About Us

A Brief Introduction

Fountain of Love and Life (FLL) is a Catholic multi-media evangelization ministry. Our ministry was founded in 2004 by a group of Chinese Catholics in Toronto with the goal of evangelizing the Chinese communities in Canada through different media. FLL is now officially recognized as a ministry under the Toronto Chinese Pastoral Council (CPC). FLL is also a registered charity in Canada.

Our work now includes TV and radio productions, music production, publications, evangelization events, hotline, web and social media content, etc. Apart from a few staff members, FLL is composed of over 300 volunteers. Since 2004, FLL has been raising its own funds for evangelization work and has been operating independently. Apart from Toronto, our volunteer base has extended to Vancouver, Hong Kong, and a few major North American cities. Vancouver volunteers have begun television and radio production.

Our Objectives

The driving force behind FLL is the desire to provide an evangelical channel to spread the Gospel and the determination to uphold the “Culture of Life” in the prevalent “culture of death”, which is corrupting our younger generations. We hope fellow Chinese Catholics can become our partners in evangelization and continue with their support through active participation, prayers and financial donations as we proceed boldly on our journey to spread gospel values and the truth, not only to Chinese in Canada but around the world, especially to the people in China.

Our Objectives:
  1. Produce Chinese Catholic TV and radio programs to spread the Good News of Salvation.
  2. Explore different effective new channels and media to spread the Good News.
  3. Be the Catholic voice in the media and to reveal the truth of the Catholic faith.
  4. Provide an effective platform and resource channel for individuals and groups involved in evangelization; encourage more people to actively involve in evangelistic work.
  5. Host faith sharing events to bring God’s presence to people.
  6. Build partnership with different ministries/organizations to increase the effectiveness of our evangelization work.
How YOU can help to carry out our Mission:
  1. Watch and listen to our TV and radio programs and promote them to your friends.
  2. Give Fountain of Love and Life (FLL) DVDs as gifts.
  3. Invite your friends to FLL events.
  4. Connect your social media friends to FLL online community.
  5. Pray for the FLL ministry.
  6. Support our ministry financially, especially by becoming our faithful partner through monthly donation.