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Pope Francis: God wins precisely in failure

(CNA/EWTN News) In his general audience address on April 16, Pope Francis spoke on the meaning of suffering and evil, explaining that it is a mystery which finds its answer in the passion and death of Jesus, who endured it for each of us. “This week, it will do good for us all to look […]
Publish date: 2014 - 4 - 17

Not my will but yours be done!

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion “He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death.” (Phil 2:8) Have we ever contemplated what kind of sacrifice the Son of God offered to us by emptying Himself to be born in human likeness, taking the form of a slave? As Creator of all, He has […]
Publish date: 2014 - 4 - 13

Live not in your grave

Fifth Sunday of Lent “Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.” (Romans 8:8) Living according to the flesh is like living according to one’s will and desires, focusing on one’s needs rather than others’. When we are so self-centred, we are trapped within our own self, our grave, and we will die. Jesus […]
Publish date: 2014 - 4 - 6

Staying with God

On this week's "Love and Life", Maria shares with us her difficult journey to becoming a registered nurse through many obstacles and challenges, to follow God's lead and accept His way of walking her life. She also describes how she finds Christ through suffering, and how through sacrifice she is able to offer up in order to become closer to God.
Publish date: 2014 - 3 - 22

The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

如好鏡子會反映對面的影像,天主正義的審判也將會反映我們的作為。在耶穌的比喻中,富翁沒有憐憫躺臥在他大門前的乞丐,所以當他渴求憐憫時,也沒有得到應允。在比喻中,這富翁揀選了世上的幸福,天天奢華地宴樂,乞丐拉匝祿卻受盡了苦;於是拉匝祿死後得到安慰,富翁死後卻要受苦。 可能許多人會問,有沒有人能在這一世和永生中都能脫免苦難?相信即使不是不可能,也是很難的事,因為從亞當犯了罪開始,人的一切勞動、貧困、悲傷和疾病等等的苦,都是罪的刑罰。即使人想脫離罪惡,每天要克服自己的慾望、憤怒、虛榮、驕傲等等,在靈性和肉體上都是痛苦的鬥爭,但如不背起自己的十字架,又怎能跟隨耶穌並且得救? (本文以英文為準) As the best mirrors represents an image of the face opposite to it, so also is the just judgment of God adapted to our dispositions. Where the rich man because he did not pity the poor as Lazarus lay at his gate, is not heard when he needs mercy for himself. All […]
Publish date: 2014 - 3 - 20

Spiritual Talk – Year A 2nd Sunday of Lent 2014

On the 2nd Sunday of Lent, Fr. Anthony Ho delves deeper into the Transfiguration of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. He advises us not to focus on this world's difficulties and sufferings, but to look at the things above, to raise our eyes in faith and gaze at our God in heaven. The most important things are not the achievements of this world, but the glory of the world beyond.
Publish date: 2014 - 3 - 15

Pope Francis: Lent is a moment of renewal which allows us to look at the needs of others with “new eyes”

(CNA/EWTN News) During his general audience on Ash Wednesday, Pope Francis called Lent a moment of renewal which allows us to look at the needs of others with “new eyes,” and to grow in love. Referring to Lent as a “journey of spiritual renewal in the footsteps of Christ,” the Pope went on to say […]
Publish date: 2014 - 3 - 6

Pope Francis: Through Anointing of the Sick, Jesus gives strength to the patient

(CNA) During his Wednesday audience on February 26, Pope Francis gave a brief catechesis on the sacrament of the anointing of the sick, noting that its purpose is to bring Christ close to the recipient. “Every time we celebrate this sacrament, the Lord Jesus, in the person of the priest, comes close to those who […]
Publish date: 2014 - 2 - 26

Worldly vs. Saintly Reasoning

How is this, that Peter, gifted with a revelation from the Father, has so soon fallen, and become unstable? For that Jesus was the Christ the Son of the living God, he had learnt by revelation, but the mystery of His cross and resurrection had not yet been revealed to him. Jesus, however, showing that […]
Publish date: 2014 - 2 - 20

What is Jesus’ identity?

常年期第二主日 這個主日的福音反覆深入闡明耶穌的身份。祂是「天主的羔羊,除免世罪者」(若 1:29)。洗者若翰這樣形容祂:「在我以後來,成了在我以前的,因衪原先我而有」,更為祂作證:「衪就是天主子。」(若 1:34)耶穌雖是天主子,卻以僕人的姿態來到世上:「因為人子,不是來受服事,而是來服事人,並交出自己的性命,為大眾作贖價。」(谷 10:45) 依撒意亞先知在他的預言中多次提及一位無名僕人。在幾首詠上主僕人的詩歌中,描述這位無名僕人將藉衪的苦難拯救以色列及萬民;經文為顛沛流離的以色列人帶來希望,也堅定不移地宣佈了將會「作萬民的光明」的那一位所將肩負的使命,是怎樣的舉足輕重。 「我的天主,看,我已來到!我樂意奉行你的旨意。」(詠 40:8,9) 耶穌來到世上,為的是承行天父的旨意,但願我們都能懷著這樣的態度生活,視承行主旨為生活的中心。 這篇默想是以 Foundations in Faith – Catechist Catechumenate Manual 為根據,並獲得版權持有人 RCL Benziger, LLC 批准使用。 Second Sunday in Ordinary Time The Johannine readings of this Sunday reveals the truth of Jesus’ identity. He is “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29) […]
Publish date: 2014 - 1 - 19

The Saviour People Fail to Recognize

在今天的福音中,門徒在問耶穌為什麼厄里亞應該先來。在這之前,耶穌帶了伯多祿、雅各伯和若望上山,在山上他們看到梅瑟和厄里亞,以及耶穌的聖容。梅瑟代表法律,而厄里亞代表先知。 在耶穌的時代,人們都期待默西亞來臨,而在默西亞出現以前,厄里亞要先來。耶穌沒有直接回答門徒的提問,但他確認厄里亞不單要先來,而且已經來到,那就是若翰洗者。人們沒有認出若翰洗者就是厄里亞,更認不出耶穌就是一早預許的默西亞。耶穌說若翰洗者遭到的磨難,人子也要承受。 為了給基督預備道路,若翰洗者受了很多苦,最後更被斬首。我們跟隨基督的路同樣是一條充滿荊棘的路,求聖神賜予勇氣和智慧,繼續走當走的路。 這篇默想由生命恩泉文摘編輯小組撰寫,內容以下列文章為根據: Commentary on Matthew 17:10-13, 厄里亞來了,人們卻不認識他。 In today’s Gospel, we read that the disciples asked Jesus why Elijah must come first. Before that, three of Jesus’ disciples – Peter, James and John – witnessed Transfiguration of Jesus. They also saw Moses and Elijah, representing the Law and the prophetic tradition respectively. In […]
Publish date: 2013 - 12 - 14

Pope Francis: Life in this world is given to prepare for the other life

(CNA/EWTN News) During his general audience on November 27, Pope Francis spoke on the meaning of Christian death, emphasizing that the resurrection of Jesus gives it light, and cautioning against worldly ideas which can overcome us. “If we allow ourselves to be taken in by this mistaken vision of death, we have no other choice […]
Publish date: 2013 - 11 - 27

Perseverance and Eternal Life

常年期第三十二主日丙年讀經 今天的舊約讀經,第二個兄弟和第四個兄弟的見證是非常震撼與強烈的。第二個兄弟的話直接令我們聯想起耶穌山中聖訓真福八端的其中一端:「幾時人為了我而辱罵迫害你們…你們是有福的。」第四個兄弟深信死者會復活而更加堅定地宣揚:「我們深信天主使人復活的許諾,所以死在人手中,是求之不得的」。今天的聖詠是一個被寃枉的人的哀嘆;一方面道出追隨天主的堅定意志,另一方面又表達將要與天主重會的信心。第二篇讀經是聖保祿宗徒一番鼓勵的說話,亦是一篇祈禱,祈求天父賜予力量及信德給信徒做他們的工作。在福音中,耶穌根據撒杜塞人的立場反駁他們,引述梅瑟五書來證實死者復活的信念。 其實,在我們日常生活中,往往都會遇到很多困難、考驗和挑戰。從一個在世的平信徒的角度來看,這些源源不絕的苦惱對我們身心構成莫大的影響之餘,更令我們的信德動搖,甚至質疑天主是否真的存在 。 但是在今天的讀經裡耶穌很清楚地告訴我們:現世生活和死亡不是終結,而是一道門檻;跨過這門檻,就可以進入超越現世生活的新生命。基督藉着衪的聖死和復活,為我們賺得新生命,開啟了天堂之門,而天堂便是永受祝福的人所處之地 。 聖保祿宗徒也提醒我們只要我們「完成各種聖善言行」,建立好愛主愛人的關係,慈愛的天父亦會恩賜我們「永恆的安慰和美好的希望」。願我們能緊記這一點,一同行走基督的光明之路,邁向天國。 這篇默想是以 Foundations and Faith program 為根據,並獲得版權持有人 RCL Benziger, LLC 批准使用。 Reading – Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time (Liturgical Year C) In today’s Old Testament reading, the second and fourth brothers’ testimonies were very powerful and earth-shattering. The second brother’s words directly lead us to remember one of the […]
Publish date: 2013 - 11 - 10

Know Our Mission

在今天的福音中,有些法利塞人叫耶穌離開加里肋亞,因為黑落德要殺害祂。耶穌不但沒有因法利塞人的恐嚇而改變祂的行程,更加預言他們的聖殿將要被毀滅。那是當時的人無法想像的。 面對威嚇,耶穌沒有退縮,祂很明白自己來到世上要達成的任務,亦清楚自己要死在耶路撒冷,在未到耶路撒冷以前,祂要受難的時刻還未來到。 耶穌為我們示範了面對威脅時應有的態度,要做到絲毫無懼很困難,但藉著祈禱,我們相信主耶穌會給予足夠恩寵和力量,使我們背得起十字架。主,教我們在磨難中更靠近祢。 In today’s Gospel, some Pharisees asked Jesus to leave Galilee, because Herod (Antipas) wanted to kill Him. Jesus did not change His plan due to threat, instead He foretold the destruction of Jerusalem, which seemed impossible to the people of His time. In the face of intimidation, Jesus did not retreat. He […]
Publish date: 2013 - 10 - 31

Who do you say that Jesus is?

在聖經的敘述中,耶穌時常獨自祈禱,特別在大事發生之前;這證明跟隨耶穌的門徒,也必須藉著祈禱尋求天父的旨意,以便明白自己的使命、得到啟示。 耶穌然後問門徒:「眾人說我是誰?」這呼應著先前黑落德的疑問:「這人到底是誰?」因為當時耶穌的事蹟已經傳得很廣,很多人也在揣測祂的身份。有人說祂是洗者若翰從死者中復活了;有人說祂是厄里亞;也有人說祂是古時的一位先知復活了。可是這些傳言對門徒來說其實不是重點。重要的是耶穌的下一個問題:「你們說我是誰?」就如祂的門徒,我們也可以從不同人或途徑得知有關耶穌的事,但最重要是我們必須清楚對我們個人來說,耶穌究竟是誰?祂跟我們有甚麼關係?我們只是遠距離聽聞祂的一切,還是真的有邀請祂成為我們生命中的主? 藉著天父的啟示,伯多祿回答說耶穌是「天主的受傅者」。「受傅者」的希臘文是「基督」,希伯來文則是「默西亞」。當時猶太人都期待默西亞會光榮地來臨為他們重建王國,但耶穌卻一再重申,祂必須受許多苦、被人棄絕,然後復活。我們期待與耶穌基督在天國共享永恆的福樂前,也必須一再提醒自己,作為祂的門徒,我們也要跟隨祂走上這條苦路,才能與祂一起踏進祂的光榮。 In the bible passages, Jesus often prayed in solitude, especially when some significant event is going to happen. This indicates that both for Jesus and His followers, it is important to seek the Father’s will through prayer in order to understand His calling and His plan for each of us. Jesus then […]
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 26

Jesus Resurrected Widow’s Son

耶穌和門徒及許多群眾一起到納因城去,本來該十分熱鬧,卻遇見十分凄慘的一幕:一個婦人失去了丈夫,已經非常可憐,現在她的獨生子死了,她更加孤苦無依;她正跟著兒子的屍首出去,準備把他埋葬。還沒有人向耶穌請求,耶穌就對她動了憐憫的心,上前叫那青年人復活,把天主的仁慈和祂對婦女的關懷之心顯露無遺。 眾人看見這奇蹟,都驚訝地光榮天主說:「在我們中間興起了一位大先知,天主眷顧了他自己的百姓。」他們毫無疑問地相信,這是天主的所為,因為只有天主能叫人復活。這事蹟也為耶穌對若翰門徒的提問鋪路,因為他們問耶穌是不是要來的那位,而祂回應:「你們去! 把你們所見所聞的報告給若翰:瞎子看見,瘸子行走,癩病人潔淨,聾子聽見,死人復活,貧窮人聽到喜訊。」(路7:22) 這些都為應驗先知對默西亞的預言。 耶穌來到世上讓我們更清楚看見,我們相信的天主是一個仁慈、憐憫人的天主,祂會親自眷顧自己的子民,亦希望我們同樣彼此關心、相親相愛。我們的近人遭遇到不幸時,我們是否也有動憐憫的心,安慰照顧他們? Jesus was entering Nain with his disciples and a large crowd, which was supposed to be a very lively scene, yet they’re met by a very tragic sight: a woman who already lost her husband, is now following her only son’s dead body out, ready to bury him. Jesus was […]
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 17

Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

The figure of the bronze serpent has the appearance of the beast, but not its poison; in the same way Christ came in the likeness of sinful flesh, being free from sin. By Christ’s being lifted up, understand His being suspended on high, by which suspension He sanctified the air, even as He had sanctified […]
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 14

Love of Enemies

Having proceeded in the enumeration of many heavenly actions, Jesus wisely comes to this place last, that He might teach the people confirmed by the divine miracles to march onward in the footsteps of virtue beyond the path of the law. Lastly, among the three greatest, (hope, faith, and charity,) the greatest is charity, which […]
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 12

The Narrow Door

當耶穌談及窄門時,祂說我們要「竭力」,除非我們用意志勇敢地奮鬥,我們是不能抵擋世俗的巨浪的,我們的靈魂將再次被投進深淵。在世上,導入喪亡的道路十分寬闊,而導入生命的路是多麼狹窄,稍微轉身,不論轉左或轉右,都是很危險的,就像在一道橋上,滑向哪一邊都會跌入河裡。人的靈魂左搖右擺,有時候當想到永遠的時候,人會選擇行善,而在其他時候,當人只想著現在的一刻,他寧願選擇享樂。 家主是基督,祂身為天主,無處不在。即使祂在天上,祂清晰的臨在於那些悅樂祂的人內;而為那些仍在塵世的朝聖途上奮鬥的人,祂在暗中扶持。當祂使整個教會注視祂時,祂會進來,並把門關上,那時墮落的人再沒有機會悔改。站在外面的人會敲門,懇求祂的憐憫,但再哀求也是徒然。 這些全適用於基督徒身上。我們在彌撒中領受基督的聖體聖血,祂在我們靈魂的大街上施教。但這盛宴不會得到不虔誠的人的喜愛。對聖經的熟悉也不會使天主認識他,邪惡的行為使他不配進入天國:「他要說:我告訴你們:我不認識你們是那裡的;你們這些作惡的人,都離開我吧!」 有很多人起初充滿熱忱,之後冷卻下來;亦有很多人起初冷漠,在一瞬間卻變得熱情;很多在世上被鄙視的人在來世會享光榮;而另一些被人稱譽的,最終會被問罪。 When Jesus was about to speak of the entrance of the narrow gate, He said first, strive, for unless the mind struggles manfully, the wave of the world is not overcome, by which the soul is ever thrown back again into the deep. For as in earthly life the departure from […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 25

Conditions of Discipleship

A man may seem to keep from sin, yet if he does not believe in the cross of Christ, he cannot be said to be crucified with Christ; whence it follows, “And take up his cross.” And because malefactors often suffer grievous things, that you should not suppose that simply to suffer evil is enough, […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 9

Peter recognizes Jesus as the Messiah

在今天的福音中,耶穌問門徒人們認為祂是誰。他們向祂覆述坊間的傳言,說祂是復活的洗者若翰,或是舊約中的先知中的一位。然後耶穌要門徒自己思考,對他們來說,祂究竟是誰。那是門徒與耶穌的關係中重要的一刻。 西滿伯多祿回答說:「你是默西亞,永生天主之子。」為他和其他門徒,這是向前邁進了一大步。但他們當時並未完全認識耶穌的身份和使命。耶穌稱讚他,並讓他知道那是天父啟示了他。耶穌並稱西滿為伯多祿(磐石),給予他「天國的鑰匙」,即力量和權力。由此可見,伯多祿的權力和教會的權力,就是耶穌的權力。值得留意的是在亞拉美語和希伯來文中,在這之前,從沒有人名叫「伯多祿」的。 由他們意識到耶穌是默西亞的那刻起,耶穌便預備他們,讓他們知道之後要發生的事:「他必須上耶路撒冷去,要由長老、司祭長和經師們受許多痛苦,並將被殺,但第三天要復活。」我們很難想像他們聽到這些話會有多驚訝。他們剛知道師傅是默西亞,伯多祿更剛剛被立為領袖,這些可怕的事怎能發生?伯多祿把耶穌拉到一邊,對祂說:「主,千萬不可!這事絕不會臨到你身上!」他怎樣也想不到耶穌會稱他為撒殫,叫他做絆腳石!他才剛被視作可以依靠的磐石,轉眼間竟成了阻礙耶穌的絆腳石。 伯多祿和其他門徒用了一些時間才能接受一位受苦至死的默西亞。我們也應問自己,究竟我有多接受這位被拒絕、受盡磨難、死而復活的耶穌? In today’s Gospel, Jesus begins by asking his disciples who people think he really is. They respond with some of the speculations that were going round: he was John the Baptist resurrected from the dead or some of the great prophets. Then Jesus let them think for themselves, who He is […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 8

Parable of the Rich Fool

As these two brothers were contending concerning the division of their paternal inheritance, it follows that one meant to defraud the other; but our Lord teaches us that we ought not to be set on earthly things, and rebukes the one that called Him to the division of inheritance; as it follows, “And he said […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 3

Martha’s Faith in Jesus

若望福音 11:19-27 (關於路加福音 10:38-42,請看 瑪爾大與瑪利亞 ) 這篇福音,是在耶穌令拉匝祿死而復活的事件中,瑪爾大和耶穌之間的對話。當時拉匝祿已經死了四天,他的姊妹瑪爾大來迎接耶穌。他們好幾天前已派人告訴祂拉匝祿病了,可是祂現在才來到。雖然瑪爾大有點埋怨祂來遲了,但她的話顯示她對耶穌懷有很大的信德。她相信耶穌本來可以醫治拉匝祿的病;即使現在死了,天主仍會俯聽耶穌的祈求。 當耶穌對她說:「你的兄弟必定要復活。」瑪爾大的回應是她相信在世界末日時,所有亡者都會復活。可是耶穌指的是他現時便會復活,藉此給予重大的啟示:「我是復活,我是生命;信從我的,既使死了,仍要活著;凡活著而信從我的人,必永遠不死。」 耶穌能醫好病者,也能讓我們藉著祂而得到永生,這兩個道理不難明白,但何以祂說凡活著而信從祂的人,必永遠不死?其實耶穌的意思是,雖然我們肉身必定經歷死亡,但相信並遵從祂的話的人,會藉著祂的救贖而進入永恆的生命。這和祂另一場合的教導,是吻合的,因祂說過:「誰如果遵行我的話, 永遠見不到死亡。」(若8:51) 天主有時會透過我們的危難,讓更多人看見祂的光榮,歸向祂,正如祂讓拉匝祿先死,而後復活。如瑪爾大一樣,我們該相信,祂愛我們每一位,並終究會拯救我們。如果你在困境中已經等了很久,差點陷入絕望時,主問你:「你信麼?」你要怎樣答? 「主,我信你是默西亞,天主子,要來到世界上的那一位。」亞孟。 John 11:19-27 (Please read Martha and Mary regarding Luke 10:38-42) Today’s gospel is the dialogue between Martha and Jesus when Jesus arrived after Lazarus has been dead for four days. Martha, Lazarus’ sister, came to meet Jesus, and though a bit disappointed He didn’t […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 29

Pope Francis: Lamenting one’s suffering to God is a prayer that reaches the Lord

(生命恩泉文摘編輯小組翻譯)教宗方濟各於週三早上的彌撒講道中,談及人向天主哀歎自己受的苦並沒有犯罪,反而是一種由心而發、直達天主的祈禱。 今天的讀經一是關於托彼特和撒辣的故事,兩個義人同樣受著戲劇般的苦難。托彼特做了很多好事,甚至冒上生命危險,卻瞎了眼。撒辣先後嫁過七個丈夫,但每一位都在新婚之夜前便死去。他們都活在極大的痛苦中,祈求天主使他們死去。「他們抱怨,但沒有褻瀆天主。」 「向天主哀歎自己受的苦不是犯罪。一位我認識的神父,曾經跟一位向天主哀歎的女人說:『女士,這是一種祈禱。你去做吧。』」天主聆聽我們的怨言。想想約伯,在第三章他說: 『願我誕生的那日消逝』,而耶肋米亞在第二十章說:『願我誕生的那一天,是可咒罵的』,他們甚至詛咒,不是詛咒天主,而是那個情況,不是嗎? 這是人性。」 教宗也想起很多活在生命邊緣的人:營養不良的兒童、難民、末期病人。他也留意到在今天福音中,那些撒杜塞人問耶穌關於一個當了七次寡婦的婦人。他們的問題不是出於真誠。 「那些撒杜塞人談論這位婦人,好像她正身處實驗室一樣——她的處境被當成一個抽象的道德問題。當我們想起那些受很大痛苦的人,我們會否當他們是道德上的難題,純屬概念,『但這個案…這個案…』,還是我們會用我們的心,我們的血肉去想起他們?」 教宗說在這種情況下,我們必需做耶穌做的事——祈禱: 「為他們祈禱。他們要進入我的心。他們要令我坐立不安:我的弟兄在受苦,我的姊妹在受苦。這就是諸聖相通功的奧秘:向天主祈禱,『但天主,看看這個人:他在哭,他在受苦。』祈禱,用我們的血肉祈禱。不是用思想,而是用心。」 托彼特和撒辣獻上的祈禱——雖然他們求天主使他們死去,給我們希望,因為天主用祂的方式接納了,不讓他們死去,但治癒了托彼特,也給撒辣一位丈夫。教宗解釋,「祈禱總是傳到天主那裡,只要是由心而發的祈禱。反之,當它成為一個抽象的概念,就像杜塞人討論那樣,永遠不會到天主那裡,因為那不是超越我們自己,不是出於關心。」 教宗請信眾為那些處於極大痛苦中的人,那些有如耶穌在十字架上受那般大痛苦的人祈禱,那些喊叫「父啊,父啊,祢為什麼捨棄了我?」的人。讓我們祈禱,「使我們的祈求直達天堂,也讓它成為我們希望的來源。」 資料來源 Source: Pope Francis at Mass: crying out to God for succour
Publish date: 2013 - 6 - 5