Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about St. John Bosco (10)

by Kenny Cheng

Before John Bosco received First Communion at eleven years of age, his mother Margherita diligently prepared him beforehand. Before Confession, she said, “My dear John, God is about to give you a great gift and you ought to order your soul well. You must confess all your sins and be truly repentant, then vow to become a better boy.” Before receiving the Eucharist, she said, “You must purify your heart and soul and diligently read spiritual books or pray after Mass, then thank God for his great graces.” On the day of his First Communion, his mother told him, “I am certain that God has already prepared your whole heart, so you must vow to God to preserve your virtue from now on until the end of the earth, reverence the Eucharist and Confession, and listen humbly to the teachings of the Church.” As a priest in later life, John Bosco was deeply grateful for the valuable teaching his mother imparted.

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