【Spiritual Talk】 Fr. Ho talks about the Fifth Commandment

by Kenny Cheng

The Fifth Commandment is “Thou shalt not kill”: we must not needlessly cause or risk the harm or death of ourselves or other people, both physically and spiritually. When we cause another to commit a venial sin or a mortal sin, we cause them spiritual harm and death respectively. Oftentimes, we use people as tools for personal benefit instead of using tools to benefit people. We have no right to destroy human life, because God created us each with an eternal soul – we reflect the glory of God which gives us dignity no matter how weak we are. But when humans are extremely old or young, they are especially vulnerable to abuse – euthanasia in old age and abortion in young age. Western society is losing its respect for human life and becoming a culture of death, but pagan Mexico used to sacrifice humans to their gods and was eventually converted to Catholicism by Mary’s apparition at Guadalupe as a pregnant woman.

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