Pope Francis: pray that bishops and priests do not give in to temptations of wealth and vanity

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教宗的講道由宗徒大事錄聖保祿對厄弗所教會的長老的規勸開始,聖保祿叫他們對自己和信眾留心,要提防「凶暴的豺狼」進入羊群中間。教宗形容這是新約中最出色的篇章之一。他說:「主教和神父要為人服務,去保守天主的子民。」當主教保護信眾,就會跟人建立良好的關係,就如聖保祿對信眾一樣,是嗎? 當神父這樣做時,他給我們愛,一份團結的愛,教會變得團結。





On Wednesday morning, Pope Francis encourage people to pray for priests and bishops in his homily, that they might not give in to the temptations of money and vanity, but serve the people of God.

Pope Francis' homily took its starting point from the passage in the Acts of the Apostles, in which Paul exhorts the elders of the Church of Ephesus to watch over themselves and all the flock, to be attentive shepherds, and guard against the “ravenous wolves” that would feed on the fold. “One of the ‘most beautiful pages of the New Testament',” said Pope Francis. Bishops and priests, he explained, are at the service of others, to preserve, build and defend the people of God. "When the bishop does this, there is a good relationship with the people, such as Paul the bishop did with his people, no? And when the priest [builds] that good relationship with the people, it gives us a love: a love [unites] them, a true love, and the Church becomes united."

“We [bishops and priests] need your prayers,” he said, “for, even the bishop and the priest may be tempted.” Bishops and priests should pray much, proclaim Jesus Christ Risen, and “boldly preach the message of salvation.” However, he said, “We are men and we are sinners,” and, “we are tempted.”.

"St. Augustine, commenting on the prophet Ezekiel, speaks of two [temptations]: wealth, which can become greed, and vanity. He says, ‘When the bishop, the priest takes advantage of the sheep for himself, the dynamic changes: it is not the priest, the bishop, for the people - but the priest and the bishop who take from the people.' St. Augustine says, ‘He takes the meat from the sheep to eat [it], he takes advantage; he makes deals and is attached to money; he becomes greedy and even sometimes practices simony.$0"2$

The Pope observes, “when a priest, a bishop goes after money, the people do not love him – and that's a sign. But he ends badly.” St. Paul reminds us that he worked with his hands. “He did not have a bank account, he worked, and when a bishop, a priest goes on the road to vanity, he enters into the spirit of careerism – and this hurts the Church very much – [and] ends up being ridiculous: he boasts, he is pleased to be seen, all powerful – and the people do not like that!”

“Pray for us,” the Pope repeated, “that we might be poor, that we might be humble, meek, in the service of the people.”

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