Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about St. John Bosco (23)

by Kenny Cheng

When St. John Bosco was a student in Chieri, he avoided his bad classmates, treated the neutral classmates politely, but only became closely befriended good classmates. Thus, John Bosco consistently refused when his bad classmates tempted him to steal and skip school. To encourage his peers to live happily and virtuously, he formed the Society for a Good Time; its precepts were twofold: (1) to deny all things contrary to good Christian behavior, and (2) to uphold one’s religious and academic duties. The club would hold book sharings, plays, games, and hiking together; John Bosco would perform skits, piano, and singing. The club was also very strict on correcting wrongs—members who swore were firmly reprimanded. The experience dramatically changed many lives—some lazy students became studious and devout after joining. Through this, we can see that John Bosco was already showing his peers that one could still live happily while being a good Christian and good student.


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