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Pope Francis: Martyrdom is the air of the life of a Christian

(CNA) Pope Francis said Wednesday that persecution has always been a part of the Church’s life, and that the witness of martyrdom is a blessing for all Christians.
Publish date: 2019 - 12 - 11

Small Town, Big Mission: Everyone is Missionary

What does the word "missionary" call to mind? In the 21st century, how do missionaries live their lives? Missionaries from four Catholic churches in Macau share with you their stories.
Publish date: 2019 - 4 - 6

The Colours of Martyrdom

As part of its 30th-anniversary celebration, the Chinese Martyrs Catholic Church held a joint exhibition featuring faith-inspired artworks of different genres. They also invited Jackie Lau, a Catholic artist from Hong Kong, to paint a series of portraits of Chinese martyrs. Fountain of Grace takes a look at this unique art exhibition.
Publish date: 2017 - 9 - 23

Pope Francis: Gospel is the only strength for Christians

(CNA/EWTN News) On Wednesday Pope Francis said that following Christ means taking a path contrary to that of the world, and being prepared to suffer because of this; though we have hope because of God’s constant presence.
Publish date: 2017 - 6 - 29

St. Maximilian Kolbe – Love and Hope in Auschwitz

During the Second World War, St. Maximilian Kolbe was arrested by the German Gestapo and imprisoned in Auschwitz concentration camp. He volunteered to die for a fellow inmate. Fountain of Grace takes a look at how St. Maximilian Kolbe brought love and hope to those around him in the darkest place on earth.
Publish date: 2017 - 4 - 29

Pope Francis: Our strength is the love of Christ!

(CNA/EWTN News) Pope Francis made an appeal for prayer and aid for the victims of the Ebola outbreak which has been sweeping through several West African countries. Speaking during his General Audience September 24, the Pope expressed his closeness “to the many people affected by this terrible disease. I invite you to pray for them […]
Publish date: 2014 - 9 - 25

Pope Francis: In South Korea, the Church is the guardian of memory and of hope

(CNA/EWTN News) Pope Francis discussed his recent trip to South Korea in his General Audience address Wednesday August 20, saying its significance is found in the three words memory, hope, and witness. In South Korea “the Church is the guardian of memory and of hope: and is a spiritual family in which adults transmit to […]
Publish date: 2014 - 8 - 21

The Light Burden and Gentle Yoke

Jesus said: “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves. For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”
Publish date: 2014 - 7 - 17

Pope Francis: There are more persecuted Christians in the world today than there were in the early church

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis said on Monday that there are more persecuted Christians in the world today than there were in the first centuries of Christianity. The Pope’s words came as he celebrated Mass at the Casa Santa Marta on the day in which the Church remembers the first Roman martyrs who were martyred during […]
Publish date: 2014 - 7 - 3

Feast of the Holy Innocents

耶穌聖嬰獲得了賢士的尊崇,並非基於祂肉身的力量,而是出於祂神聖的恩寵。這令當時為王的黑落德大發忿怒,並且害怕自己的皇位受到威脅,於是命令人將白冷和其境內所有兩歲及以下的嬰兒殺死,令無數跟救主耶穌同年齡的嬰兒枉死;只是黑落德不知道,這些代耶穌死去的嬰兒,卻成了天國一隊身披白袍的烈士。 主耶穌願意代罪人犧牲,並賞報跟隨祂的人,那何況是代祂而死的無辜嬰孩?在天主眼中這些純潔的生命何等珍貴! 祂雖然沒有令這些嬰孩倖免於難,但卻會在天上冠他們為聖,因他們正正是首批為了救主耶穌而犧牲的殉道者。 (本文以英文為準) When the infant Jesus had conquered the Magi, not by the might of His flesh, but the grace of His Spirit, Herod was exceeding wroth, that they whom he had no power to move, were obedient to an Infant lying in a manger. Then by their contempt of him the Magi […]
Publish date: 2013 - 12 - 28

The Passion of Saint John the Baptist

The beheading of John the Baptist signifies the lessening of that fame, by which he was thought to be Christ by the people, as the raising of our Savior on the cross represents the advance of the faith, in that Jesus Himself, who was first looked upon as a prophet by the multitude, was recognized […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 28