請支持受 新型冠狀病毒 (COVID-19)疫情影響下的《生命恩泉》
請支持受 新型冠狀病毒 (COVID-19)疫情影響下的《生命恩泉》


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God Loves Giving Life

We’re continuing our series on theology of the body, that is, God’s plan for human sexuality. I thank everyone for your feedback and questions, because I’ve tried to approach this series without overwhelming anyone
Publish date: 2022 - 6 - 5

Sexuality is About Self-Giving

As mentioned last week, today begins a series of homilies on theology of the body, in other words, God the Father’s plan for human sexuality. We’ll start with four human insights about the body, which show the need for reverence when discussing this subject, and then reflect on the person of Jesus in the Scriptures.
Publish date: 2022 - 5 - 29

Never Leaving the Catholic Church

The First Reading begins, “Certain individuals came down from Judea and were teaching the brothers, ‘Unless you are circumcised according to the custom of Moses, you cannot be saved’” (Acts 15:1).
Publish date: 2022 - 5 - 22

Beyond Loneliness

Were you ever lonely as a child? If so, do you remember how often? A while back, I saw some students at our school waiting to be picked up by their parents; they were the last ones to be picked up, and there were very few of them. It reminded me of the times when I was at school and didn’t have many friends. And then I remember that I had very few birthday parties to go to, and was bored and empty during the summer. I felt so left out.
Publish date: 2022 - 5 - 8

Relationships Are Worth Restoring

Whom do you think of when you hear that statement? Last week’s homily was about healing through other people, and we’re continuing this theme of relationships… and relationships, when they are cold, hurting, or broken, are always worth restoring.
Publish date: 2022 - 5 - 1

Healing Through Others

Imagine if God told us that He would heal one person in our lives, and that we get to choose whom. If we could choose one person to receive the healing of God, who would it be? It could be ourselves. And how would we help them?
Publish date: 2022 - 4 - 24

The Garden of Our Souls

Happy Easter, everyone! I have two questions for you, please. First, who enjoys gardening? Everyone knows gardening has grown in popularity since COVID began. Second, if you’re like me and still don’t have an interest in gardening, do you enjoy visiting gardens? I love the peace and the beauty given by the harmony of water, trees, flowers, and grass.
Publish date: 2022 - 4 - 17

Giving Up on Jesus

“Simon, Simon, listen! Satan has demanded to sift all of you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that your own faith may not fail” (Lk 22:31-32). Let’s talk about the sin of giving up on Jesus, and, more, importantly, how Jesus prays that we stay faithful to Him! No one right now is going to kill us for following Jesus, but that time may come in the future.
Publish date: 2022 - 4 - 10

The Sin of Gloominess

Today, we’re talking about the sin of gloominess or grumpiness. We’ve probably never thought about it as a sin, but Jesus says in Mt 6:16: “Do not look gloomy like the hypocrites”; another translation says ‘dismal.’
Publish date: 2022 - 4 - 3

Overcoming Envy

A/N: On which sin are we reflecting today? Envy. A young married woman gave me permission to share how she’s struggling so much with not being able to have children yet. Every time a friend gets pregnant, or someone talks about the beauty of children, her heart sinks. Why can’t she have children of her […]
Publish date: 2022 - 3 - 27


Today we’re going to talk about presumption, when we think we’ll automatically go to heaven, even if we don’t change our lives or go to Confession. Most of our culture is presumptuous regarding heaven: People think everyone’s going there—I think they just don’t know that they need a saviour.
Publish date: 2022 - 3 - 20

Vanity Blinds Us from the Beautiful

Today, let’s talk about vanity, specifically the way we worry about and focus too much on our appearance. Have you ever realized how much we look in the mirror? We sometimes even do it when there’s no reason, such as before going to bed. Sometimes we do it over and over, as when we pass by car windows. It’s not malicious. But it’s superficial, right? It’s connected to our insecurity, our need to feel accepted and loved.
Publish date: 2022 - 3 - 13

Revealing the Heart

The invasion of Ukraine and our entering the sacred penitential season of Lent both affect each other: The invasion influences the way we pray over the Readings, and the Readings influence the way we respond to the invasion. The summary of the message that I’ve received in prayer is this: What’s in your heart? Will you overcome evil?
Publish date: 2022 - 3 - 6

Fr. Justin Supports Trump?

Someone recently told me that I should be focusing more on spiritual matters, and less on political realities. It’s true that the focus should be the spiritual, and, if you add everything I’ve said in the past year, you’ll find that it’s spiritually focused. I also understand if people aren’t accustomed to moral comments about political realities.
Publish date: 2022 - 2 - 27

How to Judge People Properly

We’re going to display three very strong quotes about abortion, and please identify which of them comes from Pope Francis: 1) “Have you ever wondered why you do not see many dwarfs on the streets? Because the protocol of many doctors
Publish date: 2022 - 2 - 20

The Sign You’re Following Christ

Blessed are you when people hate you, and when they exclude you, revile you, and defame you on account of the Son of the Man… But… woe to you when all speak well of you, for that is what their ancestors did to the false prophets” (Lk 6:22,26)
Publish date: 2022 - 2 - 13

Looking at Our Sins…with Mercy

There are two ways we can look at our own sins: with the Father’s mercy and without it. One time, I was at a retreat with my spiritual director, Trudy McCaffrey, and one of my sins as a priest came up. I knew it was wrong, but Trudy kept on hammering away at it. I said, “Okay, okay, enough. This bothers me more than it bothers you,” and I started crying. So, I got up, walked to the door, and said, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” That’s what shouldn’t happen whenever we talk about abortion.
Publish date: 2022 - 2 - 6

Challenging Preaching of Jesus

“When they heard this, all in the synagogue were filled with rage. They got up, drove Jesus out of the town, and led him to the brow of the hill on which their town was built, so that they might hurl him off the cliff” (Lk 4:28-29). Jesus’ first homily is so challenging to His home community that they want to kill Him, and it reminds us that, if we’re going to be Christians, we’re going to speak the truth with love, but people will still be so angry that they’ll want to hurt us.
Publish date: 2022 - 1 - 30

Consumer Catholics

Years ago, I heard the term ‘consumers’ referring to Catholics: we come to Mass, take, and then leave; I go to a parish I like (that is, it’s the best I can find for me), pray, and then go. The culture of the Church in Canada allows us to stay consumers who don’t prioritize following Jesus, which includes giving of ourselves and serving our spiritual family.
Publish date: 2022 - 1 - 23

Being Healed of Passivity

The point of today’s homily is that the Father wants us to become more active as persons, because we tend towards passivity. We want a better life, but we want it in the easiest way possible. Most people want to be in better shape, but without pain. That’s why they sell those ab machines—if we just roll in them, then we’ll lose weight. We want to overcome our sins, but we do the minimum to accomplish it. We all tend towards passivity.
Publish date: 2022 - 1 - 18

Best Graces of 2021

May I ask: Are people still greeting each other, ‘Happy New Year’? If so, good, because it’s still the new year, there are still opportunities to grow, and we all want to grow.
Publish date: 2022 - 1 - 9

Desire for a Better Year

Happy New Year again, everyone! I’m going to make a statement, and I’d ask for your honest reaction, either a thumbs up, halfway, or thumbs down. And the statement is this: 2022 is not going to be easier than 2021. How do you feel about that?
Publish date: 2022 - 1 - 2

Four Distractions from Intimacy

One spiritual truth that we need to keep in mind is that it’s the good things that distract us from Jesus. For many people, the devil doesn’t tempt us with sinful things because it doesn’t work. So, he tempts priests to think more about his people than Jesus—that’s my problem. He tempts parents to think more about their children than Jesus. He tempts us to think more about COVID than Jesus. What have we been discussing during Christmas get-togethers? Did we talk about important things, such as how we’re doing spiritually, our deep hopes for the next year, where we want to grow, and the best graces of 2021? Or did we talk about COVID, and problems in the world? Did that help? We seem to talk about everything except Jesus, the Person Who loves us.
Publish date: 2022 - 1 - 1

Parents Know Best

Merry Christmas, everyone! On this Feast of the Holy Family, let’s look at the parenting of Joseph and Mary, and compare it to how parents are portrayed in popular animated films. Deacon Steven Greydanus is a Catholic film critic and a voting member for the Oscars, and he’s written a few articles on the theme of ‘Junior Knows Best’
Publish date: 2021 - 12 - 26