Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about God’s Revelation

by Kenny Cheng

God’s Revelation comes to us in natural and supernatural ways. His natural revelation is given to even those without religious training. Through created things, we can see God’s wisdom and goodness. And our hearts have irrepressible consciences which guide us to heaven. They do not come from our parents and teachers, but from God. Our hearts also possess a desire for perfect goodness and eternal happiness that only God can satisfy. God’s supernatural revelation comes from the Scriptures (the written Word of God), Tradition (the unwritten Word of God), and the Magisterium (the authority to interpret Scripture and Tradition). The Scriptures were written by human writers under the inspiration of God. Tradition was passed down by word of mouth from Jesus and the Holy Spirit to the disciples without being written down. The Protestants believe solely in the Scriptures even though certain doctrines, like the Trinity, are not explicitly stated there. The Orthodox accept Scripture and Tradition, but only the Catholic Church has the Magisterium, or authority to infallibly interpret the Scriptures and Tradition.

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