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請支持受 新型冠狀病毒 (COVID-19)疫情影響下的《生命恩泉》


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Spending Money on Mission

As mentioned two weeks ago, today we’re going to re-examine our financial generosity, because that’s the focus of today’s Second Reading. However, I had a significant change of heart two weeks ago when my third action item was to ask you to think about increasing your sacrificial generosity.
Publish date: 2021 - 6 - 27

Pope Francis: Jesus Christ tells us: being poor is an opportunity for grace

(CNA) Pope Francis said Wednesday that a focus on achieving fame or having a perfect image in the eyes of the world denies God’s call to poverty of spirit and is a tiring and lonely endeavor.
Publish date: 2020 - 2 - 5

Rich Man Poor Man

What is the challenge of our wealth? What is the primary concern for God's justice on earth? Let us attend to this Sunday's readings.
Publish date: 2019 - 9 - 29

Happy Life – Judging others

This episode will discuss how we should understand the brothers and sisters around us. Don't judge others easily. The hosts will share with us how they think from the perspective of others, and truly love and care for the brothers and sisters around them.
Publish date: 2019 - 3 - 30

Happy Life – How to treat our wealth

This episode will talk about how we should treat our wealth. The hosts will share with us we are only a custodian of our wealth, therefore we need to properly handle the use of our wealth.
Publish date: 2019 - 2 - 16

Pope Francis: The greatest danger modern youth face is the temptation to mediocrity

(CNA/EWTN News) Pope Francis said Wednesday that the greatest danger modern youth face is not the array of problems that surround them, but rather, the temptation to mediocrity – preferring to stay immobile rather than making a leap toward the next step.
Publish date: 2018 - 6 - 14

Pope Francis: Hope in idols are illusions

(CNA/EWTN News) On Wednesday Pope Francis issued strong words against worshipping idols, cautioning against the false hope that beauty, wealth and power can give, but which lead a person to trust in empty promises rather than in the Lord.
Publish date: 2017 - 1 - 12

Pope Francis: The Church doesn’t need dirty money, it needs hearts open to the mercy of God

(CNA/EWTN News) On Wednesday, Pope Francis issued a harsh condemnation of those who exploit others and then donate to the Church, telling them their “dirty money” isn’t wanted. Taking his cue from the first chapter of the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, Pope Francis said March 2 that God doesn’t like “the blood of bulls and lambs, especially if the offering is done with hands dirty with the blood of their brothers.”
Publish date: 2016 - 3 - 3

“How hard it is for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God!”

In many ways, we fit into the category of those who have wealth that Jesus talked about.
Publish date: 2015 - 10 - 11

Prosperity as a Disease

Jesus said to his disciples: “Amen, I say to you, it will be hard for one who is rich to enter the Kingdom of heaven. Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one who is rich to enter the Kingdom of […]
Publish date: 2014 - 8 - 19

Spiritual Talk – 8th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2014

On the 8th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Fr. Anthony Ho expounds upon Jesus's teaching in the Gospel of Matthew: we must "seek first the Kingdom of God", to contemplate the things of Heaven and not be bogged down or troubled by worldly affairs. If we focus our attention and only work or live for the things of this world such as money, power and status, we will become obsessed with greed. We need only to focus on the present, to leave our future in the hands of God, continuing to work for Him, and he will continue to bless, protect and provide for us.
Publish date: 2014 - 3 - 1

Life and Possessions

從過去到現在,對財物的貪戀一直是人類的一大誘惑。就算不是基於貪婪,一般人還是希望積聚財產,令生活得到保障。財產可以包括物質的財物、金錢、投資,也可以是地位、名譽、工作、人際關係等等。這些事物本身並沒有問題,問題在於人如果過分重視這些世上的事物,會影響我們與天主的關係,因為如此一來,我們就如耶穌所形容的「糊塗的富翁」,倚賴的不再是天主,而是這些短暫的事物,自以為它們能確保我們生活的安穩。其實耶穌多次提醒我們,地上的一切都可以被盜賊偷竊,或被蟲損壞,只有我們在天上積聚的,才是永恆。 耶穌說:「人的生命並不在於他的資產」,所以我們該做個聰明的門徒,把天主放在生命的中心,把眼光放在天主所應許的永恆寶藏上,因耶穌說:「你們不能事奉天主而又事奉錢財。」(路16:13) 你的生命紮根於甚麼?甚麼是你生命中的財寶? 「你的財寶在那裏,你的心也必在那裏。」(瑪6:21) 這篇默想由生命恩泉文摘編輯小組撰寫,內容以下列文章為根據: Commentaries on the daily readings by Sacred Space, 常年期第廿九週星期一. Throughout history, it’s always been one of the greatest temptations for human beings to crave for money and wealth. Even in some cases, it is not due to greed, people still wish to own more to feel more secure in life. […]
Publish date: 2013 - 10 - 21

What We Can Learn from the Dishonest Steward

在這主日的福音中,耶穌以「不忠信的管家」的比喻教導我們該如何看待天主給我們的管家職份。 首先,人必需認清自己作為管家的身份。管家的職責是按照主人的意願去看管財物。一切都是屬於主人的,因此管家無權自作主張任意妄為。在現實生活中,很多人忘記了自己不過是一位管家;我們所得到的一切,包括生命,都是屬於天主的。我們該跟從天主旨意,好好運用各種恩賜。 在福音中,主人跟管家說:「把你管理家務的賬目交出來,因為你不能再作管家了。」耶穌提醒我們終有一天,我們要向天主交出賬目。我們生命完結時,就是管家職份完結的時候。 耶穌給了我們一些忠告。那位不義的管家為將來打算籌謀,竟然得到稱讚。耶穌的意思是人往往為世俗的事認真安排,很多人在事業上成功,但在屬靈的事上卻仍停留在小學生的層次。耶穌希望人能把同樣的心思、時間花在屬靈的事上。 耶穌最後說:「沒有一個家僕能事奉兩個主人的。你們不能事奉天主,而又事奉錢財。」金錢和世俗的事物為人的確是很大的誘惑,願我們仰賴天主的幫助,全心事奉天主。 In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus used the Parable of the Dishonest Steward to teach us our role as God’s stewards. First of all, we must recognize our role as stewards. A steward must deal with the goods of another according to the will of the owner. Everything belongs to the […]
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 21

Camel through the eye of a needle

在今天的福音中,耶穌繼續談及財富如何影響人能否得救。耶穌用了一個很形象化的比喻:「駱駝穿過針孔,比富人進天國還容易。」我們聽到耶穌這句話,可能有些不舒服。即使我們不算富有,大概也希望看見那些憑著自己努力的人能賺取應得的財富。如果一個人付出血汗,賺得很多金錢,這有什麼不妥? 福音所指的「富裕」是什麼意思?這是指一個人擁有大量財產,而他身邊的人卻連基本需要也未能滿足。在這樣的情形下,我怎能繼續握著「我的」財產不放呢?如果天國是一個仁愛和公義的國度,我又怎能稱自己是天國的一分子呢?福音中所指的富裕是拒絕跟貧窮的人分享,這樣的態度與天國所要求的格格不入。耶穌說的話跟當時猶太人的理解很不同,他們認為財富是天主對於義人的一種賞報,如今竟然變成進入天國的阻礙,這真是很難接受的事。耶穌很明白大家的憂慮,因此祂安慰他們,天主自會施恩寵幫助人得救:「為天主,一切都是可能的。」財富本身不是邪惡的,但「因為你的財寶在那裡,你的心也必在那裡」(瑪竇福音 6:21)如果我們富有,我們要謹記耶穌的話,按聖神的旨意,把擁有的跟其他人分施。 聽過耶穌的話,伯多祿提出問題,他們那些為跟隨耶穌而捨棄一切的人,能得到什麼呢?耶穌告訴他跟隨祂的人可以放心,不只可以「承受永生」,連所捨棄的也將有「百倍的賞報」。天主並不虧待人,選擇答覆天主召叫的人,其實並沒有放棄什麼,反而得到更大的福報,天主的旨意總是要使人更好更幸福。 資料來源: 平日福音分享 Tuesday of week 20 of Ordinary Time – Gospel In today’s Gospel, Jesus continues to talk about the effects of wealth on one’s salvation. Jesus uses an imagery to make His point: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 20

The Rich Young Man

See the two kinds of life which we have heard set before men; the Active, to which involves, You shall not kill, and the rest of the Law; and the Contemplative, to which pertains this, “If you will be perfect.” The active pertains to the Law, the contemplative to the Gospel; for as the Old […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 19

Parable of the Rich Fool

As these two brothers were contending concerning the division of their paternal inheritance, it follows that one meant to defraud the other; but our Lord teaches us that we ought not to be set on earthly things, and rebukes the one that called Him to the division of inheritance; as it follows, “And he said […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 3

The last will be first

馬爾谷福音 10:28-31 雖然伯多祿只剩下很少個人財產,但他仍稱那是他的一切;即使很少的東西也能令我們滿足,誰若只擁有很少的財物是受祝福的。伯多祿說「看,我們捨棄了一切,而跟隨了你。」彷彿在說「我們已按祢的吩咐做了。祢會給我們什麼賞報?」耶穌給了一個答案:「耶穌回答說:『我實在告訴你們:人為了我,為了福音,而捨棄了房屋、或兄弟、或姊妹、或母親、或父親、或兒女、或田地』」。祂這樣說不是叫我們離開我們的父親,不幫助他們,或跟妻子分開;祂指示我們要喜愛天主的光榮多於世上的事物。祂也暗示了迫害。有很多情況是父親慫恿兒子或是妻子叫丈夫不要敬愛天主;耶穌說,當他們有這樣的要求,就不要當他們是妻子或父親,正如聖保祿所言「但若不信主的一方要離去,就由他離去」。 從宗徒身上我們可引證這是對的;很多婦女為照顧他們的食物和衣服忙碌。宗徒們也有很多父親和母親,就是那些愛他們的人。為伯多祿來說,他離開了自己的房屋,之後卻得了所有信徒的居所——教會。他們要受迫害,但聖人就是因為迫害而擁有一切;那些捨棄一切跟隨耶穌的人由於迫害和磨難,在世界上是最後的,但他們將要因為對天主的盼望而成為在先的。 Mark 10:28-31 Although Peter had left but few things, still he calls these his all; for even a few things keep us by the bond of affection, so that he shall be beatified who leaves a few things. And because it is not sufficient to have left all, Peter adds that which […]
Publish date: 2013 - 5 - 28

Pope: Get rid of the culture based on economic well-being and attraction for the provisional

教宗於週一的彌撒講道中這樣說,我們要跟隨耶穌,就要擺脫那種以個人福祉為中心,以及依戀暫時性的事物的文化。 耶穌邀請一位青年人把他的財物捐給窮人然後跟隨他。但當那年青人聽到這話,就憂傷的離開了。教宗指出財富是一種障礙,不會幫助我們邁向天國。他說我們每一個人都有我們的「富足」。 教宗說:「總是有一種『富足』阻止我們親近耶穌。我們必須省察我們的良知,挑出我們的「富足」,因為它阻止我們在生命中走近耶穌。」 教宗指出兩種在我們文化裡的「富足」。「以個人福祉為中心令我們缺乏勇氣,令我們懶惰和自私。」 「不,不要超過一個孩子,否則我們便不能去渡假,我們不能買房子。跟隨天主不是問題,但只去到一個程度。」 除此之外,他也指出我們文化裡的另一種「富足」,就是我們陶醉於暫時性的事物。我們不喜愛耶穌那些「最終的計劃」。我們喜歡暫時性的事物,因為我們「害怕天主的時間」。 「祂是時間的主宰;我們是片刻的主人。為什麼?因為我們為瞬間下決定:我會跟隨天主到這個地步,然後再看看會怎樣…我們想做時間的主人,我們及時行樂。」 教宗認為那些離開自己的地方,到遠處傳教的人,或是那些一生忠於婚姻的人,他們就是真正跟隨耶穌。 In order to follow Jesus we must get rid of our culture based on economic well-being and of our attraction for the provisional. Jesus asked a young man to give all his riches to the poor and then to follow him. But when the young man heard […]
Publish date: 2013 - 5 - 27

Pope Francis: pray that bishops and priests do not give in to temptations of wealth and vanity

教宗方濟各週三早上的彌撒的講道中鼓勵信眾為神父和主教祈禱,祈求他們不要被金錢和虛榮所誘惑,應服侍天主的子民。 教宗的講道由宗徒大事錄聖保祿對厄弗所教會的長老的規勸開始,聖保祿叫他們對自己和信眾留心,要提防「凶暴的豺狼」進入羊群中間。教宗形容這是新約中最出色的篇章之一。他說:「主教和神父要為人服務,去保守天主的子民。」當主教保護信眾,就會跟人建立良好的關係,就如聖保祿對信眾一樣,是嗎? 當神父這樣做時,他給我們愛,一份團結的愛,教會變得團結。 教宗說:「我們〔主教和神父〕需要你們的祈禱,因為即使主教和神父都會受誘惑。」主教和神父應該恆常祈禱,宣揚復活的基督,勇敢地傳揚救恩的訊息。他說:「我們是人,也是罪人。我們也受誘惑。」 「聖奧思定在講論厄則克爾先知時提及兩個引誘:財富,可以變成貪婪和虛榮。他說:『當主教或神父為了自己而利用信眾,整個情況就改變了:不是主教和神父為人服務,而是從他們中奪取。』聖奧思定說:『他把羊的肉拿去吃,他利用羊;他作交易,戀棧金錢;他變得貪心,甚至買賣聖職。』」 教宗有這樣的觀察:「當一位神父或主教追求金錢,人們不喜歡他—這是一個前兆。」聖保祿提醒我們他用雙手工作,「他沒有銀行戶口,他工作,當一位主教或神父走在虛榮的道路,這對教會造成極大的傷害,他最終會變得可笑:他愛誇耀,他愛受注目—人們不喜歡的!」 教宗再次說:「為我們祈禱!祈求我們可以安貧、謙遜、和善、為人服務。」 On Wednesday morning, Pope Francis encourage people to pray for priests and bishops in his homily, that they might not give in to the temptations of money and vanity, but serve the people of God. Pope Francis’ homily took its starting point from the passage in the Acts […]
Publish date: 2013 - 5 - 15

A Faithful Investor

Felix's life centres around his faith and there is no exception when it comes to investing. When he decides whether to invest in certain stocks, he evaluates whether the companies operate according to the Catholic ethical standard. FLL invites him to share with us how he integrates his Catholic faith into his investment choices.
Publish date: 2012 - 3 - 11