The Plain Truth: Cardinal Zen on China-Vatican Relations and the Hong Kong Society

Cardinal Joseph Zen embarked on a 50-day journey to the United States and Canada to hold talks to share his views on Vatican-China relations as well as certain current affairs. Fountain of Grace has put together the highlights of his talks.
Publish date: 2017 - 10 - 21


Archbishop Savio Hon: Visit to Canada in the Jubilee of Mercy

Archbishop Savio Hon is the highest-ranking Chinese official in the Vatican in the history of the Church. He visited Eastern Canada over Christmas 2015 for a Chinese Catholic conference. Through his visit, we got to know him better.
Publish date: 2016 - 2 - 27

順命的僕人:狄剛總主教 The Obedient Servant Archbishop TiKang

The Obedient Servant: Archbishop Ti-Kang

Most Rev. Joseph Ti Kang, Archbishop Emeritus of Taipei, was born in Henan, China. When he was still small, he already saw heroic missionaries as his role models and aspired to be a priest. He has been an obedient servant to God and His church all his life for more than 60 years.
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 29

單國璽樞機(3):愛在生命轉彎處 -- 用愛活出希望 Cardinal Shan 3 Suffer with Love and Hope

Cardinal Shan (3): Suffer with Love and Hope

While suffering with cancer near the end of his life, Cardinal Shan remained very hopeful. He saw cancer as God's blessing that reminded him to cherish his limited time to help people around him. In the last 6 years of his life, he delivered over 200 talks to leave people with his love and reflections of life.
Publish date: 2013 - 2 - 3

單國璽樞機(2):活出生命的色彩 -- 用愛挑戰極限 Cardinal Shan 2 Live Bold and Bloom

Cardinal Shan (2): Live Bold and Bloom

Cardinal Shan faced lots of changes and challenges throughout his life. While serving in different roles, he always devoted himself to serve others without reservation. His philosophy of "sacrifice enjoyments, enjoy sacrifices" inspired a lot of people in Taiwan.
Publish date: 2013 - 1 - 27

單國璽樞機(1):划到生命的深處 -- 用愛見證生死 Cardinal Shan 1 A Love beyond Life and Death

Cardinal Shan (1): A Love beyond Life and Death

Cardinal Paul Shan, Bishop Emeritus of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, responded to God's call and served His Church all his life. Despite being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 83, he still devoted his life to bear witness to God's love and his faith in Christ.
Publish date: 2013 - 1 - 23

追隨美善的忠信者 Journey of the Faithful Ones

Journey of the Faithful Ones

Ever since the Gold Rush Era, many Chinese have left their homeland for San Francisco, in the hope of pursuing a better future. In order to follow Christ, Bishop Wang and Sister Hsu also left their home to serve different ethnic groups in San Francisco. They carry out the will of God joyfully despite being sent to different places to serve.
Publish date: 2012 - 5 - 4

祝賀22位新樞機,其中包括我們多倫多主教Thomas Collins和香港區主教湯漢 Congratulating 22 new Cardinals including Archbishop of Toronto Thomas Collins and Bishop of Hong Kong John Tong

與陳日君樞機對話: 信仰、政治和民生 A Dialogue with Cardinal Zen Faith Politics and our Everyday Life

A Dialogue with Cardinal Zen: Faith, Politics and our Everyday Life

Cardinal Joseph Zen, SDB shared with us his observations on the challenges faced by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, as well as the interplay of faith, politics and our everyday life.
Publish date: 2011 - 9 - 25

與陳日君樞機對話: 中國教會現況 A Dialogue with Cardinal Zen Catholic Church in China

A Dialogue with Cardinal Zen: Catholic Church in China

During his visit in Toronto, Cardinal Joseph Zen, SDB from Hong Kong, shared his insights regarding the current situation of the Catholic Church in China.
Publish date: 2011 - 9 - 18

陳日君大多市日記 Cardinal Zens Toronto Diary

Cardinal Zen’s Toronto Diary

Cardinal Joseph Zen, SDB, former bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, went on a tour in North America and stopped by multiple cities including Toronto, where he visited and hosted talks at various local parishes and Chinese Catholic communities.
Publish date: 2011 - 9 - 11

訪問陳日君樞機 Interview of Cardinal Zen

Interview of Cardinal Zen

Publish date: 2011 - 7 - 30