Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about St. John Bosco (27)

by Kenny Cheng

One of St. John Bosco’s best school friends was Louis Comollo, a reserved and studious youth who would often be bullied. Once, when he refused to play an initiation game with other students, he was slapped twice, but only replied, “Are you satisfied? Now go in peace; I’ve already forgiven you.” Another time, Comollo was bullied again and, unable to scare off the bullies through verbal threats, John Bosco desperately grabbed one of the students and swung him to knock down the rest. When the teacher finally stopped the fight and demanded John Bosco re-enact what had happened, everyone was so amazed by his strength that he escaped punishment. Afterwards, Comollo told John Bosco that it was not God’s will that he use his strength for violence; instead, he ought to repay injustice with forgiveness. John Bosco was eventually able to learn to control his temper from Comollo’s example, and become “Father and Teacher of Youth” in later years. We all ought to thank God for our good friends who lead us to be better people.

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