator
William Shen – Coordinator
Jason Soung – Team Member
Victoria Chow – Team Member
Nicole Lee – Team Member
Project Participants/Volunteers

Ada Wong
Alex (Mulong) Li
Alice Guo
Alissa Zhang
Amy Tang
Amy Xie (Adult)
Andy Chen
Andy Li (Adult)
Angela Yang
Anna Huang
Annie Ding
Ashley Wong
Audrey Tian
Aurelia Miao
Austin Xie
Austin Zeng
Bill Zhang
Brenton Wang
Bridget Cheung
Caren Tan
Caritas Tsang
Caroline Zhu
Cassandra Han
Charlotte Woo
Chloe Zhu
Christopher Tan
Cici Zhang
Cindy Wanzhu Zhao
Clelia Tsang
Coco Zhu
Darren Ma
David Marks
Derek Shen
Derong Li (Adult)
Elizabeth Dai
Elizabeth Yuen
Emilia Huang
Emily Tao
Emma Zhang
Eva Shao
Fang Ying
Fiona Xie
Hannah Tse
Helen Zhang
Helena Liu
Huixian Su (Adult)
Iris Hu
Iris Woo
Iris Xie
Isabel Huang
Isabella Huang
Jack Marks
Jason Chen
Jason Yang
Jayden Han
Jeffrey Liu
Jeffrey Zhan
Jenna Yang
Jennifer Chen
Jennifer Lee
Jessica Lin
Jessica Wen
Jia Wei Zhu
Jiahui Shen (Adult)
Jiarui (Kate) Xu
Jillian Xu
Jocelyn Xu
Jochelle Liu
Jullianna Zhan
Justin Fung
Kar Wai Kok (Adult)
Kayla Liu
Kelley Wang
Kenneth Liu
Kevin Li
Leo Li
Leo Zhang
Leon Yang
Leona Chan (Adult)
Leping Zhang
Lexiao Zheng
Lianna Tse
Lin Zhao
Lixiong Qiu (Adult)
Madeline Gong
Maria Yao
Marshall Shirong Yao
Mary Tam (Adult)
Matthieu Kirkby
Max Li
Megan Chow
Meihui Mu
Melody Li
Meonel Miao
Mia Su
Michelle Zhang
Norah Wang
Owen Li
Peter Wei
Prisca Fung
Rain Xue
Raymond Gan
Rochelle Zheng (Adult)
Ruoyu (Anita) Li
Sanam Shayesteh
Sarah Peng
Selia Zheng
Serena Lee
Shan Shan Ma-zhang
Shunyi Deng (Adult)
Shuxian Zhou (Adult)
Shuyu Zhou (Adult)
Simin Xu
Sissi He
Siyu Wang
Sophia Sun
Therese Lam
Tianyang Jiang
Tiffany Wen
Tim Tie
Tina Qin
Tom Yuheng Yan
Victor Liao
Vivian Dan Li (Adult)
Winnie Guan
Winston Tan (Adult)
Wynne Lau
Xi Ning Cynthia Luo
Xiaoshan Zheng (Adult)
Xiuhua Guan (Adult)
Yidan Wang
Yijiao (Ada) Han (Adult)
Yinhao Yang (Adult)
Yixuan Xu (Adult)
Yiyang Guo
Yong Xue (Adult)
Yu Zheng (Pheobe) (Adult)
Yuchen Luo
Yuchen Song
Yuling Hu
Yunkai Shi
Yuxuan Li
Zeyuan Wu
Zhikun Zhu (Adult)
Zihan Lu
Zirui (Ray) Xu
Project Participants/Volunteers

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Mon Sheong Foundation is delighted to receive a donation of 350 original artworks and 170 greeting cards from the “Ray of Hope” project of Fountain of Love and Life yesterday. Over 160 participants were involved in this volunteering project and among them 140 artists are students. These beautiful and unique art pieces will be given to the residents at our three Long-Term Care Centres, bringing them joy and peace.