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我們將繼續身體神學(Theology of The Body)系列的講道,也就是天主對人類性行為的計劃。感謝每個人的反饋和提問,因為我盡力在不讓任何人感到不知所措的情況下進行這個系列,而是慢慢地提出原則和清晰度,以便我們都有機會思考這些問題。

God Loves Giving Life

We’re continuing our series on theology of the body, that is, God’s plan for human sexuality. I thank everyone for your feedback and questions, because I’ve tried to approach this series without overwhelming anyone

Sexuality is About Self-Giving

As mentioned last week, today begins a series of homilies on theology of the body, in other words, God the Father’s plan for human sexuality. We’ll start with four human insights about the body, which show the need for reverence when discussing this subject, and then reflect on the person of Jesus in the Scriptures.



Never Leaving the Catholic Church

The First Reading begins, “Certain individuals came down from Judea and were teaching the brothers, ‘Unless you are circumcised according to the custom of Moses, you cannot be saved’” (Acts 15:1).


第一篇讀經如此開始: 「有從猶太下來的幾個人教訓弟兄們說:『若是你們不按梅瑟的慣例行割損,不能得救。』」(宗15:1)。一千多年來,猶太人一直被教導割損是必要的,現在他們中的一些人成為了基督徒,對於他們是否仍然需要行割損有過激烈的辯論。

Beyond Loneliness

Were you ever lonely as a child? If so, do you remember how often? A while back, I saw some students at our school waiting to be picked up by their parents; they were the last ones to be picked up, and there were very few of them. It reminded me of the times when I was at school and didn’t have many friends. And then I remember that I had very few birthday parties to go to, and was bored and empty during the summer. I felt so left out.



Relationships Are Worth Restoring

Whom do you think of when you hear that statement? Last week’s homily was about healing through other people, and we’re continuing this theme of relationships… and relationships, when they are cold, hurting, or broken, are always worth restoring.


「關係總是值得修復的。Relationships are always worth restoring.」((Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life, 152))。當你聽到這句話時,你會想到誰?上週的講道是關於通過他人獲得治愈,這週我們將繼續這個「關係(Relationship)」的主題。冷淡的、傷人的或者破裂的關係,總是值得修復的。

Healing Through Others

Imagine if God told us that He would heal one person in our lives, and that we get to choose whom. If we could choose one person to receive the healing of God, who would it be? It could be ourselves. And how would we help them?



The Garden of Our Souls

Happy Easter, everyone! I have two questions for you, please. First, who enjoys gardening? Everyone knows gardening has grown in popularity since COVID began. Second, if you’re like me and still don’t have an interest in gardening, do you enjoy visiting gardens? I love the peace and the beauty given by the harmony of water, trees, flowers, and grass.


各位,復活節快樂!我有兩個問題要問你。第一個問題是:有誰喜歡園藝嗎?眾所周知,自從COVID 肆虐以來,園藝越來越受人歡迎。第二個是:如果你和我一樣,都對園藝不感興趣,那你喜歡參觀花園嗎?我喜歡水、樹、花、草的和諧所帶來的寧靜和美麗。

Giving Up on Jesus

“Simon, Simon, listen! Satan has demanded to sift all of you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that your own faith may not fail” (Lk 22:31-32). Let’s talk about the sin of giving up on Jesus, and, more, importantly, how Jesus prays that we stay faithful to Him! No one right now is going to kill us for following Jesus, but that time may come in the future.



The Sin of Gloominess

Today, we’re talking about the sin of gloominess or grumpiness. We’ve probably never thought about it as a sin, but Jesus says in Mt 6:16: “Do not look gloomy like the hypocrites”; another translation says ‘dismal.’



Overcoming Envy





Today we’re going to talk about presumption, when we think we’ll automatically go to heaven, even if we don’t change our lives or go to Confession. Most of our culture is presumptuous regarding heaven: People think everyone’s going there—I think they just don’t know that they need a saviour.

Vanity Blinds Us from the Beautiful

Today, let’s talk about vanity, specifically the way we worry about and focus too much on our appearance. Have you ever realized how much we look in the mirror? We sometimes even do it when there’s no reason, such as before going to bed. Sometimes we do it over and over, as when we pass by car windows. It’s not malicious. But it’s superficial, right? It’s connected to our insecurity, our need to feel accepted and loved.


今天,讓我們來談談虛榮心這個題目,特別是我們對自己外表的擔心和過分關注。你有沒有意識到我們看鏡子的次數有多少?我們有時甚至會在沒有理由的情況下這樣做,比如在睡覺前或路過車窗的時候都會一次又一次的這麼做。這雖無惡意, 但卻很膚淺,對吧?這與我們的不安全感有關,與我們對被接受和被愛的需求有關。

Fr. Justin grew up in Richmond, BC, the third of three brothers. Though not raised Catholic, he started going to Mass when he was 13. After a powerful experience of God’s love through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, he felt called to the Holy Priesthood at the age of 16.
Fr. Justin Huang