感謝您透過恩泉獻禮表心意來支持生命恩泉,支持我們的製作及營運經費,使到這事工能繼續運作及發展。謝謝! 您所揀選的心意卡將會在3至5個工作天內寄出。
下一 步 是捐獻網頁,在填寫個人資料時,請重複你的名字及電郵地址,以便核對。

Thank you for choosing Fountain of Love and Life to make a Tribute Gift for someone special today. A personalized tribute card will be mailed to the person you designate within 3 to 5 business days.
Next page will be the donation page, please fill in the same name and email address as you put in on this page for your name and email address.
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