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We are spiritually dead. Who can help?

In this 5th Sunday of Lent, we continue our Lenten journey with a magnificent meditation from the Gospel of John, the story of raising Lazarus from the dead. The details of John’s Gospel are meant to capture a deeper purpose. In this story, we hear about a man named Lazarus, which means “God helps”. He […]
Publish date: 2020 - 3 - 29

What is the Core of Our Mission?

Our Sunday Gospel reports the Lord’s calling of his first disciples. What is it about this scene that is so peaceful and right, and why is it related to our mission?
Publish date: 2020 - 1 - 26

Christ The King – Is it a Divine Joke?

What is the meaning of a true King? It all begins with a joke.
Publish date: 2019 - 11 - 24

Rich Man Poor Man

What is the challenge of our wealth? What is the primary concern for God's justice on earth? Let us attend to this Sunday's readings.
Publish date: 2019 - 9 - 29

What are our Difficulties in Prayer?

Why is it difficult to pray? What are some of the spiritual blockages in our prayer? When we study the Bible related to prayer, there are certain rules that lead to effective prayer. Let us unfold them now.
Publish date: 2019 - 7 - 28

New Jerusalem – the Final Apocalypse

As we come close to the end of the Easter season, we have a great privilege to read the final chapters of the Book of Revelation, and the great story is coming to its climax. We finally come to the arrival of the Holy City - the new Jerusalem.
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 26

The Greatest Story Ever Told

What is the greatest story ever told? Nothing can compare to the love story of this Sunday’s reading – the Tale of the Prodigal son.
Publish date: 2019 - 3 - 31

Discovering Who We Are

Do we know who we are? Can we recognize our own identity, or do we define it from our culture and society?
Publish date: 2019 - 1 - 27

Is Christ the King in our Family?

What does it mean when we say Christ is King in our family? Let us unpack its meaning together.
Publish date: 2018 - 11 - 25

The flow of grace

Whatever is good, true, and beautiful in culture, society or other religions is, indirectly related to Christ and thus should not be suppressed or despised
Publish date: 2018 - 9 - 30

Christ • Eucharist • Miracle

The sixth chapter of John's Gospel is a sustained meditation on the meaning of the Eucharist. It illumines a deep mystery of Body of Christ to feed our hungry souls.
Publish date: 2018 - 7 - 29

Is Jesus truly far away from us now?

We may ask why would Jesus leave us behind and gone to heaven? Why wouldn’t he stay with us in this world? He is far away from us now, and is He truly present and fully alive? These reflections have led us to the true meaning of Feast of the Ascension.
Publish date: 2018 - 5 - 13

An Overlooked Story in Mark’s Passion Narrative

The story of a woman pouring perfume on the Lord marks the beginning of the passion narrative in Mark's gospel. Why is the story important?
Publish date: 2018 - 3 - 25

Jesus, the Authority over our Life!

In our Sunday Gospel reading, St. Mark is trying to show us the authority of Jesus, and why He is so unique.
Publish date: 2018 - 1 - 25

How shall we be judged?

On this Sunday Gospel reflection, it is raised with an important topic: How shall we be judged.
Publish date: 2017 - 11 - 26

How do we deal with sufferings?

How do we deal with sufferings? How do we handle the problem of pain? Our Gospel for this week reflection is a great place to see its solution on display.
Publish date: 2017 - 9 - 3

For What Should I Ask God?

God appeared to Solomon in a dream, and asked Solomon what he would like to be given from Heaven. How would Solomon respond?
Publish date: 2017 - 7 - 30

How can we reconcile heaven and earth?

Jesus has commissioned his followers to begin His work now within the Church.
Publish date: 2017 - 5 - 28

Are we born blind?

How often in the New Testament is blindness used as a spiritual symbol? We do not see!
Publish date: 2017 - 3 - 26

How to be joyful?

In our Gospel reading for this Sunday, Jesus himself is laying out for us his spiritual program on the true path of joy, which all of us want. What can be more compelling!
Publish date: 2017 - 1 - 29

The Flooding Image of Noah

Our Gospel reading for this first Sunday of Advent might strike us as a bit odd. It does not mention about the coming of Christmas, nor the arrival of the child Jesus. Rather, it appears the Gospel reading for the first week of the church year is about a somewhat dark picture of the coming of the Son of Man.
Publish date: 2016 - 11 - 27

Lazarus at Our Gate

Through this Sunday's readings, especially the gospel reading on “Lazarus at the gate”, the Church reminds us the importance of one of its social teachings: Our religious conviction can be measured by the way we treat those who are most immediately and concretely in need. Let us open our hearts to reflect on this teaching.
Publish date: 2016 - 9 - 25

Vanities….All is Vanity!

Everyone who thinks they are going to find their happiness in possessing the goods of the world will eventually have to face the truth that they will not. All passes away. Our lives must be directed to the Good that does not pass away, that does not come and go, but rather remains unto eternity.
Publish date: 2016 - 7 - 31