Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about St. Faustina (10)

by Kenny Cheng

St. Faustina was able to live out the Divine Mercy message as a doorkeeper in Krakow, and she had contact with more people. Even when she had no food to give to the poor, she gave them comfort through words. As her health worsened, she was unable to attend Mass, and she thirsted for the Eucharist and Heaven. Once, she experienced a miracle and she received the Eucharist from the hand of an angel on her bed. Previously, she had spoken to her spiritual director, Blessed Michael Sopocko, about her mission to establish an order dedicated to the Divine Mercy. While celebrating Mass one day, Fr. Sopocko had an idea – if St. Faustina was unable to draw the Divine Mercy image and commissioned an artist to do it instead, then why couldn’t she commission another person to establish the order for her? Afterwards, he asked St. Faustina if she had anything further to reveal about the order, and she replied, “No, Jesus has already answered you at Mass.” Afterwards, Jesus revealed to St. Faustina the regulations of the new order, and someone else founded the order after her death based on her writings. St. Faustina was close to death, and Fr. Sopocko began to prepare her soul to meet God.

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