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Pope Francis: Have courage to go to God and ask forgiveness, then move forward with courage

(CNA/EWTN News) On Wednesday Pope Francis stressed the importance of having the courage to recognize our sins and ask God for forgiveness, moving forward rather than getting stuck in feelings of shame and rejection. “How many times do we feel rejected internally because of our sins!” the Pope said August 31, noting that what the Lord tells us in these moments is “have courage, come. For me you are not discarded, have courage.”
Publish date: 2016 - 9 - 1

Fr. Daniel Chui: Looking at Life and Death in Sickness (Revised edition for 2016)

The Supreme Court of Canada struck down the law against assisted suicide as unconstitutional in 2015. The Parliament has to come up with a new law allowing assisted suicide by June 6, 2016. Fr. Daniel Chui, who passed away as a result of cancer, had shared with us his struggles and reflections during his battle against cancer. He also shared with us what he thought about assisted suicide.
Publish date: 2016 - 3 - 19

A Fatal Verdict

The Supreme Court of Canada lifted the ban against doctor-assisted suicide in February 2015. When euthanasia is legalized, what kind of changes do we have to face? Fountain of Grace explores the impact brought about by this verdict.
Publish date: 2015 - 10 - 10

The lives of the innocent

On this week’s “Love and Life”, we will discuss the Catholic Church's teachings on the respect and protection every human life deserves. Every individual's life, from the moment of conception, has a set of inviolable rights that must be recognized, especially his right to life. Every individual is valuable and to be respected, so any attempts to deny an innocent individual's right to life is a serious violation of his or her human dignity. Because of this, we must support candidates who respect and protect life in any political elections.
Publish date: 2015 - 9 - 5

Fr. Daniel Chui: Looking at Life and Death in Sickness

Once again, euthanasia and assisted suicide have generated a lot of discussions lately. There are different views regarding how to help the terminally ill. Fr. Daniel Chui, who is currently battling with cancer, shares with us the struggles he has been through as well as his view towards assisted suicide.
Publish date: 2014 - 11 - 1

The Final Journey

When we are faced with illness in ourselves or in our families, we often find ourselves ill-equipped to face the challenges that accompany such struggles. Fountain of Grace takes a closer look at Palliative Care, to see how it helps patients and their families understand the meaning of earthly life, while at the same time preparing them for eternal life.
Publish date: 2014 - 7 - 5

Live and Let Live

The ultimate purpose of the legal system is to ensure equality for everyone, especially for vulnerable groups. However, the Criminal Code of Canada still uses a 400-year-old definition of human being, which states that a child has become a human being only at the moment of complete birth. As a result, the unborn has absolutely no legal protection. MP Stephen Woodworth has brought forward Motion 312 to urge the Parliament to revisit this definition of human being.
Publish date: 2012 - 9 - 16