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FLL Annual Gala 2018
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"Fountain of Grace" TV Promo
Broadcast date: 5 月 26 / 27 日
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Living Spring of Evangelization
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Music of the Heart - Walk with you
This episode of Music of the Heart will share a song recently re-edited. The hosts will share about their thoughts on marriage, and what we should do to maintain a good marital relationship.
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Sunday Reflection
As Christians, we believe with faith in The Holy Trinity, one God in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
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Fountain of Grace
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Lourdes - A Sanctuary for Healing
Fountain of Grace
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Living Spring of Evangelization
Love and Life
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Music of the Heart - Walk with you
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The Holy Trinity is a mystery
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My Cross
Fountain of Grace: Every Saturday 7:30pm(ET) at Fairchild TV 2, Every Sunday 4:30pm(ET) at Fairchild TV
Fountain of Grace: Every Saturday 4:30pm(PT) at Fairchild TV 2, Every Sunday 4:30pm(PT) at Fairchild TV
Sunday Reflection
Fr. Anthony Ho : Spiritual Talk
HK Diocesan Audio-Visual Centre
Rome Report

The gift of jesus is the greatest gift that we can share with others. This is the only gift that bless us with lasting hope and joy! You can help multiply this gift by sharing with others!
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多倫多華人堂區 近期活動推介
温哥華華人堂區 近期活動推介
[ CC ] 靈修講座 : 洪吟芳修女
靈修講座 : 洪吟芳修女
Jun 16 @ 1:00 pm – 6:30 pm
主題:仁愛之家,兒女之福 午膳:可自備或當日向委員會訂購

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