Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about Messiah

by Kenny Cheng

A writer once wrote that there are two reasons why God waited for so long to send His Messiah. Firstly, humans sinned out of pride so the long wait served to humble them. Secondly, just as the first Adam’s creation was preceded by the wondrous creation of lesser creatures, the arrival of Jesus, the second Adam, was preceded by the many miracles of the Old Testament. The Old Testament can be divided into four parts: from Adam to Moses, from Moses to David, from David to the Babylonian Exile, and from the Babylonian Exile to Jesus. In the first period, the religion was primitive and led by the head of each family. In the second, Mosaic Law promulgated eternal law in the Ten Commandments and the temporary law for the Jews. In the third, King David combined religion and politics and his son Solomon built the Temple. In the last period, the Israelites were conquered by the Babylonians. The Son of God was the only person able to choose His mother. In order for her to be above the unfallen angels and to be fit to have authority over Jesus, she had to be without sin. God prepared the people of Israel for Jesus through the Old Testament, and He prepared Mary to receive Jesus’ birth.

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