Moral Issues

Resolved to Follow Christ

Originally a Toronto-based physician, Jacqueline was drawn closer to God through Opus Dei. As a response to God's calling, Jacqueline set aside her medical profession and went to Rome in order to pursue a degree in theology.
Publish date: 2019 - 1 - 26

Pope Francis: To take a human life in order to solve a problem is like hiring a hitman

(CNA/EWTN News) In his general audience Wednesday, Pope Francis said that abortion “suppresses innocent and helpless life in its blossoming.”
Publish date: 2018 - 10 - 11

Busting the Myths of Sex Education

Children in this age grew up in a sexualized environment. Proper education about sexuality is definitely necessary for them. However, many parents strongly opposed the revised sex education curriculum to be implemented in Ontario this September. Why does this curriculum draw such strong reactions from the parents? What kind of sex education do children really need?
Publish date: 2017 - 5 - 27

Physician Assisted Euthanasia

On this week's "Love and Life", we invited Dr. Peter Chen and Dr. Jason Kwok to discuss with us the recently proposed legislation regarding euthanasia or assisted suicide. They will speak on the preciousness and dignity of life as well as how patients' families level of care and support are important to them. Other topics include the definition of incurable diseases, the advances of medicine, and how this legislation can affect the medical industry, especially to doctors and nurses in terms of their freedom as well as moral dignity.
Publish date: 2016 - 3 - 19

Choose Life

On this week's "Love and Life", we invited Rev. Joseph Tham to discuss with us the issue of Euthanasia. Many people have argued over the issue of Euthanasia, but God is the master of life, and only He can decide when an individual lives or dies. Although many suffering patients consider Euthanasia as an option, they do not realise that suffering in itself has meaning and value which can be offered up as a prayer to God. Finally, we must pay special care to these suffering patients, to learn to accompany and love them until the natural end of their lives.
Publish date: 2015 - 10 - 17

A Fatal Verdict

The Supreme Court of Canada lifted the ban against doctor-assisted suicide in February 2015. When euthanasia is legalized, what kind of changes do we have to face? Fountain of Grace explores the impact brought about by this verdict.
Publish date: 2015 - 10 - 10

The Cost of In Vitro Fertilization

In recent years, more and more couples would consider using in vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to conceive. However, most embryos created in laboratories are not used in achieving a pregnancy. What happen to these embryos? What are some of the challenges facing children conceived through IVF? Fountain of Love and Life would explore the impact of this technology on families, our future generations, and the society.
Publish date: 2015 - 8 - 8

Sex Education Guide

On this week’s “Love and Life”, we will discuss the importance of sex education for children and how parents can help their children to form healthy attitudes towards sexuality. For more information or resources on sex education, please visit
Publish date: 2015 - 7 - 25

Bioethics – neuroscience and nanotechnology research

On this week’s “Love and Life”, we invited Rev. Joseph Tham, LC to share with us on some topics surrounding the field of bioethics. He takes an in-depth look at some moral questions related to neuroscience and nanotechnology, and also describes how different religions have dialogues on some bioethics issues.
Publish date: 2015 - 5 - 23

Bioethics – Human Cloning & extending life technology

On this week’s “Love and Life”, we invited Rev. Joseph Tham, LC to share with us his experiences living in Rome and his views as a bioethics professor on several controversial issues surrounding the field of bioethics.
Publish date: 2015 - 5 - 16

Fr. Daniel Chui: Looking at Life and Death in Sickness

Once again, euthanasia and assisted suicide have generated a lot of discussions lately. There are different views regarding how to help the terminally ill. Fr. Daniel Chui, who is currently battling with cancer, shares with us the struggles he has been through as well as his view towards assisted suicide.
Publish date: 2014 - 11 - 1

Fr. Robert Ng (2): Dying the Good Death

Euthanasia has been legalized in many countries. Those who advocate for euthanasia promote it on the grounds of compassion for the terminally ill. The Catholic Church has always objected euthanasia and teaches that God is the ultimate master of human lives. Fountain of Love and Life invited Fr. Robert Ng, an expert in ethics, to explain the consequences of legalizing euthanasia.
Publish date: 2013 - 5 - 5

Fr. Robert Ng (1): Moral Compass

In contemporary society, the diversity of values makes it challenging for us to judge whether certain acts are morally acceptable. Fountain of Love and Life invited Fr. Robert Ng to share his insights on how Catholic moral teaching helps Christians live out their faith.
Publish date: 2013 - 4 - 7

Live and Let Live

The ultimate purpose of the legal system is to ensure equality for everyone, especially for vulnerable groups. However, the Criminal Code of Canada still uses a 400-year-old definition of human being, which states that a child has become a human being only at the moment of complete birth. As a result, the unborn has absolutely no legal protection. MP Stephen Woodworth has brought forward Motion 312 to urge the Parliament to revisit this definition of human being.
Publish date: 2012 - 9 - 16

Bill 13

Publish date: 2012 - 4 - 24