Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about actual sin

Date: 2019-05-25
Audio Segment Types: Spiritual Talk
Languages: Cantonese


Brief description:

Due to the fall of Adam and Eve, we have lost the supernatural gifts we would’ve inherited. Now, we must obtain them again from Jesus. But whereas Original Sin resulted from Adam and Eve’s actions, Actual or Personal Sin result from our own actions. Actual sin can be either mortal or venial. Mortal sin destroys our friendship with God and erases our previous merits; it has three conditions: (1) it must be a grave matter, (2) the sinner must be aware of its severity, and (3) the sinner must willingly assent to the sin. Mortal sin is the death of the soul, venial sin is the sickness of the soul. Venial sin is any sin that does not meet the three requirements to be a mortal sin. It weakens our intellect and will, reducing our resistance to temptation. Confession is mandatory for mortal sin, but only commendable for venial sin. If the soul has died, who else but God can bring it back to life? Apart from sanctifying grace, God also gives us actual grace to help us in our everyday life to do good and avoid evil. We cannot rely on our own strength but cooperate with God’s help to obey the commandments.