Faith Formation

Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about Jesus’ Passion

Jesus’ Passion achieved a fitting sacrifice to God and gave us humans salvation. Why did Jesus have to become man and die? To give us life. But why did Jesus have to save us by the Cross? God didn’t have to use the Cross, but He found it fitting. From the Cross, we can learn God’s love, the horror of sin, and how to accept suffering. God shows us love through the language of sacrifice; by taking on the consequences of sin, we are reminded not to take Jesus’s sacrifice lightly; Jesus’ sacrifice gives meaning to our sufferings and allows us to join them with His sufferings. Jesus saved us by His Passion, death, and Resurrection – as God, His sacrifice has infinite value; as man, He truly represents us. Jesus is victorious over death and sin – these are inseparable.
Publish date: 2019 - 6 - 22


Pope Francis: The Holy Spirit unites and grows the Church despite human limitations, sins and scandal

(CNA) Pope Francis said Wednesday that the Holy Spirit unites and grows the Church despite human limitations, sins and scandal.
Publish date: 2019 - 6 - 20


Take, bless, break, give

Our life as bread for one another
Publish date: 2019 - 6 - 23


Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about the first thirty years of Jesus’ life

During the first 30 years of His life, Jesus lived a life of labour, prayer, and service – there are two lessons we can learn from this. First, the value of a human life comes from God, not from other humans. Second, those working in ministry must be formed in silence and prayer. Catechesis is formed by doctrine, moral education, and worship of God. For doctrine, Jesus taught us the greatest mystery of all – that of the Holy Trinity and that salvation lies in the Catholic Church. For moral education, Jesus gave us the Eight Beatitudes to teach us sacrificial love and guide us to the Kingdom of Heaven. In worship of God, Jesus taught us the Lord’s Prayer, established the Seven Sacraments, and taught us to pray with confidence. Jesus used parables to teach us; these are of three types: (1) those about the Kingdom of God, (2) those about the mercy of God, (3) those about charity. Apart from words, Jesus also used miracles to prove the truth of His teachings – He exorcised demons 7 times, defied nature 10 times, healed the sick 15 times, and raised the dead 3 times. He also predicted His Passion and Resurrection, and predicted the fates of His disciples and Jerusalem.
Publish date: 2019 - 6 - 15


The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is the central mystery of the Christian faith and of Christian life. (CCC 261)

Our mission is to witness to the world, thirsty for love, that the meaning of life is precisely the infinite love, the tangible love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Publish date: 2019 - 6 - 16


Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about – Jesus is Son of God

We believe that Jesus is the only Son of God and also our Lord, because He is God. Not only is Jesus the messenger of the Father, He is also the Word of God. He came to show us truth and to give us the grace to live out the truth. Every year, Catholics celebrate three important events: Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost. They remind us of three great mysteries – the incarnation of Christ at Christmas, the salvation of mankind at Easter, and the birth of the Church at Pentecost. We can analyze each mystery by answering some basic questions, for example Christmas: God became man (what?) in order to save us (why?) by being born of the Virgin Mary through the Holy Spirit (how?) as true God and true man (who?) in Bethlehem (where?). There are also links between mysteries: Mary wrapped Christ in linens at His birth and at His death and laid Him in the wooden manger and brought Him to the wooden Cross. Whereas all men were born to live, Jesus was born to die for our sake.
Publish date: 2019 - 6 - 8


The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of Transformation, Unity, Peace, and Forgiveness

as the Father has sent me, so I send you” (Jn 20:21)
Publish date: 2019 - 6 - 9


Stories strengthen souls.

For those of you with children, how would you survive if you lost your children in a car accident? Or, what would we say to parents who have just lost their children? We’d love them, help them, and pray for them. We may even try to explain to them why God allows suffering. Brothers, sisters, […]
Publish date: 2019 - 6 - 2


Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about Messiah

A writer once wrote that there are two reasons why God waited for so long to send His Messiah. Firstly, humans sinned out of pride so the long wait served to humble them. Secondly, just as the first Adam’s creation was preceded by the wondrous creation of lesser creatures, the arrival of Jesus, the second Adam, was preceded by the many miracles of the Old Testament. The Old Testament can be divided into four parts: from Adam to Moses, from Moses to David, from David to the Babylonian Exile, and from the Babylonian Exile to Jesus. In the first period, the religion was primitive and led by the head of each family. In the second, Mosaic Law promulgated eternal law in the Ten Commandments and the temporary law for the Jews. In the third, King David combined religion and politics and his son Solomon built the Temple. In the last period, the Israelites were conquered by the Babylonians. The Son of God was the only person able to choose His mother. In order for her to be above the unfallen angels and to be fit to have authority over Jesus, she had to be without sin. God prepared the people of Israel for Jesus through the Old Testament, and He prepared Mary to receive Jesus’ birth.
Publish date: 2019 - 6 - 1


Pope Francis: The Holy Spirit is what gives power, life, and dynamism to evangelization

(CNA) The Holy Spirit is what gives power, life, and dynamism to evangelization, not good rhetorical skills, Pope Francis said Wednesday.
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 30


Is Jesus Departing for a Distant Star on His Ascension?

Could the Ascension account be a fabrication of Jesus’ followers, created to gloss over the tragic death of their master?
Publish date: 2019 - 6 - 2


Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about actual sin

Due to the fall of Adam and Eve, we have lost the supernatural gifts we would’ve inherited. Now, we must obtain them again from Jesus. But whereas Original Sin resulted from Adam and Eve’s actions, Actual or Personal Sin result from our own actions. Actual sin can be either mortal or venial. Mortal sin destroys our friendship with God and erases our previous merits; it has three conditions: (1) it must be a grave matter, (2) the sinner must be aware of its severity, and (3) the sinner must willingly assent to the sin. Mortal sin is the death of the soul, venial sin is the sickness of the soul. Venial sin is any sin that does not meet the three requirements to be a mortal sin. It weakens our intellect and will, reducing our resistance to temptation. Confession is mandatory for mortal sin, but only commendable for venial sin. If the soul has died, who else but God can bring it back to life? Apart from sanctifying grace, God also gives us actual grace to help us in our everyday life to do good and avoid evil. We cannot rely on our own strength but cooperate with God’s help to obey the commandments.
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 25


New Jerusalem – the Final Apocalypse

As we come close to the end of the Easter season, we have a great privilege to read the final chapters of the Book of Revelation, and the great story is coming to its climax. We finally come to the arrival of the Holy City - the new Jerusalem.
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 26


Pope Francis: The Holy Spirit makes us capable of praying as children of God

(CNA) Pope Francis Wednesday asked Our Lady Help of Christians to intercede for Chinese Catholics, whom he said continue to believe and hope amid trials.
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 22


Sr. Maria Ko: Psalms of Joy and Sorrow

Living in the 21st century, we enjoy unprecedented comfort and convenience; however, compared to previous generations, we are much less aware of our emotional state. Fountain of Grace invited Sr. Maria Ko, a biblical scholar, to share with us how praying with Psalms can help us be more in touch with our emotions as well as enriching our prayer lives.
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 18


5 Types of Questions That Help Us Pay Attention to God

How many real friends do we have? Do we know? “Here is a simple litmus test of whether or not you have any friends. Think of the most difficult struggle you are going through at this time… it could be something physical, spiritual, or psychological… The question… is: Whom have you told? Have you shared this with anyone? Friends share their struggles and receive support”
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 19


Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about original sin and its consequences

All men and women are the descendants of Adam and Eve. In the beginning, God placed our first parents in the Garden of Eden and gave them both supernatural grace and preternatural gifts. But after the Fall, Adam and Eve lost them and we as their descendants no longer inherit them at our birth, a state called Original Sin. We no longer have superior intellects to understand reality, our wills are biased towards our passions, and we can suffer and die. But whereas angels cannot repent after sinning, humans can still return to God through repentance. The demons must have been greatly enraged to know that Adam and Eve could still return to God after falling once. Just as the original Adam and Eve made humanity lose God’s grace, the new Adam and Eve—Jesus and Mary—returned humanity back to God's grace.
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 18

Photo by Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P.

Pope Francis: Forgiveness flows from Christ on the cross, which liberates us from evil

(CNA) Pope Francis said Wednesday that Jesus gave humanity a precious gift on the cross -- liberation from evil.
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 16


Why does Jesus call the love commandment new?

Divine love does not come naturally to us, it needs practice
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 19


Guardians of Canada: Our Lady of the Cape and Blessed Frédéric Janssoone

Trois-Rivières, a French-speaking city in Quebec, is the home of treasures of the Catholic Church in Canada. Blessed Frédéric Janssoone, a Franciscan friar who devoted all of his energy in spreading the Good News of Christ, might become Canada's next saint. A little-known stone chapel ultimately became a Marian shrine which attracts thousands of pilgrims yearly. Fountain of Grace uncovers these treasures for you.
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 11


“My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27)

It is in our interior silence that we can perceive Jesus’ gaze and hear his call
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 12


Want to Help People You Love to Grow? Here Are 4 Ways

All of us have people in our lives that we want to change, right? Parents, you pray for your children that they grow and improve their behaviour.
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 12


3rd Sunday of Easter : Sacrificial Love

A friend once was talking to me and started crying because he admitted that he didn’t love his parents enough. They had written him a letter expressing how much they loved him and about the good they saw in him. He said they always loved him even though he treated them so badly.
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 5


Ask Fr. Francis – Is confession too ritualistic?

Fr. Francis will address questions about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Is it too ritualistic?
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 4


Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about angels and devils

Once, a catechism teacher asked their students, “Who created the angels?” “God,” replied the students. “Then who created the devils?” The students thought for a long time until one of them said, “God created them as angels, but they turned themselves into devils.” Humans and the angels are esteemed above the rest of God’s creation. Angels are pure spirit and have no bodies but have intellect and will. The ones who refused God became devils. Many theologians speculate that these devils rebelled upon being told that the Son would become a man instead of an angel and that they would have to serve the God-man, Jesus. Lucifer was one rebellious angel who led other angels against God and became Satan. These angels, instead of glowing from their gazing at God, grew dim from gazing at themselves. We all have a guardian angel who protect us from evil and inspire us to do good – so we must honour their presence. Devils often attack us through temptation, but there are three ways to combat this: (1) to pray humbly in the name of Jesus and Mary, (2) to frequent the Sacraments and use sacramentals, and (3) to look down on devils.
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 4