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Freedom in Accepting Our Bodies

Let’s talk about the challenge of not accepting our bodies. All of us have experiences of not being satisfied with the way we look. We’re self-conscious about our size, shape, or appearance. Perhaps people have made fun of the way we look. Sometimes, even if people don’t say anything, we have imperfections that we don’t want others to see. Priests have this problem too, believe me! I just don’t talk about it.



Seeking the Truth

Last week, we talked about overcoming the fear of speaking the truth. Today, the theme is seeking the truth. Many of you have asked me to address the topic of racism, so let’s seek the truth as best we can regarding racism. Let’s try to find out what’s morally true, what are the facts, and how we can contribute to its eradication.


讓我們談一談「說實話」 這個話題,最後結合談及教會的醜聞。在未來,我希望將這一點應用於種族主義和變性人,以及其他任何有爭議的領域。

Losing the Fear of Speaking the Truth

Let’s talk about speaking the truth, and, at the end, do it in relation to the scandals in the Church. In the future, I hope to apply this to racism and transgenderism, and everything else where there’s debate.

How Real is the Real Presence

There was once a Catholic CIA agent assigned as a courier of intelligence between Baghdad and Jordan. He would be driven at night in a truck, 145 kilometers per hour and without headlights, so as not to attract attention.


有一名天主教中央情報局特工CIA被派往巴格達和約旦之間擔任情報信使。他經常晚上乘坐時速145公里 的卡車,在黑暗中行駛,以免引起注意。他的司機常是穆斯林,

Another Antidote to Taking Ourselves Too Seriously

Do you see the common thread in taking ourselves too seriously?The focus is too much on us. God wants us to love and take care of ourselves, but we’re not the centre of the universe.



Four Steps to Explosive Celebrations

When was the last time you had a really good celebration, where you forgot about the difficulties of life and focused on the goodness God the Father gives? I myself can’t remember one recently.


你上一次真正美好的慶祝活動是什麼時候?那個時候把生活中的困難忘記了,而專注於天父賜予的仁慈,我自己記不起來最近慶祝過的活動了。但天主想讓我們慶祝。彌撒, 主日和天堂都是慶祝。 (Cf. CCC 1135, Ps 118:24, CCC 1187)


「你看待生活的方式塑造了你的生活」(Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life, 41)。有些人可能認為生活是一個旅程,或者是一場過山車(上上下下地),或者是一個問號(我們不知道它是什麼)。我們中的一些人可能還記得GK切斯特頓(GK Chesterton) 說過的話:「冒險只是對麻煩的正確認知。」根據這一點,如果一個人把生活看作一次冒險,那麼碰到許多麻煩就會順理成章了。這個想法很有幫助,但郤不能打動我的心!

Life is a Test and Temporary Assignment

“The way you see your life shapes your life” (Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life, 41). Some people may see life as a journey, or a roller coaster (up and down), or a question mark (we don’t know what it is). Some of us may remember what G.K. Chesterton said: “An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered”.


布雷特•鮑威爾(Brett Powell) 是北美的一位天主教領袖,也是我非常尊敬的人,他最近寫道:「在擔任全職傳教28年後,當我與他人分享信仰時,我仍然會感到緊張。我的肝臟在顫抖,我很想保持沉默,或者乾脆讓這一刻溜走。當我讀到這一點時,我想起我對傳福音,向人們宣揚講耶穌時仍有多少恐懼。

Overcoming the Fear of Evangelization

Brett Powell, a Catholic leader in North America and someone I greatly respect, wrote recently, “After 28 years of full-time ministry, I still get nervous when sharing the faith with others. My liver quivers and I’m tempted to remain silent or just let the moment pass by.” When I read that, I remembered how many fears I still have about evangelization, proclaiming Jesus to people.

How to Stop Getting Pulled in Different Directions

Author Greg McKeown tells the story of the day after his daughter was born. His wife was exhausted yet radiant and happy. Greg, however, was filled with tension: He was on the phone and e-mail regarding work, and was also invited to attend a meeting. He felt pressure to go, but wanted to be with his family, so he said… “Yes.”


作家格雷格•麥基翁 (Greg McKeown) 曾講過他女兒出生第二天的一個故事。他的妻子當時精疲力盡,卻容光煥發,心情愉快。然而,格雷格整個人都充滿了緊張的氣氛:他忙著打電話和發電子郵件處理工作,還被邀請去參加一個會議。他覺得有必要去,但又想和家人在一起,但他還是說了 …好的。當他到達會場時,甚至連他的客戶們都不明白為什麼他會出現在那裡,令他懊悔不已。


我們的思想可能會一整天在充滿希望和沮喪、感受被愛和孤獨、受到鼓勵和沮喪之間搖擺–例如,我們怎麼知道哪個思想是從耶穌來的?耶穌什麼時候在督促我們,或者只是我們對自己太苛刻了?我們從福音中知道,耶穌可以非常溫和,但祂也批評他的門徒不理解(「唉! 無知的人哪! 為信先知們所說的一切話,你們的心竟是這般遲鈍!(路24:25)。

Three Clues to Hear Jesus’ Voice

All day long our thoughts can waver between being hopeful and depressed, feeling loved and lonely, encouraged and discouraged—how do we know which thoughts come from Jesus? Is He pushing us or are we just being too hard on ourselves? We know from the Gospel that Jesus can be extremely gentle, but He also criticized His disciples for not understanding (“How foolish you are, and slow of heart to believe”) (Lk 24:25).



Ways in Which Jesus Acts in Our Lives

If you were a priest, what would you say to someone in the following situation? Someone comes for Confession, confesses something of which they’re very ashamed and about which they’re embarrassed. They can’t believe they did it or keep on doing it. Let’s say they’re crying, too. And they say, “I feel so guilty. I feel awful.” What would you say?

Apostles Are Alive!

Did you realize that last week, when you encountered a very difficult situation, that you were probably sent there by God? Is it possible that, last week, you were sent to a chaotic situation at work to bring Jesus’ peace? Or you were sent home where there was an argument between your parents so that you could pray for them? Or you were sent an impatient e-mail so you could ask the person what’s bothering them?



Fr. Justin grew up in Richmond, BC, the third of three brothers. Though not raised Catholic, he started going to Mass when he was 13. After a powerful experience of God’s love through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, he felt called to the Holy Priesthood at the age of 16.
Fr. Justin Huang