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The yoke that is fitting

瑪竇福音 11:28-30





Matthew 11:28-30

Jesus invites those who labor and are burdened to come to Him, and promises to give them rest. While this invitation is comforting, note that He did not say one should put down the burdens, but to take up His yoke and learn from Him.

“Yoke” has been a symbol of oppression and servitude, but for the Jews, it also symbolizes their total submission to God, and the joyful acceptance of His laws, so they have sayings such as “yoke of God’s kingdom” and “yoke of the Torah”. But the scribes eventually turned the law into a burden that the Jews can no longer follow, so the easy yoke that Jesus offered is indeed a good news for them.

“Easy” in Greek also means “fitting”. The yoke that Jesus asked His followers to take up is fitting, and does not exceed what His followers can bear. His yoke is love. Jesus taught his disciples to fulfill the laws with love, and learn from Him to be meek and humble of heart, thus one will find His yoke easy and light.

Jesus’ promise is also a good news to us in modern day. We all play different roles in our different stages of life, and along with the many responsibilities, comes the great amount of stress and burden. Jesus did not teach us to get rid of our responsibilities; He wants us to be responsible persons. Yet He taught us how to make these burdens become easy and light, and that is to follow Him, to learn how to love like Him, serve like Him, and to be humble like Him.

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