Spiritual Talk – Children can also be saints

by Kenny Cheng

Children can also be saints – 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions, when Mary appeared to 10-year-old Lucia, 9-year-old Francisco, 7-year-old Jacinta. Francisco and Jacinta died early and were canonized on May 13, 2017. In 1916, an angel told them to pray with him and implore God to forgive the unbelievers; he told the children, “Keep praying. Jesus and Mary will listen to your prayers.” Another time, the children were idle in the shade, and the angel chastised them, telling them to keep praying and offer up their work as sacrifices to God for the sake of the conversion of sinners. The angel continued, “I am the Guardian Angel of Portugal. If you do these, your country will have peace. But you must patiently endure the coming sufferings.” The angel, suspected to be St. Michael, prepared the way for Mary’s apparitions. When we are called to endure things in life, we can also offer these up to God as sacrifices.

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