Consecrated Life

The Secular Way

In search of God's calling for him, Andrew Lam spent years to live in Japan so that he could listen to God more closely. Fountain of Grace invited him to share his journey of vocation discernment, as well as how lay Catholics can live consecrated lives through secular institutes.
Publish date: 2018 - 8 - 4


According to Thy Word

Why would someone want to be a priest or a nun? How did they discern their vocations? How do they live out their consecrated lives? Fountain of Grace takes a look at three people who found their vocation and are living out their lives in response to God's call.
Publish date: 2015 - 8 - 22

天主教的修會 Catholic Religious Orders

Catholic Religious Orders

Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 17

普世博愛運動(2):富少年 Focolare 2 The Rich Young Man

Focolare 2: The Rich Young Man

Giovanni has the Chartered Account designation and has a bright future, but in order to respond to God's love and calling for him, he decided to give up everything to embark on a consecrated life as a core member of the Focolare Movement.
Publish date: 2013 - 3 - 17

訪問香港天主教教友傳信會教友傳教士黃文英(下) Interview of Ms ManYing Wong about Lay Missionary work  2

訪問香港天主教教友傳信會教友傳教士黃文英(上) Interview of Ms ManYing Wong about Lay Missionary work  1