Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about Apparition of Mary in Banneux, Belgium

by Kenny Cheng

Mary also appeared to Mariette Beco at Banneux, Belgium in 1933 as Our Lady of Banneux. Mariette was the eldest of seven children. Her family was not pious and she stopped attending First Communion classes. But on January 15th, 1933, at 7pm, the eleven-year-old Mariette saw a woman clothed in white, wearing a blue sash, holding a Rosary, and with a flower at her feet through her kitchen window. Her mother also saw the white figure, but thought her a witch. Mariette, though, knew that she was the Virgin Mary, and began to pray the Rosary. The woman spoke inaudibly, and gestured to come inside, but Mariette’s mother would not allow it, and the woman disappeared. The next day, Mariette’s friends encouraged her to tell the priest about the apparition. After Mariette decided against it at the last minute, they did so in her stead. The priest initially believed that Mariette’s imagination was merely fuelled by the Beauraing apparitions. But Mariette began to seriously prepare for her First Communion, impressing the priest, who encouraged Mariette to tell him the truth. He said, “The woman you saw sounds very similar to the Lourdes apparition. Did you not just see a statue?” That night, Marita was moved to kneel in prayer at her family’s garden. Mary appeared again, and directed Mariette to run to a stream, and said, “Submerge your hands in it – it has been reserved for me. Farewell.” That night, the priest arrived at their home and Marita’s father, formerly a lukewarm believer, inspired by his daughter’s example, declared his intention to become a fervent believer again to the priest, and made a general confession.

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