Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about Creeds (2)

“I believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth.” Time is a measure of change, but God is perfect and unable to become better or worse. God is not within time, but time is within God. As for God’s omnipotence, we can see it in the depths of the ocean, the heights of the mountains – these are things that humans cannot make. In the orderliness of the universe, we can see God’s wisdom; and in the growth of creatures, we can see God’s goodness. Since God is wise and omnipotent, He has plans for His creatures and is able to carry them out – this is known as Providence. Irrational creatures are necessarily led by God, but rational creatures – i.e. angels and humans – may choose to either cooperate with or rebel against God. Even evil, the absence of good, is permitted by God in His wisdom so that all things might find their fulfillment in Him. All the saints have only done great deeds by trusting in God’s Providence.
Publish date: 2019 - 4 - 13


Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about Creeds

Jesus said that He is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. He is the Way because He teaches us how to live a moral life, the Truth because He gives us the Creed to teach us about Him, and the Life because He is the fountain of grace which we can tap into through prayer and the Sacraments. In the catechism, we read “Who created me?” “The Lord.” “Why did the Lord create?” “God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him for ever in heaven.” Unless we know someone, it is difficult to love them; and unless we love them, it is difficult to serve them. Merely having head knowledge of God isn’t enough, we must use our hearts to love Him. Humans were created to glorify God forever – in Heaven, they glorify His mercy; in Hell, they glorify His justice. We can force many people to do many things, but we cannot force someone to love us. God doesn’t force us either but gives us the freedom to respond to His love. The Creeds tell us of the Trinitarian nature of God while the Sign of the Cross also reminds us of the shape of Christ’s Passion. The Scriptures teach us both natural and supernatural truths. Many people already know the natural truths through their sense of reason. Chinese people already have strong conceptions of good and evil without hearing the Gospel. But other truths, the supernatural ones, no one would know unless God told us, such as the Trinitarian nature of God. Hence, we need to heartfully reflect on the truths contained in the Creeds and, if necessary, witness these truths to others.
Publish date: 2019 - 4 - 6


The “Little Apocalypse”

Are we nearing the day of the sun darkening, the moon losing its light, and the stars falling from the sky?
Publish date: 2018 - 11 - 18


Ask Fr. Francis – Original Sin

Fr. Francis will address questions about penalty.
Publish date: 2018 - 9 - 29


Ask Fr Francis – Original Sin

Fr Francis will address a question about the original sin.
Publish date: 2018 - 9 - 1


Theology Study

Originally, Vivien studied theology because she just wanted to accompany her friend. Then she found out that she knew very little. The more we seek, the more we find how great the Creator is. The mystery of God is unlimited, and we may not understand it even if we spend our whole life trying. As a member of the laity, we have the esponsibility to spread the Good News of the Gospel. Since studying theology, Vivien found that she has become more humble, knows more about her faith, and her relationship with God is closer – a great enhancement in her faith journey.
Publish date: 2018 - 4 - 14

An Embrace with God

Pope Francis: Heaven isn’t a ‘fairy tale’ – it’s an embrace with God

Pope Francis on Wednesday spoke about the hope Christians have at the end of life, which is found in God’s promise to be with us at the moment of our death, and to give us eternal life with him in heaven.
Publish date: 2017 - 10 - 25


Little-Known Facts about the Holy Land: Church of the Holy Sepulchre

In the eyes of Christians, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem is the most sacred place, because that is where Jesus was crucified and resurrected. What does the place look like today after some 2000 years? Little-Known Facts about the Holy Land takes you to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to reflect upon graces brought forth by Jesus' resurrection.
Publish date: 2017 - 4 - 15


Sharing Our Talents

Because of a dream, Hau Ming Yeung and his wife Cammy Leung decided to give up their careers and fully immerse themselves in faith formation of the Catholic laity. They founded "Living Faith Society" and "Talentum Bookshop", hoping to touch more Catholics and inspire them to evangelize and serve the Church through these two organizations.
Publish date: 2016 - 7 - 2

二人成為一體 (3)

Two Becomes One (3)

On this week's "Love and Life", we will continue to look at "Theology of the Body" to discuss the Catholic Church's teachings on sex and marriage. Marriage is a sign that points to the Holy Trinity as well as the union between Christ and the Church. We will also examine the meaning of chastity and why the Church requires religious clergy to abide by the rule of celibacy.
Publish date: 2014 - 11 - 22

二人成為一體 (2)

Two Becomes One (2)

On this week's "Love and Life", we will continue to look at "Theology of the Body" to discuss the Catholic Church's teachings on sex and marriage. When God created Man and Woman He had a purpose, but original sin caused the human race to lose the correct understanding of sex and the body. We will also analyze why the Church is opposed to certain acts such as contraception and artificial insemination.
Publish date: 2014 - 11 - 15

二人成為一體 (1)

Two Becomes One

On this week's "Love and Life", we invited two experts on "Theology of the Body" to discuss the Catholic Church's teachings on sex and marriage. Man and woman originated from the same body, and the union of man and woman truly reflects the love among the Holy Trinity as one body. The distinctive qualities of this love is proclaimed in the marriage vows, as this love can only exist on Earth within a marriage. In addition, we will also analyze why the Church is opposed to certain sexual acts that are prevalent in society.
Publish date: 2014 - 11 - 8


The Ascension of the Lord

The Ascension of the Lord “Spirit”, “apostles”, “Mary”, “prayer” – What better ways to reveal the Church? How can any one of these constitutive elements be missing when the Church being revealed is the Church of Christ? After the ascension of the Son and on the threshold of the Pentecostal outpouring of the Spirit, we […]
Publish date: 2014 - 6 - 1


God’s house

Fifth Sunday of Easter In the gospel reading, Jesus told his apostles in the Last Supper that he would leave them to prepare a place for them in his “Father’s house” (Jn 14:2). In the Bible, “God’s house” is a key term that refers to the Church, as signified by the Tabernacle (Ex 26) and […]
Publish date: 2014 - 5 - 18


John Paul II’s Theology of the Body

On this week's "Love and Life", we will take an in-depth look at the Theology of the Body, the Catholic Church's teaching on sex and relationships, as well as the crucial role of marriage within the Church.
Publish date: 2014 - 4 - 26


The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

如好鏡子會反映對面的影像,天主正義的審判也將會反映我們的作為。在耶穌的比喻中,富翁沒有憐憫躺臥在他大門前的乞丐,所以當他渴求憐憫時,也沒有得到應允。在比喻中,這富翁揀選了世上的幸福,天天奢華地宴樂,乞丐拉匝祿卻受盡了苦;於是拉匝祿死後得到安慰,富翁死後卻要受苦。 可能許多人會問,有沒有人能在這一世和永生中都能脫免苦難?相信即使不是不可能,也是很難的事,因為從亞當犯了罪開始,人的一切勞動、貧困、悲傷和疾病等等的苦,都是罪的刑罰。即使人想脫離罪惡,每天要克服自己的慾望、憤怒、虛榮、驕傲等等,在靈性和肉體上都是痛苦的鬥爭,但如不背起自己的十字架,又怎能跟隨耶穌並且得救? (本文以英文為準) As the best mirrors represents an image of the face opposite to it, so also is the just judgment of God adapted to our dispositions. Where the rich man because he did not pity the poor as Lazarus lay at his gate, is not heard when he needs mercy for himself. All […]
Publish date: 2014 - 3 - 20


To risk or not to risk

Second Sunday of Lent Lenten season serves as an invitation to us to change. But changes are not always welcome in our comfortable lives. The greatest risk in our faith journey is to not take any risks, and to be too comfortable with the status quo. Yet, only under one condition should these risks be […]
Publish date: 2014 - 3 - 16


Make the Wise Choice

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time God has given us the freedom of choice. He allows us to choose Him, or to reject Him; to choose righteousness, or to choose evil. The temptations around us always attack us where we are weakest, luring us to choose evil as opposed to righteousness. As we find ourselves struggling […]
Publish date: 2014 - 2 - 16


Will you be taken, or left behind?

耶穌曾多次談及末世,亦即是人子再來、人接受天主審判的日子。沒有人知道這時期甚麼時候會到,但可以肯定這時期必然會來,而且屆時將有很多人喪亡。就像在諾厄和羅特的日子裡,人本來過著平常的日子,災禍卻突然襲來,除了諾厄、羅特和他們的家人因得到天主特別的召叫而躲過危難,其他人無一倖免。 作為耶穌的信徒,我們已得到祂一而再的提示,要時刻為這末世的日子作好準備,因為當那日子到來時,我們才醒覺便已太遲。耶穌也以羅特的妻子來提醒我們,不要留戀世上的事物;天主已為我們準備好永恆的生命,但過份留戀現世,卻會喪失真正而永恆的福樂。所以祂說:「在那一日,那在屋頂上的,不要下來拿取在屋裏的器具;那在田裏的,也同樣不要回家。你們要記得羅特的妻子!不論誰,若想保全自己的性命,必要喪失性命;凡喪失性命的,必要保存性命。」救恩來自天主,但每人對天主不同的回應,會令各人得到不同的命運。正如耶穌說:「兩個人同在一張床上,一個被接去,而一個被遺棄;兩個女人一起推磨,一個被接去,而一個被遺棄。」你想成為被接去的一位,還是被遺棄?讓我們時刻醒悟祈禱,為主而生活,那麼末日何時到來,我們也不會感到措手不及。 這篇默想由生命恩泉文摘編輯小組撰寫,內容以下列文章為根據: Commentaries on the daily readings by Sacred Space, 常年期第三十二週星期五. Jesus described a number of times what the end of the world will be like; though we don’t know when this day will come, we are sure that it will come for sure. Similar to the days of Noah and Lot, God’s judgment […]
Publish date: 2013 - 11 - 15


Perseverance and Eternal Life

常年期第三十二主日丙年讀經 今天的舊約讀經,第二個兄弟和第四個兄弟的見證是非常震撼與強烈的。第二個兄弟的話直接令我們聯想起耶穌山中聖訓真福八端的其中一端:「幾時人為了我而辱罵迫害你們…你們是有福的。」第四個兄弟深信死者會復活而更加堅定地宣揚:「我們深信天主使人復活的許諾,所以死在人手中,是求之不得的」。今天的聖詠是一個被寃枉的人的哀嘆;一方面道出追隨天主的堅定意志,另一方面又表達將要與天主重會的信心。第二篇讀經是聖保祿宗徒一番鼓勵的說話,亦是一篇祈禱,祈求天父賜予力量及信德給信徒做他們的工作。在福音中,耶穌根據撒杜塞人的立場反駁他們,引述梅瑟五書來證實死者復活的信念。 其實,在我們日常生活中,往往都會遇到很多困難、考驗和挑戰。從一個在世的平信徒的角度來看,這些源源不絕的苦惱對我們身心構成莫大的影響之餘,更令我們的信德動搖,甚至質疑天主是否真的存在 。 但是在今天的讀經裡耶穌很清楚地告訴我們:現世生活和死亡不是終結,而是一道門檻;跨過這門檻,就可以進入超越現世生活的新生命。基督藉着衪的聖死和復活,為我們賺得新生命,開啟了天堂之門,而天堂便是永受祝福的人所處之地 。 聖保祿宗徒也提醒我們只要我們「完成各種聖善言行」,建立好愛主愛人的關係,慈愛的天父亦會恩賜我們「永恆的安慰和美好的希望」。願我們能緊記這一點,一同行走基督的光明之路,邁向天國。 這篇默想是以 Foundations and Faith program 為根據,並獲得版權持有人 RCL Benziger, LLC 批准使用。 Reading – Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time (Liturgical Year C) In today’s Old Testament reading, the second and fourth brothers’ testimonies were very powerful and earth-shattering. The second brother’s words directly lead us to remember one of the […]
Publish date: 2013 - 11 - 10


The Grace to know the Father and the Son

耶穌派遣了七十二門徒,兩個兩個到各城各地去傳教,他們回來時都歡天喜地,因他們見識到因著耶穌基督的名號,他們都能行祂的異能,甚至連惡魔都屈服於他們。確實,受耶穌派遣的人,都被一一授予了祂的權柄。可是,耶穌提醒門徒不該歡喜於這能制服惡魔的權柄,因為真正值得歡喜和感恩的並非是他們能做甚麼,而是他們的名字已經登記在天上。能夠被揀選進入天國,得享永生,才是真正的福樂。 耶穌因著聖神也透露了祂和天父之間的奧秘:除非藉著天父的啟示,沒有人能認出耶穌是天主子;除非耶穌願意啟示給我們,也沒有人能認識父。因此能認識、相信天主,是天上而來的恩寵。要知道時至今日,即使基督的福音已幾乎傳遍普世,還是有很多人看不出或不願相信耶穌基督就是天主子、我們的救主,所以我們這些憑著信德的恩寵而接納基督的福音的人,是有福的。因此我們該好好珍惜這份恩寵,把天主放在生命的第一位,並學習耶穌,時常稱謝天父。 Jesus appointed seventy-two disciples whom He sent in pairs to visit and preach in towns and places. They all came back rejoicing because they witnessed they can do great things in His name, and even the demons are subject to them. Indeed, those who are sent by Jesus are given His power, but […]
Publish date: 2013 - 10 - 5


Parable of the Ten Virgins

在瑪竇福音中耶穌一連三個比喻,都是提醒我們一件事:為人子第二次來臨作好準備。 新郎是比喻耶穌基督,那十個等待迎接新郎的童女就是教會,進入婚宴就好比進入天國;我們在祈禱中常念:「願祢的國來臨」,但沒有人知道耶穌再度來臨並帶我們進入天國那日子何時會來。就是因為不知道,所以耶穌提醒我們總有些人因見祂遲遲還未回來,就態度變得鬆散,沒有遵從天主的教誨來生活。耶穌將會對這些人說:「我不認識你們。」就像那五個糊塗的童女雖然帶了燈,卻沒有足夠的油,新郎到來時想請求別人幫助已是不可能。 因此,我們要聽從耶穌的提醒,時常醒悟並作好準備,否則錯過了迎接新郎的時間,後悔也就來不及了。 「你們應當時時醒寤祈禱,為使你們能逃避即將發生的這一切事,並能立於人子之前。」(路21:36) In the gospel according to Matthew, Jesus used three parables to warn us one thing: be prepared for the second coming of the Lord. In the parable of the ten virgins, the bridegroom is Jesus Christ, the ten virgins waiting for bridegroom is the church, and entering into the wedding feast […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 29


The Narrow Door

當耶穌談及窄門時,祂說我們要「竭力」,除非我們用意志勇敢地奮鬥,我們是不能抵擋世俗的巨浪的,我們的靈魂將再次被投進深淵。在世上,導入喪亡的道路十分寬闊,而導入生命的路是多麼狹窄,稍微轉身,不論轉左或轉右,都是很危險的,就像在一道橋上,滑向哪一邊都會跌入河裡。人的靈魂左搖右擺,有時候當想到永遠的時候,人會選擇行善,而在其他時候,當人只想著現在的一刻,他寧願選擇享樂。 家主是基督,祂身為天主,無處不在。即使祂在天上,祂清晰的臨在於那些悅樂祂的人內;而為那些仍在塵世的朝聖途上奮鬥的人,祂在暗中扶持。當祂使整個教會注視祂時,祂會進來,並把門關上,那時墮落的人再沒有機會悔改。站在外面的人會敲門,懇求祂的憐憫,但再哀求也是徒然。 這些全適用於基督徒身上。我們在彌撒中領受基督的聖體聖血,祂在我們靈魂的大街上施教。但這盛宴不會得到不虔誠的人的喜愛。對聖經的熟悉也不會使天主認識他,邪惡的行為使他不配進入天國:「他要說:我告訴你們:我不認識你們是那裡的;你們這些作惡的人,都離開我吧!」 有很多人起初充滿熱忱,之後冷卻下來;亦有很多人起初冷漠,在一瞬間卻變得熱情;很多在世上被鄙視的人在來世會享光榮;而另一些被人稱譽的,最終會被問罪。 When Jesus was about to speak of the entrance of the narrow gate, He said first, strive, for unless the mind struggles manfully, the wave of the world is not overcome, by which the soul is ever thrown back again into the deep. For as in earthly life the departure from […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 25


Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven

瑪竇福音 13:44-46 這兩個關於天國的比喻其實非常相似,都是比喻天國為一個極珍貴的東西,找到的人都願意賣掉自己所有的一切,為擁有這珍寶。 第一個比喻中,人意外找到藏在地裏的寶貝,就如很多人在生活中,並未有刻意尋求,但耶穌卻進入他的生活,並透過這個相遇,把這個人的生命完全改變。 第二個比喻中,商人一直在尋找完美的珍珠,就如不少人內心都有個渴求,渴望更美善、更有價值的事物,這可以是真理、人生的意義,甚至他可能還不知道這完美的珍珠是甚麼,只是現世的事物不能滿足他。當終於找著,他會知道,並放棄一切,為得到它。 雖然兩者的出發點不一樣,但重要的是,為得到這瑰寶,人需要賣掉他所有的一切。耶穌要我們知道,進入天國是有代價。雖然天主的救恩是白白施予,但也要我們願意接納天主的改造,棄絕舊惡,重新做人。正如耶穌所說:「你們悔改吧! 因為天國臨近了。」 耶穌帶我們進入天國,踏進永恆的生命,沒有比這更重要的,你願意為此放棄一切嗎? Matthew 13:44-46 These two parables are pretty similar. They both described the kingdom of heaven as something very precious, and those who found it are willing to sell all their properties to buy this treasure. In the first parable, the treasure hidden in the field was accidentally […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 31


Pope Francis: All of Christian life is the work of Jesus, the Holy Spirit to prepare a place

教宗方濟各於週五為梵蒂岡幾個部門的職員主持彌撒,他在講道中說:「耶穌叫門徒『心裏不要煩亂;你們要信賴天主,也要信賴我』,然後祂開始說起天堂。…像一位工程師、建築師一樣,祂告訴他們祂將要做的事: 『我要給你們在我父的家裡預備地方』」 「那地方會是什麼樣子? 『預備地方』又是什麼意思呢? 是要去租一個房間嗎? 『預備地方』的意思是預備我們去看、去感受、去理解我們將要接觸到的美善。」 「整個基督徒生活就是耶穌和聖神在預備地方,預備我們的眼睛讓我們看得見。…『但父啊,我看得見!我不需要戴眼鏡!』 但那是另一種視覺… 想像一下那些有白內障的人,在動完手術以後;他們仍看得見,但手術過後他們全都這樣說:『我從沒有想過可以不戴眼鏡而看得這麼清楚!』我們靈魂的眼睛需要準備,去凝視耶穌完美的臉。我們的聽覺要準備去聽美麗的事物,美麗的語言。最重要的是我們的心,要準備去愛,愛得更多。」 「在我們的生命中,天主用考驗、慰藉,也用磨難、美好的事預備我們的心。」 On Friday, Pope Francis celebrated mass for the staff of Vatican Typography, the Vatican Labor Office and Vatican State Police. In the homily, he said: “Jesus said to his disciples: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Have faith in God, in me”. And what […]
Publish date: 2013 - 4 - 26