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請支持受 新型冠狀病毒 (COVID-19)疫情影響下的《生命恩泉》


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Pope Francis: To obey God instead of men is the great Christian response

(CNA) An important aspect of the Christian life is obeying God even when there may be consequences for going against the commands of others, Pope Francis said during the general audience Wednesday.
Publish date: 2019 - 8 - 28

Pope Francis: Serve the Lord by listening to his Word and putting it into practice

(CNA/EWTN News) In an in-depth look at Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine at the wedding feast in Cana, Pope Francis pointed to several key moments in the scene that illuminate our understanding of Christ. One of these key moments, he said, comes with Mary’s observation that newlywed couple’s resources have depleted, and that at a certain point “they have no wine.”
Publish date: 2016 - 6 - 9

The Commissioning of the Twelve

Jesus said to his Apostles: “As you go, make this proclamation: ‘The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons. Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give. Do not take gold or silver or copper for your belts; no sack for […]
Publish date: 2014 - 7 - 10

You Are the Salt of the Earth

In today’s Gospel, by saying, “You are the salt of the earth,” Jesus signified all human nature to have “lost its savor,” and to be decayed by our sins. For this reason He requires of the Apostles to have such virtues for supervising the community of the faithful. For the meek, and yielding, and merciful, […]
Publish date: 2014 - 6 - 10

My Sheep Hear My Voice

In today’s Gospel, the Jews wanted our Lord to say, “I am the Christ.” Perhaps, as they only thought of the Messiah in a human way, having failed to discern His divinity in the Prophets they wanted Christ to confess Himself the Messiah, of the seed of David; that they might accuse Him of aspiring […]
Publish date: 2014 - 5 - 13

Obedience is the Best Proof

耶穌在十字架上死了。祂看似一個失敗者。祂沒有如一些人要求般下來,以證明自己真的是天主子。但祂其實早就跟門徒說過:「世界的首領就要來到;他在我身上一無所能,但為叫世界知道我愛父,並且父怎樣命令我,我就照樣去行」(若 14:30-31)耶穌用對天父的絕對服從來證明自己是天主子。 魔鬼利用了亞當、厄娃的不服從而使人遠離天主。藉著耶穌的服從、聽命,人類得以和天主修好。耶穌的謙卑把人類因驕傲而犯下的罪一筆勾銷。我們介意別人怎樣看自己嗎?想想在十字架上的耶穌吧。 讓我們為重發領洗誓願做好準備。 Jesus died on the cross. The way He died looked like a failure. He did not get down from the cross to prove Himself to be the Son of God. In fact, He said to His disciples in advance: “The prince of this world is coming. He has no hold over […]
Publish date: 2014 - 4 - 19

Take Up Your Cross Daily

A desire of suffering death for Christ and a mortification of one’s body, and a manful resolution to undergo any danger for Christ, and an indifference towards the present life, this it is to take up one’s cross. Hence it is added, “And let him take up his cross daily.” Our salvation is not in […]
Publish date: 2014 - 3 - 6

Make the Wise Choice

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time God has given us the freedom of choice. He allows us to choose Him, or to reject Him; to choose righteousness, or to choose evil. The temptations around us always attack us where we are weakest, luring us to choose evil as opposed to righteousness. As we find ourselves struggling […]
Publish date: 2014 - 2 - 16

Parable of the Sower

From Flickr © madison.murphy 耶穌來到世上,並非為報復那些不忠信的管家,而是因我們充滿罪惡,無法進入天堂,只能藉著祂才能得救。祂在撒種的比喻中,以種子比喻祂的聖言,土壤比喻人的靈魂;撒種的人就是祂自己。在舊約中,依撒意亞先知曾用葡萄園作類似的比喻(依5);在這裡,耶穌用的是撒種的比喻,來告訴我們接納並服從天主的話,如今已是更容易,也更快能結出果實。 在比喻中,撒種的人沒有區別土壤的種類;同樣,耶穌也沒有區分聆聽祂話語的人,無論是貧窮還是富有,明智還是愚笨,懶惰或是勤勞,勇敢或怯懦的人,祂都一概願意教導。撒出的種子落不到土壤,並非撒種的人的過失,而是土壤本身,亦即是人的靈魂,往往基於不同的原因未能接納這些種子——即天主的聖言和訓導。撒種的人本該明白種子不該撒在荊棘中或石頭地上,可是天主卻從中給我們希望,因只要我們願意悔改,其實荊棘也能被除去,石頭地也可成為好的土壤。 (本文以英文為準) Jesus comes to us because we could not enter heaven, our sins fencing us out from the entrance. And for what purpose? To destroy the ground teeming with thorns? To take vengeance upon the unfaithful stewards? No; but to till and tend it, and to sow the word […]
Publish date: 2014 - 1 - 29

Come follow me!

常年期第三主日 依撒意亞先知描述的黑暗中的皓光,是猶太人期待已久的默西亞,也就是指耶穌基督,因為耶穌說:「我是世界的光,跟隨我的,決不在黑暗中行走,必有生命之光。」(若8:12) 未認識耶穌基督的人,猶如在黑暗中行走,因為他們面對生老病死卻不明白生命的真諦,也不知道天主已經給予世人救恩的喜訊。 基督徒通過聖洗的召喚,認識天主,愛慕天主,在天主的愛內生活,所以我們不但要以基督的愛為生活的榜樣,效法祂和其他聖人修德成聖,也要如保祿勸戒,不分黨派,以愛和包容的心分享天主賜給我們的團體生活,共同向普天下宣揚天主的正義與和平,把福音帶給未認識主的人。 天主的召叫是一個邀請,祂會以不同的形式去召叫我們活出基督徒的身份,重要的是人的回應。我們應放下一切的顧慮,全心全意跟隨主,效法耶穌,以言以行傳揚福音,做地上的鹽,世界的光。 這篇默想是以 Foundations in Faith – Catechist Catechumenate Manual 為根據,並獲得版權持有人 RCL Benziger, LLC 批准使用。 Third Sunday in Ordinary Time The prophet Isaiah prophesied about this “great light” in the Old Testament, which is the Messiah that the Jews were waiting for all along, and we now know that this light is […]
Publish date: 2014 - 1 - 26

What is Jesus’ identity?

常年期第二主日 這個主日的福音反覆深入闡明耶穌的身份。祂是「天主的羔羊,除免世罪者」(若 1:29)。洗者若翰這樣形容祂:「在我以後來,成了在我以前的,因衪原先我而有」,更為祂作證:「衪就是天主子。」(若 1:34)耶穌雖是天主子,卻以僕人的姿態來到世上:「因為人子,不是來受服事,而是來服事人,並交出自己的性命,為大眾作贖價。」(谷 10:45) 依撒意亞先知在他的預言中多次提及一位無名僕人。在幾首詠上主僕人的詩歌中,描述這位無名僕人將藉衪的苦難拯救以色列及萬民;經文為顛沛流離的以色列人帶來希望,也堅定不移地宣佈了將會「作萬民的光明」的那一位所將肩負的使命,是怎樣的舉足輕重。 「我的天主,看,我已來到!我樂意奉行你的旨意。」(詠 40:8,9) 耶穌來到世上,為的是承行天父的旨意,但願我們都能懷著這樣的態度生活,視承行主旨為生活的中心。 這篇默想是以 Foundations in Faith – Catechist Catechumenate Manual 為根據,並獲得版權持有人 RCL Benziger, LLC 批准使用。 Second Sunday in Ordinary Time The Johannine readings of this Sunday reveals the truth of Jesus’ identity. He is “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29) […]
Publish date: 2014 - 1 - 19

Pope Francis: Mary is a model of union with Christ

(CNA/EWTN News) In his weekly general audience, the Pope continued his catechesis on the Church, reflecting today on the importance of Mary as an example of how to respond to God’s plan with fidelity. “She is also a model of union with Christ, be it in her daily duties, be it in the way of […]
Publish date: 2013 - 10 - 23

The Obedient Servant: Archbishop Ti-Kang

Most Rev. Joseph Ti Kang, Archbishop Emeritus of Taipei, was born in Henan, China. When he was still small, he already saw heroic missionaries as his role models and aspired to be a priest. He has been an obedient servant to God and His church all his life for more than 60 years.
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 29

Jesus called Fishers of Men

耶穌被群眾擠擁得上了船,然後坐在船上繼續教訓群眾。聖經中,船常代表教會,所以祂選擇上了西滿的船施教,相信有預告的意味。祂行為的次序也好像別有深意:祂首先在西滿的船繼續施教;然後吩咐西滿划到深處,去撒網捕魚;最後召叫西滿做捕人的漁夫。 西滿大概早已驚嘆於祂的教導,所以即使自知在捕魚方面更有經驗,他還是謙恭地稱耶穌為老師,並遵照祂的話,在自己認為沒有魚的地方撒網。當看見自己網了很多魚,多得網險些破裂並裝滿了兩隻船後,西滿明白眼前人並不簡單,便自慚形穢,對耶穌說:「主,請你離開我!因為我是個罪人。」可是耶穌還是召叫他跟隨祂,成為捕人的漁夫。 這聖經章節告訴我們,耶穌召叫的往往不是義人或完美的人,而是那些願意聽祂的話並遵守的人。西滿自認是個罪人,也對耶穌的話不一定完全認同,但難得的是他會照著祂的話去做。面對種種現實的限制,有時我們會覺得跟著耶穌的話生活不是件易事,但西滿顯示給我們看,只要信賴天主,跟隨祂的旨意而行,我們也能窺見天主的光榮,在不可能中看見可能。 The crowd was pressing in on Jesus, so He got into one of the boats, and continue teaching the crowd from the boat. Notice that boat in the bible often represents the church community, so it’s significant that He chose to get into Simon’s boat to continue His teaching. It is interesting […]
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 4

Vigilant and Faithful Servants

The parable relates to all the faithful in common, but now hear what suits the Apostles and teachers. For where will be found the steward that possesses in himself faithfulness and wisdom? For as in the management of goods, whether a man be careless yet faithful to his master, or else wise yet unfaithful, the […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 11

Jesus’ Family Members

曾聽過人說,在這篇讀經中,耶穌不認祂的親人,包括祂的母親,或把他們拒之門外。但留意耶穌並沒有否認祂的母親和兄弟是祂的親人,反而是藉這機會宣講一個重要的道理:祂的親人不只是血脈相連的人,而是只要遵行天父旨意的人,就是祂的親人。 因此,耶穌這句話也承認聖母瑪利亞是祂的親人,因她虛心接受天主對她的召叫,成為救主的母親,並參與及配合天主的救世工程。正如曾經有個婦人對耶穌說:「懷過你的胎,及你所吮吸過的乳房,是有福的!」耶穌的回答是:「可是那聽天主的話而遵行的人,更是有福的!」(Luke 11:27-28) 聖母被稱為萬福瑪利亞,因她遵行天主旨意的原因大於她是耶穌母親這身份。 耶穌無條件地愛我們每一個人,但祂需要我們的回應,那就是愛天主在萬有之上,並且遵行天父的旨意。那麼我們就是祂的親人,亦即是同為天主聖父的兒女。 Some interprets that in this bible passage, Jesus is rejecting His family members, including His mother. However, Jesus did not reject them, but rather took this opportunity to make a very important point: His family members are not limited to those who related to Him biologically, but include those who […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 23

The yoke that is fitting

瑪竇福音 11:28-30 耶穌邀請勞苦和負重擔的人到祂跟前,答應給他們安息,這承諾實在令人安慰。可是祂沒有叫我們放下一切,反而要背起祂的軛,向祂學習。 「軛」有被束縛或奴役的象徵,但對猶太人來說,它也表示對天主完全的降服,及喜悅地接受祂的法律,所以他們有「天國的軛」、「法律的軛」等說法。可是經師們漸漸把這些法律詮釋成繁瑣得令人無法背負的重擔,所以耶穌來給他們一個柔和的軛,實在是猶太人的喜訊。 「柔和」按希臘文原文有「合適」的意思,所以耶穌要跟隨祂的人背起的軛,是合適的,不會超過人的能力,而事實上,祂的軛就是愛。耶穌教門徒以愛去滿全天主的法律,學習祂良善心謙地活出基督徒的身份,確實比盲目死守一些規條,來得輕鬆。 耶穌這承諾也是我們現代人的福音。我們在人生中每個階段都扮演不同的角色,有不同的責任,當中有不少壓力與重擔。耶穌並沒有教我們不負責任;祂教我們如何能讓這些擔子變成輕鬆,那就是跟隨祂,學習祂懷著一顆良善的心去愛、去服務;也要有謙卑的心,去讓天主在我們內工作。那麼面對甚麼情況,我們也能互助互愛,彼此包容,凡事忍耐,開懷地活出每一天。 Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus invites those who labor and are burdened to come to Him, and promises to give them rest. While this invitation is comforting, note that He did not say one should put down the burdens, but to take up His yoke and learn from Him. “Yoke” has […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 18

True Freedom

迦拉達書 5:1,13-18, 路加福音 9:51-62 「自由」二字很容易被用作放縱自己的藉口。我們也許會誤以為能隨心所欲,就是自由,但忘記了為所欲為是要承擔後果。 在樂園中,蛇哄騙女人說,吃知善惡樹上的果子決不會死。(創世紀 3:1-5) 這個魔鬼的詭計,結果令人類的祖先忘卻天主的勸誡,犯了原罪,也透露了人類在遵守天主誡命時的軟弱。「就只此一次吧!」「其實也沒甚麼大不了……」我們很容易給自己不同的理由去明知故犯,要付出代價時才後悔。 不明白的人,會覺得教會的規條是束縛,但真正的束縛,其實是罪。 耶穌對那些信他的猶太人說:「你們如果固守我的話,就確是我的門徒,也會認識真理,而真理必會使你們獲得自由。」聽見的人回答說:「我們是亞巴郎的後裔,從未給任何人做過奴隸;怎麼你說:你們要成為自由的呢?」耶穌答覆說:「我實實在在告訴你們: 凡是犯罪的,就是罪惡的奴隸。」(若望福音 8:31-34) 綑綁我們的罪,可以是外在的金錢、名利、物質或肉體上的享受,也可以是我們內在的邪念、慾望、仇恨,甚至憂慮,它的不同化身,令我們往往身陷其中而不自知,但聽守天主的聖言,能一步一步帶我們走出罪惡,認識真理,享受真正的自由。 聖保祿宗徒也為此忠告信徒:「你們蒙召選,是為得到自由;但不要以這自由,作為放縱肉慾的藉口,但要以愛德,彼此服事。」(迦拉達書 5:13) 為了愛天主,讓我們願意放下自我,接受祂的改造;為了愛近人,讓我們願意放下私心,不被邪惡的思想或行為支配,彼此包容服侍,以愛活出天主兒女的身份。 主耶穌,請讓我們懂得固守祢的話,甘心放下我們本性想追求的一切,為能認清真理,得到那真正的自由。亞孟。 Galatians 5.1, 13-18, Luke 9.51-62 ‘Freedom’ can easily become our excuse to self-indulge. We may think that doing what we want is freedom, but overlook the fact that what we do always comes with consequences. In the Garden […]
Publish date: 2013 - 6 - 30

Remain in His love

John 15:9-17 Who doubts that love precedes the observance of the commandments? Whoever does not love, cannot keep the commandments in the long run. These words then do not declare where love comes from, but how it is shown, that no one might deceive himself into thinking that he loved our Lord, when he did […]
Publish date: 2013 - 5 - 14