Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about Marie Rose Ferron (II)

Date: 2018-09-29
Topics: People
Languages: Cantonese


Brief description:

Marie Rose Ferron used the pains of her illness to pray for the salvation of souls. Once, when asked about her pain, she said, “Use a patient and pure heart to grind up your suffering. The fire of your love with naturally burn it.” Physically, “Little Rose” suffered paralysis. Spiritually, she suffered darkness and humiliation. Many misunderstood her and said mean things to her. She said to her siblings once, “Jesus was dragged in mud. I do not want to be better treated than Him.” One person asked her, “How is it that Jesus whom you love so much permits you to suffer?” But Little Rose replied, “The caresses of Heaven are not like those of earth.” Once, a woman saw Little Rose and cried out, “Poor girl, you are gravely ill!” But Little Rose said, “Do not cry for me, you are even more ill – you have left Jesus for 35 years now!” The woman cried again and repented. At age 22, Little Rose fell gravely ill after eating some bread, and from then on could not eat solid food. In 1931, the Holy Wounds of Christ began to appear on Little Rose’s body – the Five Wounds, those of the Crown of Thorns, those of the Scourging, and those on the shoulder. She would also experience ecstasies on Fridays and sing hymns and pray for the reparation of sins. In 1936, Little Rose died; around 15,000 people came to pay respects, and 4,000 attended her funeral Mass. She once wrote, “I am willing to offer myself as a sacrifice, so as to live in eternal love. O my Jesus, I beseech You, make me a martyr for Your love.”