Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about St. Faustina (3)

Date: 2018-03-10
Topics: People
Languages: Cantonese


Brief description:

In the five years between her first and perpetual vows, St. Faustina was transferred constantly, because she took her vow of obedience very seriously, and her superiors knew she would never complain. Once, she experienced standing before God, who revealed that even the smallest sin required repentance. Jesus said, “Would you like to suffer for a day in Purgatory or on earth?” “I want both,” said St. Faustina. Jesus replied, “One is enough. You will suffer greatly on earth.” Another time, God revealed to St. Faustina that he was angry at a city in Poland, and wanted her to offer up Jesus’ Precious Blood and Sacred Wounds to the Father in reparation for its sins for seven days each year. When she renewed her vows, God tied a golden cincture around her waist, promising her that she would never be tempted to be unchaste.