Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about St. John Bosco (37)

by Kenny Cheng

Once, St. John Bosco went to pay a visit to one of his former teachers from Chieri, who was gravely ill. However, the teacher’s family members initially refused, saying that the man had lost consciousness so visiting would be of no use. When John Bosco’s persistence paid off, he talked to his former teacher. Even though the man had already received the Last Rites, his face was pained. He told John Bosco, “I must ask your forgiveness for a very grievous sin that I committed as a child. I was always too ashamed to confess it to any priest, so I have never received the Eucharist my entire life, not even my First Communion. I thought that I would lose the respect of the priest.” John Bosco asked, “In your most recent Confession, did you confess all your sins?” The man said, “No.” John Bosco then said, “God was merciful enough to give up His life for us. Please confess your sins.” The man did so, and after being absolved of his sins, he cried out, “Praise to God all-merciful God!”, and passed from this life.

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